International Pickup

1975 International Travelette 200 King Ranch

This 1975 International Travelette 200 King Ranch pickup was made just about exactly six months before International-Harvestor ceased production of its pickups, being unable to go head-to-head with Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge pickups. This rugged creamsicle (isn’t that an… more»

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All Original: 1968 International 1200C Deluxe

It’s not every day that we run across a nice, original-paint pickup that’s been kept up for over five decades. This 1968 International 1200C Deluxe is one of those trucks and it looks like a really nice example. It… more»

Stored 41 Years : 1967 International 1200 Travelette

I love trucks like this 1967 International 1200 Travelette. They’re no-nonsense work trucks from an era when people turned their heads and looked whenever they saw a four-door pickup, unlike today. This great looking truck can be found here… more»

Snowbinder: 1956 International S-120 4×4

As snow is are falling here, a week after temps were in the 50s and 60s, seeing something like this 1956 International S-120 4×4 plow pickup brings me back to the nightmare that was the 2018/2019 winter, but in… more»

Ready to Drive: 1955 International R-100

When you look at the first photo of this 1955 International R-100 Pickup, you probably see a vehicle that is going to need some work before it is ready to hit the road again. Fear not, my friends. As… more»

Short and Wide: 1960 International B-100

The exact opposite of me, this short and wide 1960 International B-100 looks like a great truck. It can be found here on eBay with an unmet opening bid price of $5,500. It’s located in Carmen, Oklahoma and it… more»

Restoration Required: 1967 International Travelette Crew Cab

This 1967 Travelette looks pretty rough, but if it is solid, it may be a worthwhile restoration project. Alternatively, you could always consider doing what the owner had intended to do, which was to drop the body onto a… more»

The Perfect Pickup? 1970 International 1100D 4×4

Sometimes a vehicle comes along.. who am I kidding, I want everything here, including this great looking 1970 International 1100D 4×4 pickup. This sweet, square truck is posted on eBay with a current bid price of $7,100 and a… more»

Barn Find Binder: 1967 International 1100B

A half-ton pickup is usually more than enough for us weekend warriors, but for those folks who really need a tough truck, something like this 1967 International 1100B probably wouldn’t work. This binder is listed on eBay¬†in¬†Stantonville, Tennessee. The… more»

Cornbinder Camper: 1954 International R-120

Sometimes a vehicle comes through the door here at Barn Finds and it makes us daydream, or it does for me anyway, about what it would be like to totally change my whole lifestyle and become a professional tourist…. more»

Treasure Truck: 1966 International Travelette

According to the International Truck Specifications website, this 1966 International Travelette pickup is a foot shorter than my old Lincoln was at 17′-4″ long. That’s hard to believe but hey, the internet doesn’t lie! This cool people and… more»

$1,800 Or Offer! 1970 International 1200 D

Never seen snow! No, I’m just kidding of course, but this truck is too solid to have been driven in road salt. It’s a 1970 International 1200 D pickup and it’s on eBay with a won’t-be-around-long buy it now… more»