King Midget

94K Miles? 1959 King Midget Model 3

I’m a huge fan of these small cars in the first place, but the thought of someone driving a King Midget for 90,000+ miles was pretty shocking. The seller says that this one has 94,000 miles, but I believe… more»

Small Project: 1950s King Midget Model III

The seller isn’t sure what year this King Midget is and they don’t show any tags or numbers, but it’s a Model III so it was made sometime between 1957 and 1969. They have this late-1950s to late-60s King… more»

Exciting Small Car? 1967 King Midget Model III

The seller refers to this 1967 King Midget Model III as the “World’s Most Exciting Small Car”, and while I’m not sure whether that’s a historic King Midget advertising line or their personal belief, I’ve always wanted one. They’re… more»

Street Legal! 1962 King Midget Micro Car

Would you believe this thing is street legal?!  That’s what the seller of this King Midget micro car says, although he does mention that they’re not very fast.  King Midget first began producing micro cars in 1946, with the… more»

Me ‘N Mini Me: 1965 King Midget with 1958 Cushman Scooter

In 1945, two pilots – Claud Dry and Dale Orcutt – started a spare parts business in Athens, Ohio, selling government surplus bearings, engines, wheels, and so forth. It was a mail-order outfit but the pair rapidly began building… more»

Small Gem: 1956 King Midget Model II

The seller has this King Midget Model 2, or Series 2/II listed as a 1958 but the company had moved on to the Model 3/Series III by 1957 so I’m putting it in the 1956 category. They have this… more»

Stored 27 Years: 1969 King Midget Model III

Just as American cars were getting bigger and more powerful, along came the King Midget line of cars and they almost couldn’t have been any smaller and still have been street legal. This one is just under ten feet… more»

Nice Microcar: 1958 King Midget Model 3

The King Midget is unusual in more ways than just being a tiny car with a rear engine and no doors. This one is a 1958 King Midget Model 3, the seller has it listed here as a Barn… more»

Stored 54 Years: 1953 King Midget Model II

The King Midget: “the smallest, most economical fun car made in America today”, according to one of many period reviews and advertisements from the early-1950s. They are small and certainly economical and they could be considered fun cars by… more»

Former Governor’s Car: 1965 King Midget Model 3

I visited LBJ’s ranch and “Texas White House” in Stonewall, Texas a couple of weeks ago for the first time. One of the buildings there had the kind of big American cars that we would associate with a big… more»

Is This 1954 King Midget a Pocket Rocket?

I will never forget the first time that I saw a King Midget. My first thought was that it was something that had fallen off a carousel, but I’ve since grown to like and respect these little cars. Built… more»

Coming Up Short: 1966 King Midget

Post World War II was an incredible time for America.  If you had an idea, and the courage to share it with the world, then chances are you could put that dream into production.  Even if the concept came… more»

Royal Project: 1966 King Midget

We have seen a couple of King Midgets here over the last couple of years and there is no question that they aren’t as popular as most other cars are. But, for those of us who love unusual, small,… more»

Rare! But, Desirable? 1951 King Midget Series 2

We all know that just because something is rare doesn’t mean that it’s valuable, or even desirable. This l’il bugger is a 1951 King Midget Series 2 and it’s in Weirsdale, Florida, right in-between Orlando and Gainesville in central… more»

The Next Big Thing: 1959 King Midget

Well, maybe this particular car isn’t the next big thing, but I predict that small, relatively inexpensive cars like this will be big in the collector car market in the coming years. This 1959 King Midget, found on eBay, wouldn’t be… more»

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