No Reserve Survivor: 1939 Mack Truck Model ED

Mack began its corporate life in 1893 as a wagon and carriage maker, though back then it was really a one-horse operation (ha ha). Once three of the many Mack brothers were on board, the company began making buses… more»

Ran When Parked: Hahn Fire Truck

First and foremost, I am not an expert on all-things vintage fire trucks. I do know that many of them seemingly end up like this, where they are likely bought for a very low price with big plans to… more»

Dually Hot Rod? 1950 Mack EH Truck

Big dually classic trucks are HOT right now! Look at any truck magazine or social media and you’ll see lifted and lowered dualies regularly. In fact, people are making them so popular that prices have gone up considerably recently…. more»

Fire Truck Museum Sell-Off!

A collector of antique fire engines and related equipment has posted his stash on craigslist, announcing that it’s time to thin the herd. The listing reflects years of collecting, as it extends beyond the typical vintage fire truck apparatus… more»

Museum Piece Mack: 1955 Mack B-30X

A lot of us, myself included, don’t really have what it takes to restore a minibike let alone a 1955 Mack B-30X, but someone has done just that. This truck, or tractor, as they say, can be found here… more»

Parts or Restore? 1962 Mack B61

So, consider me surprised: restored Mack B61 trucks command a decent price when restored, upwards of $20,000 or more. Does that make this project-grade example a bargain at $2,400? I’m not sure, but I’ll bet one our resident Mack… more»

Vintage 1962 Mack B Wrecker

If Tow Mater had a father, this would be him. This burly 1962 Mack B tow truck is one tough looking machine. Located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the seller is asking $6,500 for this brute. The title is listed… more»

183 Lot Auction! Gab Joiner Collection

The late Robert “Gab” Joiner, New Mexico business owner and vehicle enthusiast, amassed an impressive collection featuring heavy trucks and an assortment of cars, light trucks, and all things automotive. The collection, in 183 lots, goes to auction on… more»

COE Graveyard: 1971 Brockway N4571

Cab-over-engine designs still look great to me years later, no matter what era they were made. This is a somewhat rare Brockway, which hails from Cortland, New York, where it was likely originally manufactured. Now residing somewhere near Zanesville,… more»

Prehistoric Brodozer: 1962 Mack B-61

I had the privilege of partaking in the second weekend of the Pigeon Forge Fall Rod Run last weekend.  There are two huge rod runs each year, and each of them spans two weekends.  The first is usually populated… more»

Does Not Run: 1930 Mack Fire Truck

It looks like this is a building full of interesting projects, so perhaps now it’s time to sell something and they’ve started with the biggest vehicle first? “Does Not Run” is all the information provided about this Mack in… more»

A New Use: Mack Fire Truck

We feature Fire Trucks from time to time, but there is always the puzzling question of what they might be useful for. They are usually well maintained, have very low mileage and are often very inexpensive (to buy at least), but… more»

The Mack Daddy of Trucks: 1959 Mack B67T

This is the Mack daddy of trucks, or it was five decades ago. The 1959 Mack B67T seen here is in Watkinsville, Georgia and is listed on eBay for $4,500 with four days left on the auction.

Red Wrecker: 1919 Mack Bulldog

Now this is one tough looking truck! I guess calling it a Bulldog is quite fitting, given the bulky looks, massive 4 cylinder engine and rock solid construction. This truck was apparently used as a ladder truck in Minneapolis, then… more»

Fun In Small Packages: 1961 Mack Model H

Here is a nice tight package that many of us could use. Located in Mooresville, North Carolina and listed here on eBay is this 1961 Mack Model H Holmes wrecker with a BIN of $11,500.

1959 Mack B-61 Is Ready To Roll

How about a traveling, show-going and towing 1959 Mack B-61? Listed here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri, but garaged in Oak Grove, Missouri is this Mack for $12.5K. The owner, Robert (another one), says this restored B-61T has a… more»

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