4X4 Survivor: 1983 Toyota Hilux SR5

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The Hilux was the forerunner of Toyota pickups of today, dating back to 1968. In the 1980s, they would garner sales momentum in the U.S. as the demand for smaller trucks was emerging. This 1983 edition which is an SR5 (5-speed manual transmission) and has four-wheel drive is in beautiful used condition, and we’re told it’s never been taken off-roading. Located in Happy Valley, Oregon, this sweet survivor is looking for a new home here on eBay. The bidding runs at $18,850 with a reserve somewhere north of that.

According to the seller, this is a first-generation truck, but we assume he/she is referring to the SR5 set-up as in 1978 the Hilux began its third generation in production that ran through 1983. The name Hilux was chosen as a cross between “high” and “luxury” of which the trucks gained more of the latter as time went on. Three standard-length bodies would be offered in addition to four long bodies. For buyers wanting more interior space, the Super Deluxe was an extended cab model, but that doesn’t apply to the seller’s truck.

This pickup has the stronger 22R 4-cylinder engine, which we’re told runs great even at nearly 130,000 miles (no mention is made of a rebuild). The truck should have plenty of get-up-and-go with the 5-speed tranny which the seller says shifts smoothly. This combination in a smaller package should result in decent fuel consumption for a pickup.

The body and paint look good, as do the stripes. You’ll find a few little dings and scratches after 40 years, but no rust is present as the truck lived in an environment where roads aren’t salted in the winter. The interior is mostly original, but the seats have been recovered along with new carpeting and an aftermarket stereo looks to be in place to help you drive around with some tunes. From what we see, what should the top dollar be for a nice survivor truck like this?

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    Ah, the venerable Weber…a MUCH simpler carb than the on life support/rats nest, vacuum-hosed Aisan. Nice find!

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    • Rw

      Needs a Dellorto

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  2. Wrc323gtx

    Let’s call it mildly restored with some tasteful mods. Definitely not all original lol

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  3. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    A old friend of mine had one like this. It’s was a great little pickup. He lived in Northern New Jersey up in mountains. We would take Toyota to go fishing and it was great in the woods on the trails since it was small enough. His flat boat would fit in the bed but stuck out 3 ft. Tie it down no issues. It had 200,000 miles on it . I remember Toyota had a recall on the beds because of the rust. I know my friend had his replace. Really a great truck. I guess the reserve is $20,000. This truck does not look over 100,000 miles…Good luck to the next owner..🐻🇺🇸

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  4. Ralph

    If this had a good A/C I would be pleased to offer up to 22. That 22R engine is bullet proof. One of the best engines ever.

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    • The Truth

      It’s a none a/c, non power steering truck. In my opinion they anything over $15,000 is way too much money for a truck that have those options.

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  5. Maggy

    You can’t beat these trucks for durability and ease of maintenance. Worked on a couple in my time and it was only for maintenance.All of em up here in the upper midwest rotted away but the drivetrains are bulletproof. Middle eastern countries and small sub saharan nations warlords love em.Glwts.

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    • Rw

      7.62 by 39 will go through block.

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  6. Jeff

    This looks like an 82 model. The 82 had 2 tie down hooks on each side of the bed. The 83 had 3.

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    • Todd N.


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    • Thomas Brouillette

      Double check the facts on that. Short bed may have had less. Longs had 3. Definitely a Frankenstein truck. 1980 seats? Come on!

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  7. chrlsful

    needs extended cab, some minor off rd mods. Smaller is better here (back east). Cant go for the other (RHD).

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  8. Dana

    These weren’t any good when they were new, who would pay that much for one of those. Just amazed what people forget about these vehicles,

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  9. JM Christian

    These are really great trucks, I had the 1980 model in yellow. My wife was working for an importer in Md at the time and we got it wholesale, which as I recall was roughly $7,500. The only mechanical issue I had with it was the transfer case oil seals started leaking at around 100k so I replaced them and kept her for close to ten years until we moved to AZ. I probably would’ve taken it along but it kept having rust issues in the bed seam, so I sold it to a guy who had a horse farm and bought a new ’89 after we got to Mesa.

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  10. oilngas

    384,000 miles without a rebuild. Replaced the clutch because the throwout bearing fell apart at 240,000. I try to change the oil every 5,000 miles. Sometimes it goes 10,000 before I change it though. Rebuilt the front and brakes once. Rear axle seals twice, and they are leaking again. The rear bumper rusted apart, and clearcoat is coming off. Yeah, these trucks are junk. I’ll never buy another one. Won’t need to. This one will out live me.

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