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50-Year Barn Find: 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury

The Sport Fury was introduced as Plymouth’s top-of-the-line car in 1959. It was positioned above the Fury which was now more of a family car. Two body styles were offered, a 2-door hardtop and a convertible. From the photos provided by the seller, it looks as though the car was discovered in a barn, cleaned up, and then moved to a carport (none of the pics may do it justice). Stored on blocks for the past 50 years, this Plymouth is ready for someone to get it running again. Located in Klamath Falls, Oregon, this nice vintage Mopar is available here on craigslist for $20,000.

Production numbers for the Sport Fury weren’t huge in 1959, but not small either. Fewer than 18,000 hardtops like the seller’s car were assembled, plus another 6,000 drop tops. The 318 cubic inch V8 was standard equipment, and this Plymouth has the push-button TorqueFlite automatic transmission. The history of the car is unknown besides having been stored in a dark space from the early ‘70s forward. That meant it took less than 15 years for the 70,000 miles on the odometer to be recorded.

From what we can tell, the Plymouth has aged quite well. We don’t see any rust or any body damage from being an after-thought in the barn for so long. The two-tone paint seems to have held up, especially the brown finish on the bottom half of the car. The interior sports those see-though vinyl covers that were popular in those days and the original upholstery may have survived nicely as a result.

No attempt has been made to get the car to start. We’re told the drivetrain is original, and the motor is not seized, so I assume it will turn by hand. But 50 years’ worth of hibernation always reveals a lot of things that will be needed, including the fuel delivery system. Hopefully, the tank was devoid of gasoline when it was parked; but if not, it would have turned to kerosene by now. Overall, the Plymouth looks like a worthwhile vehicle to revive.


  1. Avatar photo alphasud Member

    Man regardless of whether you like it or not if looking at this car doesn’t invoke a response then you need to check your pulse. Like a kid who had to sit at the table until his plate was cleared things I hated to eat as a kid I have grown to like. The same could be said of this Fury. I have really grown to appreciate this period of automotive design. If given the choice to own a mainstream 60’s car or something like this. I would hands down buy this car for 20K. And it’s right up my alley. A mechanical refresh and I could be driving this car to the car shows or cars and coffee on the weekend. Brilliant and a work of art. Hats off to Virgil Exner.

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  2. Avatar photo Julian

    Those front seat swivel out for easy entry. I remember well from when I was a child

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    • Avatar photo Will Fox

      My Dad’s `59 New Yorker had swivel seats. My mom loved the feature!

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  3. Avatar photo Will Irby

    My aunt had the four-door version of this car, in black. I never paid much attention to it when it was new (other than wondering about the purpose of the fake spare tire), but this one is pretty cool.

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  4. Avatar photo Denny N. Member

    CL ad now says “SALE PENDING”.

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  5. Avatar photo stillrunners Member

    Yep….should be gone…..

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  6. Avatar photo Yblocker

    What? No stupid Christene comments? That’s good, cause these were much better looking than the previous, in my opinion, but I’m also a bit biased. My dad bought a new 59 Fury, not Sport, dark blue/white top/blue interior, with the more mundane 318 2barrel. I was but a pup at the time, but I remember it fairly well, beautiful car. Too bad the seller couldn’t be a little more generous with engine photos and information, but being a Sport, I’m guessing it may have the more uppity 290hp version. Very nice car, and rare sight these days

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  7. Avatar photo Kenneth Carney

    Someone out there is gonna get a great deal! From what I can see, this
    car has great bones and is fairly solid.
    Hopefully, the new owner can scrounge the parts they’ll need to get
    it on the road again. Kudos to the seller for cleaning the car before posting it on Craigslist. Had one that
    I bought from a friend of Dad’s. The
    reason he sold it was the fact he couldn’t find a set of exhaust tips for
    it! I paid just $400 for it in 1974. It was turquoise with a black and white
    interior. It had the 305 JP 361 V-8 with a 737 torqueflite tranny. It was in
    really good shape for it’s age and had
    little rust and no sagging rear springs
    Sold it for $1, 500 a few months later.
    As for this car, I believe the paint on this car is either autumn red or velvet
    touvh maroon with either a beige or a
    white top. Good luck to the new owner!

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    • Avatar photo leiniedude Member

      Been following Old Man Franks Ken. Someday! Take care Buddy!

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    • Avatar photo bone

      Its no where near Maroon or red, its Bronze Poly

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  8. Avatar photo Shuttle Guy Member

    Very cool!

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  9. Avatar photo Eric_13cars Member

    I read somewhere sometime that the 59 Plymouth’s fins were the highest of any car. Thinking of the 59 Cadillac made me question that claim. Anyone know if it’s true or not?

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    • Avatar photo jwaltb

      Just a guess but I think the Caddy’s were higher.

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    • Avatar photo Colonel Elvis

      59 Caddy is bigger

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  10. Avatar photo Donald Lopez Member

    This is Don, if you don’t sell please contact me, very interested 720 237 7898

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  11. Avatar photo Malcolm Greer

    Looking at the before and after photos, it looks like he put a vinyl top on it. The before photo leads me to believe there may have been a rust issue there. Also, a look at Blackhawk’s website, they are offering a completely restored one just exactly like this one. It does not have a vinyl top. The interiors are a spot-on match, less the Fingerhut clears, and IF this one’s true to it’s manufacture, the chrome in this one’s headliner does not match the Blackhawk’s. It has an all creme headliner. So, what’s what?

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    • Avatar photo panther1000

      The vinyl top is definitely on the ‘before’ photos. You can see the vinyl join seam under the dirt.

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  12. Avatar photo Elmo

    Don’t flick your cigar ashes on to the seat or there will be hell to pay.

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  13. Avatar photo UDTFROG

    HOLY FAT COW/GOSH and gee whiz.I I’,just finished being blown away with finding a 4225 1963 big block with hot heads in my 1954 in Buick Century and now this, WOW BUT WE just found out my last book “HOW GODS GUIDANCE CAN AFFECT AN UNEXPECTED LIFE” is going to be made into a movie, I could for sure own this FURY,,, But by the time a check for the rights reach’s my hand that beauty will be gone..DANG! bullfrog

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  14. Avatar photo TRUTH

    Seeing how it’s a second cousin to Christine, it’s probably kept itself from falling apart completely when no one was looking. It would definitely be cool to have restored and drive around.

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    • Avatar photo Yblocker

      Second cousin?

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