183 Lot Auction! Gab Joiner Collection

The late Robert “Gab” Joiner, New Mexico business owner and vehicle enthusiast, amassed an impressive collection featuring heavy trucks and an assortment of cars, light trucks, and all things automotive. The collection, in 183 lots, goes to auction on… more»

East Bound and Down: 1981 Kenworth W-900A

If a riding mower won’t work for your next daily driver, maybe this 1981 Kenworth W-900A will! This is one nice-looking rig, and by rig of course I mean actual rig, like big rig, as in the one Snowman type… more»

The Ultimate Hot Rod? 1957 Kenworth Thunderhead

I’ve seen enough vehicles that it takes a lot to make me go completely slack-jawed. This incredible vehicle, however, succeeded! What you are looking at has parts from several different trucks and some other things tied together with a custom… more»

45 Years, One Owner: 1970 Kenworth W925

When we think of high mileage vehicles, the magic number of 100K usually stands out in most people’s minds as the point at which a vehicle becomes “old.” Whether that’s right or wrong is not what I’m debating, but… more»

Sleeper Cab: 1950 Kenworth Bull Nose

If you’re a producer of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, you’ll want to build a rig that truckers love. Key elements of that recipe include durability and engineering ingenuity, two qualities this 1950 Kenworth Bull Nose sleeper cab here on eBay possesses in… more»

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