Rare Rotary: 1968 NSU Ro 80

It is easy for some cars to claim the crown of the most advanced or radical car of the 20th Century, such was the rapid rate of vehicle development during the first one hundred years of passenger car production…. more»

Bertone in German: 1964 NSU Sport Prinz

After its founding in 1873, NSU Motorenwerke rotated through a variety of businesses from knitting machines to pedal cycles to motorcycles, and finally, by 1905, automobiles. Two world wars interrupted the tiny company’s evolution until it abandoned carmaking altogether…. more»

1-of-2,183: 1932 NSU 501 OS

Although often recognized immediately for cars like the Prinze and ground-breaking Ro 80, NSU was, at one stage, the world’s largest producer of motorcycles. However, some models are rarer than others. Such is the case with the 1932 NSU… more»

Unbelievable 230 Car Barn Find Stash!

One of the best stories you can learn about when tracking barn finds is a massive cache of vehicles that no one seemingly knew about. According to the auction listing description, this collection in Europe was built without much… more»

BF Auction: 1965 NSU Spider

Owning a classic car involves dedication and, quite often, sacrifice. Sometimes we must choose between one of life’s luxuries or spending that money on the project parked in our workshop. Some people are more successful in those endeavors and… more»

Rotary Racer: 1966 NSU Spider

While we generally find old cars interesting, there are some that stand out for packing in far more novel features than anyone may have expected. The NSU Spider is a terrific example of this, as it was a groundbreaking… more»

Rare Drop Top: 1965 NSU Spider

UPDATE 12/10/2021: It seems that the owner of this 1965 NSU Spyder had no success in finding a buyer for this rare classic last time, so he’s taking another shot at it. Maybe he’s hoping that with the festive… more»

Stored 50 Years: 1960 NSU/Fiat Weinsberg 500 Coupe

NSU started off making knitting machines, moved to bicycles, then motorcycles, and eventually, they made cars. This 1960 NSU/Fiat Weinsberg 500 Coupe isn’t much bigger than a motorcycle and it’s a rare one. The seller has it posted here… more»

Huge Collection Of Rare And Oddball Cars For Sale!

If you are looking for a seldom-seen car or project to add to your collection, there are a dozen of them assembled in Madison, Wisconsin, looking to find new homes due to an estate liquidation. Most of these are… more»

Wankel Project: 1972 NSU Ro 80

It’ll take a very dedicated aficionado to take on the restoration of this 1972 NSU Ro 80. It has been sitting undriven for years, according to the seller who has it listed here on eBay. It’s located in Cleveland,… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Borla’s 1970 NSU Ro 80

UPDATE – Mr. Borla has dropped the asking price on this NSU, so be sure to take another look and make an offer via the form below! Yesterday, we featured Mr. Alex Borla’s Citroen SM, which you can see… more»

26k Genuine Miles: 1960 NSU Sport Prinz

Designed by the famed Bertone Studios and released in 1958, the Sport Prinz was an attempt by NSU to inject some sporting excitement into its range. It offered improvements in performance over its 2-door sedan cousin, and during its… more»

Wankel In The Barn: 1975 NSU Ro 80

The NSU Ro80 has been an automotive curiosity since it was new, featuring a rotary powerplant, a semiautomatic transmission and styling that was ahead of its time. However, a reputation for unreliability limited the car’s potential when new, and… more»

Flames & 20 Horsepower? 1958 NSU Prinz

Someone must have had quite a sense of humor to paint nice flames (according to the seller) on this 1958 NSU Prinz equipped with an inline 2 (not a typo)! 20 ground pounding horsepower come from the 35.6 cubic… more»

Rotary Survivor: 1967 NSU Wankel Spider

My first drive in a rotary engined car was amazing. The little Mazda RX2 was smooth and swift. The Wankel engine was a great idea except for the apex seals. They are light, and small but need rebuilding on a frequent… more»

Little Prince: 1961 NSU Prinz

Quick, what does the tiny little car you see here have in common with a Porsche 944 and an Audi R8? All three came from the same plant, in Neckarsulm, Germany! In fact the name of this car is… more»

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