Cheap Class: 1965 Imperial Crown Convertible

When you look past the tired and faded exterior appearance, this 1965 Imperial Crown Convertible seems to be a really solid car that would be a lovely classic to own and drive once it has been restored. There is… more»

1-of-429: 1961 Imperial Crown Convertible

There is little about the 1961 Imperial Crown Convertible that would be considered to be small. It is a giant of a car, and in keeping with that theme, this car represents a giant of a restoration project. If… more»

65k Genuine Miles: 1983 Imperial

The late Lee Iacocca has often been credited with being the “father of the Mustang,” but his true strength lay in his ability to extract maximum financial benefits from a product for minimal cost. Nowhere was this more apparent… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1961 Imperial Southampton

Back in June, we featured John C’s Imperial that you see above. It ended up selling quickly to Reader Jim O, who had it shipped to his home in Connecticut. He got it running and started working on making… more»

Green on Green: Low-Mile 1981 Chrysler Imperial

There’s an online community of enthusiasts known as Malaise Motors, which is a celebration of sorts for vehicles manufactured from 1972 to 1992. Though their website describes the era as a time where insurance, safety, and emissions agencies “managed… more»

BF Success Story: 1961 Imperial Southampton

There’s nothing better than hearing from a happy Barn Finds Reader that listed and sold their classic right here! A little while back, we listed John’s 1961 Imperial as an Exclusive, you can view his ad here. It didn’t… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1961 Imperial Southampton

UPDATE 6/5/2019 – We just heard from John, he ended up getting 21 inquiries on his Imperial and it sold to the third person that contacted him! It will be heading off to its new owner shortly. Congrats to… more»

7,979 Original Miles: 1966 Imperial LeBaron

Barn Finder Pat L is certainly spotting some interesting cars for us to look at, so thank you so much for that Pat. This 1966 Imperial LeBaron is one such car, and if the claimed 7,979 genuine miles is… more»

One Owner: 1981 Chrysler Imperial

The full-size Imperial luxury model went away after 1975. Then Chrysler brought back a personal luxury model in 1981 which was sold through 1983. But timing is everything, and the timing of this model just didn’t work. If it… more»

Last Year of Convertible: 1968 Imperial Crown Convertible

While my favorite Imperials were the 1964 to 1966 years, the 1967 to 1968 years are pretty close. While they were no longer as distinctive from the New Yorker and other Chrysler models, they did strive to appeal to the… more»

Another One! 1957 Imperial Ghia Limousine

Barn Finds reader Ikey H. was kind enough to send in another Imperial Ghia Limousine, but this one is older and somewhat rougher than the beautiful 1963 model that Adam did such a great job of writing up recently. It… more»

1 Of 2: 1963 Crown Imperial Ghia Limousine

Sometimes claims of rarity for certain cars don’t stand up to close scrutiny, but the claims about this Crown Imperial do, and that makes it a very rare car indeed. Ownership of one of these limousines was the exclusive… more»

Original Owner: 1961 Imperial Crown Coupe

There is no denying that Mopar had some very interesting and stylish machines getting approved through the design department, like this 1961 Imperial Crown Coupe. We can thank Virgil Exner for such interesting and unique machines. Although this Mopar… more»

A Little Of Everything: 40+ Finds, One Location!

There’s something for everyone (okay, at least American car lovers) in this find of over 40 vehicles located in Hickory, North Carolina and advertised here on craigslist. The seller doesn’t exactly go overboard with their descriptions and requests phone contact… more»

Low Mileage Luxury Locomotive: 1973 Imperial

You cannot explain the seventies.  They had to be lived.  People were so much more easygoing.  24 hour news wasn’t a thing when you had to put aluminum foil on your TV antenna to get a station.  Children went… more»

Prairie Schooner! 1967 Chrysler Imperial Convertible

After emerging from 25 years of slumber, this Oklahoma City, Oklahoma classic seeks a new owner with a No Reserve auction here on eBay. Though not an exact twin, this car certainly calls to mind the 1965 Chrysler 300 from… more»