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Backyard Exotic: 1974 Maserati Merak

While the Maserati Merak has historically been one of the more under-loved sports cars, it’s still a small tragedy to see one laid up like this. The listing has next to no information, but I suppose there isn’t much to say with a car in such clearly derelict condition. And even though the Merak is sometimes seen as being at the bottom of the food chain, we still hate seeing one in this sorry state. Find the Merak here on eBay with bids to just over $1,000 and no reserve.

There’s a good reason for the cheap bidding beyond the awful condition: there’s no engine or transmission, just the body, suspension, wheels/tires, and some wiring. I’m sure the good bits were stripped out of this Merak eons ago, which of course makes me wonder: where are they now? These days, as vintage exotics of any stripe become increasingly sought after, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone were to connect the dots and discover the present-day origins of an engine and transmission removed from a trashed Merak in Arizona back in the 80s.

Image courtesy of Classic.com

Of course, even when Meraks appear in pristine condition like this one, you’ll still struggle to find too many cresting the six-figure price range – which is why cars like our subject vehicle languish in someone’s backyard. It does beg the question, however, that if $75,000 buys you a nice one, could you restore this heap for $50K and have room for some profit? Doubtful, but whatever the outcome, I hope it receives a more dignified end than its current situation.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Bet there’s not much left of the underside of this car. It is Italian.

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  2. Steve

    How does an owner ever let a $75,000.00 Maserati get in this condition?

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    • PairsNPaint

      Easy. Stolen, stripped, abandoned.

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      • TomP

        One of my Lotuses was stolen and abandoned. It was stolen from the original owner back in the 1990’s. The owner received his insurance payout then eventually died of old age. Twenty years later the Lotus popped up in the indoor storage lot of a tow company that dragged it out of the garage of a home that was sold and the contents of the property cleaned out. The tow company put a mechanic’s lein on the car for many years of unpaid storage and gained legal possession of the car. I then legally bought it and put it in my collection. So, yes, for this Merak, I’m believing it may be stolen, stripped and abandoned too; but if it was, there may no longer be police records to prove it.

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  3. TomP

    I don’t see where it says there’s no engine or transmission.

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    • Big C

      There’s something in that engine compartment. Don’t know if its the engine, or some flower pots. Noticing the condition of the yard where it’s stored? It could be anything.

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    • Steve

      NICB (the National Insurance Crime Bureau) has stolen vehicle archives going back decades. My ’68 Shelby GT500, that was stolen in 1981 and never recovered, is in their database, so if indeed this Maserati was stolen, I’d say odds are that it is listed with NICB.

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  4. t-bone bob

    Located in: Prescott, Arizona

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  5. Howie

    Very sad!! And only two poor photos.

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  6. Norman K Wrensch

    And the drivers window is open, are there any floors left?

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  7. TomP

    Wow, it sold for $2850. That has to be the least expensive Merak known to man..

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  8. william rowe

    For now. Wait until the restoration bills come in. : )

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  9. Steveo

    VIN has value.

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  10. t-bone bob

    Ended: Jun 08, 2023 , 1:30PM
    Winning bid:US $2,850.00 [ 15 bids ]

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  11. t-bone bob


    Ended: Jun 22, 2023 , 2:57PM
    Winning bid:US $2,550.00 [ 7 bids ]

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