Left in the Shed: 1984 Maserati Biturbo

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Many of us have had project cars we always intended to work on, but time and life have gotten in the way. Sometimes, it also seemingly make sense to pick up a car for cheap even with no direct plans to work on it; after all, those vehicles might be worth more some day, so who wouldn’t jump at the chance to sock away a car for a rainy day – especially if you have the space for it? Well, sometimes those plans can go awry, and the universe reminds us that a crumbling barn or loss of a rented garage space can change our plans quickly. This 1984 Maserati Biturbo was in pretty decent shape when it went into storage, but now, a crumbling barn demands immediate action.

The Maserati Biturbo has been discussed at lengths on these pages as a bit of a 1980s problem child, a car that seemingly had good potential on paper as a performance model but the execution of which never lived up to expectations. Like many other vehicles at this time that attempted to break through the stifling emissions standards of the day, Maserati was relying upon turbocharging as a means of making its high-end models worthy of their high-end price tag. Unfortunately, the push for performance at this point in history usually came with some compromises on the reliability side, and the Biturbo was no exception.

The Biturbo was notable for being the first production car to use twin turbocharging, and the engine even had some pedigree associated with Maserati’s Formula 1 enterprise. Out of the gate, the carbureted versions made 185 horsepower, and that number later grew once fuel injection was added. A manual gearbox was standard with an optional automatic available, and the lineup was eventually grow to offer convertible and sedan versions as well. The interiors were filled with leather surfaces and woodgrain trim, and given the intent of the company’s leadership team to market the Biturbo to an upscale customer, it’s not surprising the interiors were as lavishly appointed as they were. Sadly, this car’s interior is quite ruined, which is a shame considering it looked much better when it went into storage.

The description for this Biturbo includes pictures of it pre-storage, and according to the listing, it was received as part of a larger collection purchase with the original engine removed (surprise, surprise) and a known good replacement included. The seller claims to have thought they would someday get around to making it a runner, but that clearly didn’t happen – and now, the old outbuilding it was stored in is near collapse and the car has suffered for its years left standing. If nothing else, I’d buy it just for the experience of removing it, but I’m sure few others share that opinion. Find the Maserati here on Classic-Car Auctions website and thanks to Barn Finds reader Araknid78 for the find.

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  1. alphasudMember

    I think the Maserati Bi-turbo is one model that the owner can’t make the claim “Ran when parked”. This is definitely a parts car. Looking at the interior shots makes me want to run for my asthma inhaler.

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  2. Aussie Dave Aussie DaveMember

    How much for the shed?

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  3. Doone

    Free with the car.

    Like 8
  4. Howie

    Those two chairs in the first photo might have more demand.

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  5. Connecticut mark

    How large were those spiders making those webs?

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  6. Greenhorn

    Well, we need to know if an LS will fit under the hood, and then find someone willing to work on that interior…

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  7. Tracy

    84 bi turbo….Id just push it over with the building.

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  8. Dave

    It’s a good thing they only waited ten years to check on the car. Another ten years and the shed may have fallen down, or worse, the car would’ve gotten moldy inside.

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  9. Dave

    I also like how they say car is sold as is and where it is. So I have to get that car out of the shed that you had to crawl through a hole in order to get inside the shed? Can I pay for the car AFTER I get it out? Just in case the shed falls on it?

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    • Derek

      Looks like the car’s holding the shed up – the shed door looks to be leaning on the edge of the bonnet.

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      • Stephen S

        Finally a good use for a Maserati Biturbo.

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  10. Jeb

    Absolutely terrible cars when new. Who would want the restore this nightmare? I would sell it for scrap.

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    • Howie

      The scrap yard might refuse it!!

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  11. Mario

    Incredible interior design with all the cool switches and buttons, sadly none of it ever worked,. These were electrical nightmares.

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  12. SirRaoulDuke

    Did a tornado hit that shed? If so, damn shame it didn’t carry the car away.

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    • daniel Wright

      Proof that even God himself does not want a Bi-Turbo.

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  13. Big C

    Did the engine escape out of the shed, previously?

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  14. Stephen S

    The best use for a Maserati Biturbo is losing it in a divorce.

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    • Brett Lee Lundy

      this wins as the best comment ever for one of these cars!

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  15. Bruno

    You can smell that picture.

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  16. Bill

    Where is the@visegripgarage guy he needs a real challenge

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  17. Fran

    I am just commenting so I can read more comments as they come in. Laughable

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  18. Jon Patrick Leary

    Messeraiti Biturdbo.

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  19. jwaltb

    Where it belongs! What a PIECE!!

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  20. jwaltb

    Jeff, you would buy it just for the experience of removing it from the shed?!
    As a professor once said to me, “ Why don’t you just wear a hair shirt?”

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  21. gearhead1

    Im surprised that the owner would allow someone near that shed . Homeowners insurance liability and a bi-turbocharged lawsuit ! The only sensible choice the owner has is to let the shed smash the car.

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  22. elio strobietto

    You can buy in Italy in running and better condition for 5/6.000 €

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  23. Araknid78

    Closed on May 29

    Current bid
    € 1.250,00

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