1966 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman with Only 2,500 Miles

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Here’s a special find: a basically untouched 1966 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman limousine from the glory days, and with only 2,500 miles on the odometer. It’s in Fort Wayne, Indiana here on eBay, with bidding at just over $25,000. It’s going to go a lot higher.

This appears to be the long-wheelbase version, with a glass partition and a lovely rear bar with picnic tables. Somebody important owned it, and that person appears to have been Japanese because that’s where the car was delivered. The owner’s documents are in Japanese. It now has a clean California title.

It’s hard to fault the condition of this car. That’s important because derelict examples are wickedly expensive to restore. With self-leveling air suspension, a hydraulic system that supports many functions, ornate interiors, and complicated bodywork, the bills pile up quickly.

The 600s were W100 in Benz parlance, and they had a long run from 1963 to 1981 (replacing the bulbous 300 Adenauer). Every head of state had a 600, as well as a string of African dictators, The styling is based on the fin-era W112, and the 6.3-liter M100 V-8 (also used in the 6.3 sedan) with Bosch fuel injection was able to develop 247 horsepower. That’s good because these big boats were heavy.

The divider indicates the car was likely chauffeur-driven (via a four-speed automatic), but why it covered so few miles over the years is unclear. What we’re told is that the vehicle “is practically brand new.” The shiny black car has an unmarked anthracite leather front seat and a cloth rear compartment. The burl wood trim (again, costly to renew) is in fine condition.

The short-wheelbase version of this car (around $25,000, a fortune then, in 1965) was mostly owner-driven. However, it’s hard to imagine such an elegant conveyance used for commuting duty, which means you’d miss out on the opulence of that rear compartment. The polished wood bar, stocked with champagne, is only available to the passengers. Mercedes cars always have a touch of elegance, but until the company brought Maybach up from the dead, it didn’t have another ultra-luxury automobile. That venture ultimately did not succeed. Maybach is no longer a stand-alone brand; the cars are called Mercedes-Maybachs.

The landaulet version of the 600 had an open passenger compartment and was mostly used for official parades, with dignitaries waving from the rear seat. Former Yugoslavian President Josip Tito had one of these, and that car was recently sold in England for £2.5 million. Other users were the Pope (his customized car is now in the Benz museum) and Queen Elizabeth II.

The complex hydraulic system controlled the power windows, seats, sunroof, trunk, and auto-close doors. So if it didn’t work (and it often doesn’t in unrestored cars), the owner was in trouble. The ad doesn’t mention any recent work done on this car. The peril is that much could have deteriorated during its long absence from the road despite looking pristine.

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  1. Moparman MoparmanMember

    The Ebay link is dead.

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  2. Mr. TKD

    Mercedes needs to purchase this car for us museum.

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    • Mr. TKD


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  3. Steve R

    The auction was cancelled, likely sold off eBay.

    Steve R

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  4. Noel Nicholls

    Recall Jeremy Clarkson had one some years back. He put it in for service to the Mercedes dealer and the bill came to over £20,000.

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    • KurtMember

      Jeremy can afford it just from sales of his wasabi.

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      • Solosolo UK Solosolo UKMember

        Have you guys been watching the third series of Clarkson’s Farm? It’s a laugh a minute!

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  5. Rumpledoorskin

    It would be interesting to know who owned this originally. A black Mercedes in Japan? The first thing that comes to mind is a Yakuza boss.

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  6. HoA HoAMember

    Well, the odometer in miles is a bit of a clue as to its origins. I read, only 9% of the world still uses miles. Most of the Caribean islands still use miles, and with only 2500, it was a small island. I wonder how many uprisings this car went through?

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  7. David Frank David FrankMember

    This posting was either a scam or a great deal at many times the starting bid.
    If you just have to have one, here’s one listed on eBay. The ask is $299,950


    Who knows, they might make you a great deal!

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  8. Cobra Steve

    A friend of mine told me years ago, when the 600 was still being manufactured, the way to initially diagnose a hydraulic fluid reservoir losing fluid with no apparent leak was to open each door and rock it back and forth. When one heard the fluid “sloshing”, one knew where to begin the repairs.

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  9. Chris

    Left Hand Drive …. Japan is RHD … wonder how that works ….

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  10. ACB

    That’s not a Pullman, it’s the standard length model, often called the SWB (short-wheelbase). “Short” is obviously a relative term because the thing is over 18 feet long. The partition in the SWB cars was rarely ordered.

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  11. Lane

    The car is not a Pullman. The Pullman is much longer with two seats facing backward.

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  12. Lemansguy

    Watch Jay Leno’s video on his 600. Very informative and hilarious. He points out how important it is not to shut the trunk lid by hand. One pushes the trunk release button and it snaps closed like something out of James Bond. He goes on to say should you close it by hand you will ruin the hydraulic latch mechanism which would set you back $10,000.

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  13. Mountainwoodie

    Yea…a Pullman is a BEAST! No este Pullman aqui. Mas bonita.

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  14. Frank BarrettMember

    Yes, this is definitely the short-wheelbase version. The engine is remarkably durable (I had a 6.3 for 15 years), but that’s not what will cost the buyer of this car so much. Every seal in the hydraulic system is probably leaking. Still, if it runs decently and isn’t rusty, it’s worth much more than $25,000.

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  15. Frank BarrettMember

    Yes, this is definitely the short-wheelbase version. The engine is remarkably durable (I had a 6.3 for 15 years), but that’s not what will cost the buyer of this car so much. Every seal in the hydraulic system is probably leaking. Still, if it runs decently and isn’t rusty, it’s worth much more than $25,000.

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  16. Greg G

    Which wheel base was the one used in Witch’s of Eastwick? Hey Jack Nicholson fathered three warlocks so that 600 must be magical. Lovely Benz. I think it’s worth more.

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  17. Dave

    About 20 years ago I made the mistake of buying a 1969 300 SEL 6.3, with the same engine as the 600. It had rust issues, but the main problem was the mechanical fuel injection that sits in the valley atop the engine, about a foot long. If it leaks it’s another major expense. I did the work of installing all new air bags for the suspension. The 600 hydraulics cost way more, as stated. But very neat if money is no issue to restore. I enjoyed watching Nickleson ride in the one in Witches of Eastwick with his giant chauffer sticking out the sunroof.

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  18. Greg G

    Dave what do you think about that midnight blue 600 that Bill Murray drove on Ground Hog Day. Amazing something so sinister that look so good.

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  19. FOG

    Remember watching those windows roll up with enough force to break #2 pencils. Drove a few of them, despite the size, it impressed me how it handled. Would definitely outperform a Rolls!

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  20. Norman Stevenson

    Looking at the MB I know why a Town Car seems so much more desirable! And better value!

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