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Abandoned Diablo At Repair Shop


Reader Jim C recently spotted what appeared to be the damaged remains of a Lamborghini Diablo. Seeing as the Diablo SV was his favorite car growing up, he just had to stop and take a photo. Not knowing much about it and not being able to speak to the shop’s owner, he decided to share the photo with us to see if any of you happened to know more about the car or it’s story. Sadly, he only snapped this single photo, but the Florida license plate is easily visible and could provide some clues about it. Now I’ll admit, I’m not a Lamborghini expert, but this looks like a kit car to me. It would explain the condition and the fact that it seems to have been abandoned. It would be one heck of a find if it turned out to be a real Diablo, but I have my serious doubts. So do any of you happen to know more about this car? Is it the real deal or an unfinished kit car? Either way, I want to thank Jim for sharing his sighting!


  1. Tim

    Unfinished kit car

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  2. Lane

    “Unfinished kit car”

    Exactly. Someone walked away when they realized they were in over their head in terms of skills, money, or both.

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    My best guess is this is a kit car mounted on a Pontiac Fiero GT. The reason I think this is I saw one in person one time just like this one. The other thing is the exhaust is a dead giveaway.

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  4. Keith

    Where in FLA is it? if it’s close, I will go look at it.

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  5. Scot Carr

    ~ Kit car, schmit kar. Other guy’s money$, right there.
    Add brakes, suspension, full-tilt motor, interior, instruments . build it your way.
    If it has been left to go to mechanics lein it might be cheap.

    . I hope Jim C will follow-up and inform the readers of the complete story.

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  6. alan

    A lambo it will never be.

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  7. Jim C

    I appreciate Josh’s posting of my find. To clear things up a bit, I live in Georgia, and I saw this car at a local shop (Duluth, GA). One thing for sure is that there is actually a Lamborghini engine underneath that cover. However, now that BIG FISH mentioned it, the exhaust does make it very suspicious. I will definitely go check it out again when I’m near by next time and see if I can get more information on it. Stay tuned. :-)

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  8. Jason

    Obvious fake

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  9. don

    kit car

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  10. Olaf E

    I believe the space between the 2 double exhausts is too wide. Not 100% sure though!

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  11. Tim

    this is a real diablo I took last Saturday

    the Ga one was probably wrecked and someone thought they would ‘fix’ it to get a cheap Lambo..There are no cheap lambo’

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  12. 944tim

    sorry double posted, delete one please

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