Lamborghini Diablo

Worth The Gamble? 1991 Lamborghini Diablo

The ad for this 1991 Lamborghini Diablo is pretty simple: “Car sold as is, No service records, car has 7500km about 6000 miles.” I’m not sure what the motivation behind the ad is? Perhaps they are hiding something or… more»

Bogus Bull: 1986 Lamborghini Diablo Replica

When you have Champagne dreams and a caviar wishes but your wallet is more about homemade wine and canned tuna, this 1986 Lamborghini Diablo replica may be just the ticket. This kit car is listed on eBay with ten… more»

Could It Be Real? 1994 Lamborghini SE30 Yard Find

Reader John C recently spotted a bright yellow sports car parked in someone’s yard, so he decided to have a closer look. That’s when he realized it was a Lamborghini, or at least it looks like one. To be… more»

One of 150: Basketcase Lamborghini Diablo SE30

Finding a Lamborghini in any form as a project is a rare occurence. But more often than not, if one is discovered, it’s a model from the 1970s, languishing after years of hard use. Occassionally, however, they turn up… more»

Cheap Lamborghini Diablo Anyone?

Guess what car graced the walls of my room when I was a pre-teen? That’s right, the Lamborghini Diablo! All I knew was that it could top 200 miles per hour and that it looked amazing doing so. I… more»

Abandoned Diablo At Repair Shop

Reader Jim C recently spotted what appeared to be the damaged remains of a Lamborghini Diablo. Seeing as the Diablo SV was his favorite car growing up, he just had to stop and take a photo. Not knowing much… more»

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