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Bargain Of The Year? 1966 Imperial LeBaron

I know that 2023 just started, but this may still be the best deal of the year on December 31st. The second-generation Imperial was made for a decade, or actually from 1956 for the 1957 model year, until the 1966 model year. That’s a lifetime for that era,  This 1966 Imperial LeBaron sedan is posted here on craigslist in Mankato, MN and the seller is asking a mere $3,000. Here is the original listing, and thanks to T.J. for tracking down this great tip!

Spanning the 1950s and 1960s in one generation produced very different-looking cars. The Imperial models in that decade of production went from looking very 1950’ish to looking sleek, as if they actually belonged in the mid-1960s – but they were still based on the same platform. In fact, this 1966 Imperial is the last of the breed, the last body-on-frame D-body, the last of the old guard. You may have noticed that in the leading photo showing the right-rear 3/4 angle, both tires on the passenger side are flat. That isn’t a good sign.

The seller is very light on photos, sadly, but they do hit the highlights, including an engine photo, so I can’t be too hard on them. This is a big car at 19 feet in length, and in a tight space, it’s hard to get back far enough to get the whole thing in the viewfinder and/or on the camera screen. What they do show looks like one very nice example, very nice. They’re also light on information, saying that it has a clean and intact interior, there are only small traces of rust, and it’ll need to be towed from not having been used in a while.

The divided front bench seat looks nice other than some normal cracking on the driver’s side bottom, which could likely be cleaned up nicely and conditioned. The photos are vertical, which sets my brain on fire, but it is what it is. The back seat looks even nicer, which they often do. This is where any well-heeled man or woman would be riding, not in the front. Chhhh… who drives their own luxury car?!

The dusty-but-giant engine was the only one offered in the 1966 Imperial, it’s Chrysler’s 440-cu.in. OHV V8, which would have had 350 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque. The last time this car was driven was in 2016, but I’d bet that most Barn Finds readers would have it up and running like a Swiss watch in no time. You will not find more car for the money, maybe ever again. Period. This car is $3,000, that’s it. This is an absolute mind-blowing steal. Sure, it gets 10 mpg, but it’s $3,000. 30 $100 bills. Hagerty is at $7,400 for one in #4 fair condition and this one, cleaned up and running fine again, would likely be valued up to $20,000 or more. How is this still for sale?! Mankato is only 90 minutes from me, it’s very tempting.


  1. Doubleclutch57

    You should go for it Scotty ! When I was a kid in the 60s my Dad had two Imperials. One was a 1964 Crown black on black all of the “bells and whistles”, I always liked it on the rare occasion that he gave me a ride to school, especially because it looked like the one that Mr. Drysdale drove on The Beverly Hillbillys ! But ours was a hard top instead of a convertible. Then in late 1965 he ordered a 1966 LeBaron coupe, black with a white vinyl top and black leather interior ! He offered to give me the LeBaron when I married in the early 70s but I declined because the oil embargo drove up the price of fuel, not to mention long lines at the pump ! To this day I regret my decision to decline his offer as they were probably the most comfortable vehicles I have had the pleasure of riding in ! ( That said I have owned several Mercedes and Volvos through the years) JUST SAYING !

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    • tiger66

      There was no “LeBaron coupe” in ’66. They were all 4-doors until the ’69 model year.

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      • jwh14580

        Cut him some slack… There was an Imperial Crown Coupe……..

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  2. MattR

    You sound like you need this Scotty. :)

    Get it. Chronicle the revival here.

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  3. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    That was close. I was gonna wire you the 3K Scotty and have you go there and buy the car for me.

    But the posting was deleted.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Arrgh! I was supposed to look at it at 3:00 this afternoon but told the seller that I was out. It’s just too hard to get a 19-foot-long car with two flat tires in the middle of winter and try to find a place to store it inside. Bummer.

      Your credit’s good here, RK, I would have trusted you for the $3k.

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  4. Steve Weiman

    Damn, my favorite color too! Should be back on craigslist or FB in another week.
    Looking good garden hosed down on the back of somebody’s trailer……. :)

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    • Mark C

      I’d bet it’ll be a flipper too. How much would you bet the new asking price will be? Set the over/under at $14k or so?

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    • Solosolo UK Solosolo UK Member

      The flipper will want more than 10g’s for it though!

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  5. Sam61

    Deal, about 60 cents a pound.

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  6. Dave Brown

    I seem to remember a very good looking Imperial 2 door hardtop in 1967 with a desk option. They were stunning cars, especially the tail lights. There were indeed two doors and not just 1969. A two door hardtop was a more important model in that era than a convertible because of air conditioning.

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      You are recalling the “Mobile Director” option for 67 Crown Coupes. As stated earlier, there were no “Lebaron” coupes until 69; that trim level was only available on 4drs prior to that. The two door ht Imperials were only available on Custom and Crown level trims, not Lebaron.

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  7. Pete Phillips

    No two-door LeBarons until 1969, as the author said. 1967s-1968 two-doors with the mobile director option were Imperial Customs, not Imperial LeBarons. LeBarons were top-of-the-line with the smaller rear glass.

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  8. jim

    Wow gone already if I was sooner I would be a taker

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  9. T. Pond

    Too bad I am in NC or I would have been on it in a heartbeat!

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  10. Emel

    The Imperials from the late 70’s were awesome….didn’t sell that many.
    But McDonald’s sells the most hamburgers and they are dog meat.
    so that don’t mean crap.

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  11. Keith D.

    Let’s roll Kato…Uhh

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  12. Gary Wollberg

    It’s going to be so annoying having to pay $20,000 for this car just because they washed it and put air in the tires. Scotty.

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  13. Kenny

    Cheap Imperial 4dr. Will probably end up in some demo derbies for that price.

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  14. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I had the longer wheelbase version of this car, a 1965 Imperial LeBaron limousine with a custom body by Ghia of Italy [#9 of 10 built]. Bought it from the estate of the original owner, it had done only 5,700 miles when I found it in 1991, still wore the original General M78X15 tires!

    A few years later I made the mistake of selling the car, regretted selling it as I watched the new owner drive it down the driveway.

    I’ve had many 1955 to 68 Imperials over the years, They were the best driving long distance cars for their day.

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  15. J Martell

    Do you remember how long it was and how much you paid and sold it for? Just curious.Like this body style.Owned a 66 Newport and still have a 75 Imperial for sale,$3k also.Had it on Imperial website last year.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      J Martell,

      WHEELBASE 129″ (Crown and LeBaron) 149.5″ (Crown Imperial Limousine)

      OVERALL LENGTH 227.8″ (Crown and LeBaron) 248.3″ (Crown Imperial Limousine)

      Those figures show the Ghia body was a 20.5″ stretch.

      Since I owned and sold the limo 3 decades ago, and my shop repainted the car at the request of the new owner, the purchase and selling prices have no bearing today, so I’m not going to comment on those prices. I will say that the price I purchased the limo for was not cheap.

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