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Chevillac? Custom 1975 Chevrolet C10

We’ve featured quite a few customs here on Barn Finds, where somebody with a vision takes two cars and makes them into one, and arguably some turn out better than others.  At times, a whole different body is put onto an existing chassis, such as this Eldorado on top of a 4X4 Blazer from back in February.  We also ran across this El Camino in early 2022 that had Bel Air body parts grafted onto it, which wasn’t exactly a favorite among our readers.  But today’s offering seems quite a bit closer than the Bel Camino for the builder hitting their mark, so if you’ve ever wondered what a 70s Chevy Pickup with 50s Cadillac pieces and Ford headlights would look like blended, your curiosity can be satisfied right now, as this Chevillac named “Franky” as the seller calls it can be seen here on Facebook Marketplace.  This creation is for sale in New Windsor, New York, and comes with a price tag of $28,000.

We’d like to thank reader Angel Alejandro for the tip!  So what we’re seeing here apparently started out in its base form as a 1975 Chevrolet C10 truck, and ended up with a considerable amount of the cab’s top shaved off, which I guess is pretty high on the cool scale but it makes my 6 foot something stature feel claustrophobic just thinking about the headroom that was lost.  But I’m too old to be a hipster anyway and realize many folks will feel quite differently.  Behind the doors, parts from a 1959 Cadillac adorn the rear, with effective use of the fins plus I’m really keen on the exhaust tips placement coming out under the brake lights.  But if there’s a bed, I’m not spotting it, or maybe it lifts up, although nobody’s probably going to be using this for hauling anyway.  Up front, things are a bit complicated, as the grille is custom, but that bumper is from the Caddy, and those headlights are listed as being from a 20011 Ford, but as that’s nearly 18k years into the future I believe the seller meant 2011.

This one’s not all just looks either, as under the hood is a fresh GM 604 crate engine, which I believe is referring to the CT400 offering, a race-inspired motor producing 400+ horsepower in stock form.  Everything else regarding the drivetrain is said to be all-new GM components as well, including the transmission, rear end, driveshaft, control arms, and more, with a total of 5,400 miles accumulated since the build was completed.  The seller claims it runs flawlessly.

I was expecting things inside to be a bit more radical, but the interior appears to be in very nice shape and you do at least get a custom steering wheel.  The metal parts inside match the exterior color, which seems to have a high-quality finish all the way around.  Realizing this ride isn’t for everybody, it does have a certain appeal that I’m guessing will attract a buyer fairly quickly, and if you’re finding the asking price a little high the listing mentions the best offer or possible trades will be considered, so maybe there’s some negotiating room or perhaps you all can work out a swap.  What are your thoughts on this unusual custom?  Did the marksman hit their target here?


  1. KC John Member

    At least it looks like you could throw away the bed and bumper and start over. It’s a big NO from me.

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  2. 8banger 8banger Member


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  3. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Definitely an acquired taste, though I doubt many will acquire it. I wonder if Johnny Cash had anything to do with this one……….

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    Makes me think of the round peg in a square hole.

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  5. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Regardless, there does appear to be some good workmanship here.
    How did they ever get that front bumper to fit like that?

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  6. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Hey, at least it’s painted a tasteful color…

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  7. robj Member

    Like others have said, some quality work here.
    Perfect for someone who absolutely has to have something different, really, really different.

    Here’s your ride.
    Freaky, I mean Frankie, Frankie Stein…

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  8. CCFisher

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many bad decisions thrown onto a single vehicle. It’s as if the builder’s goal was to make it as ugly and unusable as possible. I guess he figured it needed an extra push in that direction, so he painted it the ugliest color he could find. It honestly looks like one of those puzzles where you try to identify the source of all the parts.

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  9. Melton Mooney

    We’ll call this one ‘TAZERFAAAACE’, cuz it strikes fear in the hearts of all that sees it.

    It’s a movie reference…

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  10. Howie

    Trade possible, sounds like they want anything but this.

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  11. Yblocker

    Some people have too much time, and too much money. This is pretty much a waste of both.

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  12. Steve

    I’ll comment as soon as I stop laughing.

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  13. Derek

    I saw the initial shot and thought the be-finned back end was quite interesting.

    The front’s mingin’. Big flat lego block of a thing; the roof chop and the low-hanging Dagmars don’t help it. They’re a few years older than the fins, aren’t they?

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    • Yblocker

      Yeah, 55 or 56 maybe

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      • John

        They’re from a 56 Caddy

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  14. John Eder

    Batman’s version of the Chevy truck with the utility bed featured earlier.

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    • FOG

      This may be in line with “The Riddler”! A not so sublime green paint and scores of riddles regarding the ideology of the building process. No one can look away!

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  15. mike

    Sorry ….don’t get it

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  16. Rw

    I love it , look how many people it has already got upset.

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    • Eric B

      Your reasoning for liking something is because it makes people upset?

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      • Rw

        Yes and 15 thumb ups I’m not the only one.

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  17. Harry

    I’ve made better creations after a late drive through at Taco Bell.

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  18. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Upset? No. Amused and baffled, and certainly repelled, but not upset.

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  19. Don

    so many negative comments. whoever built it put a lot of work into the design & build. And did a good job mating all of the parts together. I can appreciate the work involved even if it’s not my cup of tea. Good luck with the sale.

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    • Rw

      And it has lots of cubic inches.

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    • Peter Storen

      You write with wisdom and compassion , Don . Good onya , as like-minded locals would say , and I am also in full agreement with your sentiments .

      Great minds think alike / / / Fools seldom differ !

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    • Pugsy

      I’m building a custom right now. I sure wish my friends would tell me my project looks ridiculous now rather than the gang here later.
      I don’t buy into the “if you like it, that’s all that matters.

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  20. bagadonuts

    If Clark Griswold bought a pickup truck

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  21. cidevco Member

    Im with Don here!

    Most of you must be young Bucks. In the 1960’s and throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s this was a common practice. This was part of the Van Craze Era. Imagination to create such vehicles had merit. It refreshing to see this truck and in person you would spend some time tiring to understand all of the different vehicles that contributed to this build.

    Im a OEM type of guy, I enjoy minor day two modifications but I can sit back and enjoy this guys talents.

    Keep on Truckin’

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    • John

      a lot of things done in the 60s and 70s were bad ideas. lets not repeat the past

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  22. Rick Norman

    all that hard work to make something that butt ugly

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  23. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Ok this is very different… I like the back but the front looks like it kiss a brick wall!! I see why it needed a big block. With that front end it pushing the air instead of cutting though it! This truck is not to far from me. I am surprised it was not at Bear Mountain car show we have every Wednesday night last year. Good luck to the seller.. 🐻🇺🇸

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  24. Steveo

    I am never astounded by folks who put tons of money and time into making a ‘dream’ car and then only keep it a short while before they try to unload it.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      Many creators I’ve known over the years are more interested in starting another project once the latest vehicle is done, rather than take the completed car to shows. They seem to get their satisfaction from performing the work, not showing off what they’ve accomplished. Some creators need to sell the completed project to get seed money to start a new project. Some have spouses who insist the finished car be sold before buying another project.

      I’ve actually sold a few cars before they were completed, because the buyer didn’t want to risk waiting. I owned a 1959 Eldorado Biarritz convertible that I sold before completion, It needed $10k in Chrome plating, and I sold it for more than I could have after completion. The buyer really, REALLY wanted that big red Eldo, and offered me more money than it was worth.

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    • Steve RM

      They get done and realize just how ugly it is and can’t wait to get rid of it because it reminds them of all that wasted time and money.

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  25. Adam

    For Pete’s sake, put it *back* in the barn!

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  26. Big C

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m impressed with the observed quality of the build. And if it presents as well in person? This would be one wild ride. You’d just have to make sure you liked talking to folks at the cruise in. Questions would abound!

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  27. Keith

    You lost me at the Ford headlights.

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  28. Mike L.

    The more you look at the creation, it kind of grows on you. The workmanship is incredible. I realized how much work went into making the Cadillac rear end fit as a truck bed. Nice. Not my favorite colour

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  29. gregb

    Get rid of the ugly non functional hood scoop and make the bed usable. It would be the the most talked about PU at the local lumber yard. The fact that this monstrosity won trophies in Orange Co NY shows that region should be avoided at all cost

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    • MoparMike

      We are now living in a participation trophy society so I wouldn’t hold trophies in high regard.

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  30. Frog Man

    Im not gonna lie scrolled thru cuz I knew comments would be epic! Not disappointed.

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  31. John C.

    What in the tar nation did Jethro build now!

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  32. TheOldRanger

    UUUUUGGGGGGLLLLLLYYYYY Must have come up with this idea after eating something bad about 1 am…. I always have hated those particular Caddy fins anyway….
    Well, some people like it, and some don’t…. I’m one of the “don’ts”

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  33. Troy

    Just from the pictures it looks like some really good metal Fab and fiberglass work but its just not my taste it reminds me of the song one piece at a time then they got drunk and put it together

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  34. Threepedal

    If the seller would apply a deep dark tint on all windows I would start to consider it,

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  35. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    I like it! Dagmars on a truck, can’t beat that. It’s weird, and I’m weird so we go together. Love the front bumper from a ’56 Cadillac. Not a fan of the blower and chop top but everything else is right up my alley of being different. The color matches the weirdness.
    They could have done better with the headlights, maybe ’55 Buick, no, that’s overused, maybe ’66 or ’76 Cadillac. A 1958 Packardbaker, maybe?

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  36. Lyle Dodson

    I think It’s Cheech and Chongs new ride. ;)

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  37. Shuttle Guy Shuttle Guy Member

    I admire guys that have the imagination, knowledge and know-how to customize vehicles like this. Nice job!

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  38. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    General Motors

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  39. RexFox Member

    The color is a good fit for the style. I’ve also found that when driving, it’s important to be able to see out the windshield. As others have stated though, it appears that the builder was very skilled.

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    This truck is awesome! I would daily it just for the reactions ,

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    I just wish he had put all that work on the back of El Camino. With all the negative comments just remember it only takes one buyer to take it home and believe me he/she will be the hit of their neighborhood.
    Good luck to the seller.

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  42. jim

    Only thing I like is the tail fins the rest yuk

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  43. Karen Bryan

    Even is this guy gets his asking price, he’s selling at an enormous loss. That’s some big-bucks custom work. Maybe he decided he’d indeed created a monster, and I’d agree with him on that.

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  44. Bob Cianci

    I like, “put it back in the barn.”

    Then, set the barn on fire.

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  45. M7

    How much for just the bed? I’d like to graft it onto my Tesla, and add maybe a pair of Cessna 172 wings on top with a pair of snowmobile skis where the front wheels are.

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  46. Pugsy

    “Hey Steve, go get more beer, it still looks like %#%&”.

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  47. Robert Crader sr.

    I think Johnny Cash wrote a song about this creation. “I got it one piece at a time”.

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  48. John Jasper

    It went from a pickup to a puckup.

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  49. Tom

    Call me crazy and color blind, but I like this creation! I’ve had a life-long love of unusual and rare automobilia, and this fits that bill. Haters be damned… this is Austin Powers Mojo in my book.

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  50. Yblocker

    A 75 chevrolet pickup wasn’t much when it was new, I just hope they didn’t cut a perfectly good 59 Cadillac in half, hopefully the front half was already totaled. I wouldn’t even care about that, except I had a 59 in high-school, I’m kinda partial to those monstrosities. Just kinda

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  51. Terrry

    I’d drive this truck anywhere every day..but I’d wear a Groucho Marx mask while was was in it.

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  52. Bob Washburne

    Absolutely beautiful work, whether it suits or scrapes your sense of style.

    I swear I have seen this rig before: a C10 with ’59 Caddy quarters on it. Even in this color – but definitely not those headlights.

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  53. Joe Haska

    I love all the comments!

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  54. DST1965


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  55. BCB42

    Now, this here is one divisive truck(?).
    Really good at stoking folks primal love for all American things:
    50’s Caddy add the American workhorse (C50) throw a 400HP crate engine in for good measure, then paint it Joker Green?
    Art? Or a big middle finger…
    Or am I reading too much into this?
    No matter! The comments are epic!

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  56. Angus Mustang

    Looks like the Batmobile rear ended a really ugly pickup

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  57. Angus Mustang

    But it does look like some good work

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