True Mileage Unknown: 1988 Toyota Pickup 4WD V6

Out of all the compact to mid-size pickups sold, Toyota’s pickup (known as the Hilux in global markets) is the best at holding its value. Most of these trucks saw hard use on a regular basis, so very few pristine examples exist today. This 1988 Toyota Pickup 4WD V6 that’s available here on eBay isn’t perfect, but it has a reasonable price tag for such a clean specimen.

This Toyota is available in Clackamas, Oregon with a clean title. Though the ad lacks information about the vehicle’s history, the plethora of photos the seller provides helps make up for it. These pictures show that every aspect of this truck is clean, especially the undercarriage, which is a huge selling point on these older, rust-prone Toyota trucks.

Even in its remarkable condition, this truck looks like it emerged right out of the 1990s. I’m a big fan of the period-correct changes this truck has, which include the color-matched Gem Top bed cap and the Centerline wheels.

Other than an aftermarket AM/FM radio with a CD player, the interior is all original. There are a few minor imperfections inside the truck, such as a crack in the dashboard material and some cracking on the side of the bench seat, but for the most part, the cockpit is in impressive shape for its age.

Under the hood, there’s a 3.0-liter V6 engine, which pairs to a 5-speed manual transmission and a 4-wheel-drive system. From the factory, the engine made 144 horsepower and 180 lb.-ft. of torque. The odometer on this example reads 187,310 miles, but the seller does mention that the truck’s true mileage is unknown. On a positive note, the seller adds that the truck runs and drives great.

For $7,999, this neat little truck could be yours. Would you take on this Toyota, even with its true mileage unknown?

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  1. Howard A Member

    Simply unheard of in northern climates. Out here, there are some nice ones, not this nice, tho. It’s amazing, someone would put that many miles on this and it still looks great. While the mechanics could take a lot more, the bodies just disintegrated around it. Don’t care for these, not enough room in the cab and their “extended cab”, wasn’t really that much bigger. Not like my extended cab Sonoma, that actually could seat 4 people. Neat find, if you’re into these.

  2. 8thNote 8thNote Member

    Very nice truck. And the price seems really good for the condition (used Toyota truck prices are crazy). I would much prefer the 4 cyl than the 3-point-slow (3.0) V6 though.

  3. Bmac777 Member

    I’ve always thought that Toyota’s were incredibly good mechanically. They would run forever with routine maintenance
    My friend bought one of these new ,same color and cap but with the 4 cyl, He added a lift kit and 36″ tires so it was a bit top heavy.
    He had a weird and hilarious accident when he rolled it over backing out of a steep driveway and cut the wheel too soon.
    Insurance ends up totaling it
    Always up for an adventure, I volunteer to drive it the 20 miles to claim ctr.where a check was waiting
    We kick out the broken windshield and head off on a nice summer day until a brutal thunderstorm rolled in half way there. I was completely soaked in minutes.
    The best part was at a red light I was joking with someone in the next lane and turned the wipers on for effect , but also accidently hit wash and took a shot of fluid right in the eyes. But the mission was a success

  4. Steve R

    The dealer that is selling this truck does a brisk business. His offerings have been featured on this site several times in the past. He looks to be more interested in turning over his inventory than staring at it for extended periods of time. That bodes well that this Toyota might actually be as nice as it looks in the ad.

    Steve R


    In the photos, the odometer shows 187,310 miles. Per the history report, that reading would have been accurate 20 years ago. The last odometer reading was 329,376…on 16 March 2006. Maybe I’m wrong, but I see indications of deception. Easy pass.

  6. Oldog4tz Member

    I’m guessing the dealer knows the mileage is hinkey.
    He has an 83 2wd with the 22r for 2 grand more.


    Who ever is in the market for a vintage Toyota truck really looks at mileage? Those who know especially this clean don’t care. It’s obvious this truck was taken care of. What’s sinister here? What’s to worry about? There is NO warranty on a vintage truck anyway. Collector dealerships and dealers in general do not offer them on older vehicles. If on does they are charging you $10,000 more for it!

    It’s not like this is a Ranger,S10 or Dakota. It’s all good. The only other vehicle that comes to mind is a VW Rabbit Diesel where mileage is of no concern.

    • 370zpp

      AMCFAN, I agree. Whatever the mileage is here, this appears to be a nice truck. Buy it right and enjoy!

    • AMFMSW

      These little rigs are known for their durability. However, that’s not the point I was trying to make. The odometer reading shown in the photo is extremely inconsistent with what is shown in the history report. That, to me, is extremely deceptive. What else might the seller be trying to hide? They seem to be the sort that if they told me the time, I’d get a second opinion.

      • AMCFAN

        The seller is obviously a dealer. Being a dealer the sources come from anywhere. Dealer auctions, Estates to someone driving it in. As mentioned the dealer who has this for sale has a keen eye for clean vehicles. I would say he has a fantastic reputation from having vehicles featured on here.Who’s to say he knows anything? He just has it for sale.

        I sometimes rescue vehicles from scrap yards and flip them. Because I have it does not mean I have full documentation on its past. If I know I know. If I don’t I don’t. Does that make me a dishonest?

        Could be a previous owner changing a speedometer head. I have certainly done that before. Maybe the previous owner died.

        A super low mile Toyota would have me asking more questions then a simple mileage discrepancy. Taking the truck at FACE value it is what it is. It doesn’t look mistreated. If I were in the market for a rust free truck I wouldn’t have a problem.

        Many of the custom vehicles featured at Barrett Jackson and other collector auctions the odometers are set to zero. Would that be a concern?

  8. chrlsful

    the foregoing is part of the problem

    more back channel w/a “.aol” at the end of my ‘handle’.

  9. Stevieg Member

    I know that in Wisconsin, any vehicle over 10 years old is automatically exempt for odometer disclosure. I believe that is actually a federal law, but not 100% certain of that.
    The reason why they do that in Wisconsin is because you just never know. That simple.
    Someone might have drove it for 5 years with a broken speedometer cable, and that would cause the miles to not accumulate, even when the do add up lol. The needle on the speedometer might have fallen off due to dried glue (happened to me) & a salvage yard replacement head installed with either more or less miles. There are all sorts of reasons an odometer might not be accurate.
    Someone at the dmv could record something wrong. Now you have an accurate odometer, but you can’t legally back that up.
    You just never know.
    Very nice truck. I personally would want the 4 cylinder, but at this price point, that wouldn’t hinder me from buying it.

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