183 Lot Auction! Gab Joiner Collection

The late Robert “Gab” Joiner, New Mexico business owner and vehicle enthusiast, amassed an impressive collection featuring heavy trucks and an assortment of cars, light trucks, and all things automotive. The collection, in 183 lots, goes to auction on 8 September 2018. Review details here on dotysauctionservice.hibid.com. Bidders may bid in person in Rio Rancho, New Mexico or while binge-watching “Roadkill” in their pajamas thanks to the wonders of the Internet. You may recognize Lot 181, this 1931 Chevrolet pickup truck, as a former magazine and calendar pin-up model. Thanks to reader “C. Jay” for suggesting we feature this amazing auction.

This restored and running 1919 Reo also claims calendar and magazine shots to its credit. While the definitions of  “all original” and “restored” typically exclude their use as descriptors of the same vehicle, this one is apparently both.


This 1931 Ford, christened the “Okie Special,” features hand-painted travel sayings possibly from “Dust Bowl” times.

Fans of the rock band REO Speedwagon may wish to cast a bid on this ultimate tribute:  Lot 79, a 1940 (or ’41) REO Speed Wagon. Perhaps the band mates could sign part of it for you.

I don’t know what a “Wench Truck” is, but it sounds entertaining. Better take up cigar smoking if you bid on this Mack Wench Truck. You had me at “Giant Brush Guard.” This serious-looking pre-war classic comes with a “Tulsa Wrench.” Please submit any other humorous ways to mis-spell “winch” in the comments below.

Become the envy of all the neighborhood kids with this Brockway Fire Truck, Lot 8. If retrieving whole vehicles is not your style, or would subject your marriage to undue stress, consider a lot of smaller items including hub caps, dashboard instruments, jacks, steering wheels, or how about a vintage Blow Torch? A savvy bar and grille may wish to redecorate using the Pallet of Head Lights. Actually “Pallet of Head Lights” would make a great band name. You heard it here first, folks. Which lot is your favorite?


WANTED 1958-76 Lambretta Any This is a motor scooter all metal Contact

WANTED 1994/95 Dodge Dakota 4X4 Looking for a nice ’94/’95 Dakota 4WD in nice shape.Want a V8. Contact

WANTED 1969 Ford Mustang Wanted 1969 Big block mustang, any condition considered Contact

WANTED 1977 Dodge Dodge Aspen RT Peferred driver, super PAC edition, fixer-upper. Contact

WANTED 1925-1995 Vintage RV’s, Airstreams, Spartans, Vans, VW, etc Airstream We buy vintage trailers and motorhomes of most makes. We buy Airstreams of all years. Contact

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  1. George

    The pallet of headlights could provide very cool lighting for a bar or man cave.

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  2. Patrick S Newport Pagnell Staff

    “Remember,you can’t take it with you.”

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    • Charles Flowers

      True that.

      And if you don’t do something with it before you go, the disposition of it is not going to do it justice.

      Moral: While you are still ‘here’ use it or pass it along to someone who will appreciate it, and someone you would want to have it.

      Like 4
  3. Dave Wright

    Have always wanted a wench truck. Another example of spell check gone array.

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    • Sam61

      Or a truck full of wenches.

      Like 9
    • dr fine

      They don’t show the bed, but I suspect they meant “Toe Truck.”

      Like 2
      • C. Jay

        Cute “Toe Truck”!!! Winch trucks were used around gas wells and construction sites. Saw very few in PA but lots in the Midwest.

        Like 1
    • Derek

      Awry, even… D.

  4. ccrvtt

    Great find! Wish I could afford the REO Speedwagon – not because of the band but because my Dad worked for “The Reo” for several stints and I worked there one summer. They were cool trucks and an important part of the fabric of life in Lansing, Michigan.

    Anyone who is thoroughly disgusted with the state of affairs in this country (whichever polarized side you’re on) would be well-advised to read up on Welfare Capitalism as promoted by Ransom E. Olds.

    And please, it’s “REE-oh”, not ario as the rock ‘n’ roll poseurs pronounce it.

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    • Ken

      ‘And please, it’s “REE-oh”’

      I was hoping someone would point that out. And it’s two words: Speed Wagon.

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      • Balstic

        Actually, it’s just an abbreviation. Let’s not churn something needlessly.. Besides the group call themselves R-E-O Speedwagen not aria.

      • ccrvtt

        I stand corrected – Speed Wagon.

        And to reiterate – I said “ario”, not “aria”. Unless you’re from our neighboring state, home of The Ohio State University, where the natives pronounce “Ohio” as “Uh hi ya”.

  5. 71FXSuperGlide

    Cool trucks, although I doubt ‘envy’ would be the correct word from my neighbors if I were to show up with the Brockway. LOL.

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  6. Uncle Bob

    Not sure who identified the “Okie Special” as a ’31 Ford, probably got fooled by the smooth sides of the cowl, ignoring the grille, fender shape, and a dozen or so other clues. It’s a ’29 Briggs body, “leatherback” sedan………but at least they got the Ford part correct.

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    • TouringFordor

      That’s not the only misidentified item… The poor spelling and incorrect descriptions in their listing made me shake my head.

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