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Roadside Finds Near Indianapolis

Roadside Finds

Reader Cory T was recently driving down a road he has traveled on many occasions. He had always noticed some of the cars parked by a particular barn, but had never stopped to have a look. Well, just recently he noticed that several of the cars had been pushed up to the road and had for sale signs on them, so he had to stop and take a look! It turned out the owner had sadly passed away and now his wife is left trying to find homes for his collection. Cory is a nice guy and offered to help her any way he could, so he decided to snap some photos and send them to us! If you see anything you’re interested in, just make an offer and he will take it back to her. What’s even more incredible, he still hasn’t been in the barn and apparently that’s where the real good stuff is!

Volkswagen Rabbits

From Cory – There have been two Rabbits and an Alfa pushed up to a barn for as long as I can remember. I had been meaning to stop, but never did. Today, they were pushed up to the road with for sale signs. I stopped, and met the owner. It was an all too familiar story. The husband had his shop, his toys and she had no clue what they were. Anyone who came buy was told the same thing, you can buy them when I’m dead. Well, as you can guess the inevitable has occurred. He passed away in June, and it all must go. She has only priced the three by the road, and is sorting it out as she goes.

Overgrown Mercedes

I have attached photos of the really cool stuff. A lot of it is overgrown with thorn bushes, so I wasn’t able to get too close. I really didn’t see anything I needed, but as a courtesy I have offered to help in any way I can. If anyone would like to assist with fair asking prices on what you see, it would be appreciated. I know nothing about the value on the two King Midgets, or the Model A drive trains. I am keeping the location private so she isn’t overwhelmed, but these are near Indianapolis. I had a pleasant conversation and will keep in touch. I will be back in the fall when the weeds die down. The mystery that remains however is the barn. She left me with the comment that he kept the good stuff in the barn.

Field Find

Situations like this always make me a little sad. It’s hard to see a widow go through selling a loved one’s prized possessions, but at the same time it’s good to see the cars go to a good home and can be an important part of the healing process. And in some ways it helps to carry on the owner’s legacy, as these cars will hopefully outlast us and be cared for by generations to come! If you see something here you’d love to have, be sure to send Cory an email here at And I can’t wait to see what is hiding in the barn, so lets hope Cory gets to have a look inside! Oh and what do you think the King Midgets and the Model As might be worth?


  1. JW454

    I have no idea on value but picture 12 is a “T” not and “A”. I also think the white convertible in the weeds may be a 64-65 Chevelle convertible

  2. Bobsmyuncle

    Yes I’m sure she would HATE being pestered with ever increasing offers LOL.

  3. Gary

    That convertible in the weeds sure looks like an old Cadillac, I would guess a mid to late 50’s vintage. I would be interested in the VW pick em up if it was closer to me. Hope there will be help for the widow and these will all be spoken for soon.

    • JW454

      Gary, the more I look at that white car I believe you’re right. Hard to tell with all the weeds but you may have it.

  4. Dave Wright

    I have been looking for a rabbit diesel pickup for my son……many are rusted or too expensive.

  5. Cory

    A little bit of an update, the vw were diesels, and sold before I could get back. The owner restored Cushman scooters and I found multiple bodies scattered around the yard. There was what I believe to be an old oil tank on a trailer of some kind with a large industrial compressor, which go with a AA ford truck whiz is inside, that was owned by the city (sorry no pics)

  6. Cory

    As for the white convertible, Cadillac could be right, for some reason i was thinking mercury. somewhere around 56ish. I was a little overwhelmed with all of it

  7. john C

    Greetings…love this site; any information on the Alfa…I’ve seen where even on the same day as BarnFinds show a picture of an automobile with a cool story, by the time I look it up, it will often be gone !! Gotta be quick !!

  8. bonneville 64

    The white convertible, I strongly believe to be a 54-56 Cadillac. The 3 wheeler is a Cushman Truckster, probably a mid 50s’ (53-57) vintage.

  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    big GM convert from the 60’s…..just not curvy like a 50’s car….and the top frame looks newer….

  10. OttoNobedder

    Love the Cushman buried in the ground with a tree growing thru it!
    Early to- mid- 1970’s I believe with the curved windshield

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