Macho T/A

1-of-204: 1978 Pontiac Macho T/A

By my reckoning, I have written nearly 6,000 articles during my time at Barn Finds, but some cars stuck in my memory better than others. That is the case with this 1978 Pontiac Macho T/A. The moment I saw… more»

Super Rare 1978 Macho T/A Turbo 4-Speed

This Martinique Blue 1978 Macho T/A is a special car. It is one of eight Macho T/As built in 1978 that were equipped with a HO Racing turbocharger. The car is located in Bismark, North Dakota and is listed… more»

1 of 304: 1978 Pontiac “Macho” Trans Am

Tired of all the detuning of muscle cars in the 1970s, one Pontiac dealer decided to do something about it. Over three years (1977-79), they took 304 stock Trans Am’s and made some performance modifications, then sold them as… more»

Spotless Survivor: 1978 Pontiac Macho T/A

Ah, 1978! Space Invaders appeared, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar was minted, a lasagna-loving cat called Garfield first showed his face, and crowds were flocking to the cinemas to see Grease and Saturday Night Fever. It was also an… more»

1-Of-2: 1979 Pontiac Macho T/A

Various individuals and companies have formed an alliance with a vehicle manufacturer to produce some successful classic cars throughout automotive history. However, far fewer companies undertake the exercise independently and manage to produce something memorable and desirable. One such… more»

Rare Muscle Car: 1979 Pontiac Macho T/A

How would you like to buy a Macho T/A from the foremost collector and expert in the field? Rob Thomas of Kaysville, Utah has been selling the cars from his collection over the past few years and has listed… more»

Tuned Trans Am: 1978 Pontiac Macho T/A

If we haven’t experienced it ourselves, we’ve all probably heard stories about people who decide to buy themselves a new car. They sit in the dealership agonizing over the options list, trying to decide what they really want. It… more»

1-of-8: 1978 Pontiac Macho T/A Turbo

One of the most surprising aspects of the Macho T/A story is not really the low build numbers, but how many of these have survived the years since. Of the 204 cars that were built in 1978, it is… more»

1-of-204: 1978 Pontiac Trans Am Macho T/A

There are plenty of performance classics out there that are distinguished by their subtle good looks. The Pontiac Macho T/A is anything but subtle, but it still looks good. These are a car with an interesting back-story and are… more»