police car

440/4-Barrel Police Package! 1973 Dodge Polara

When discussions come up among Mopar-minded people about cars they’d like to take on as projects, I’m guessing the Dodge Polara doesn’t make quite as many top-ten lists as some of Chrysler’s other offerings, and it’s certainly not because… more»

Calling All Cars: 1963 Plymouth Belvedere Cop Car

Did you ever want to head out on the highway, lights and sirens blaring, and pull over the bad guys but you didn’t want to have to do the whole police academy thing? Well here’s your chance, you can… more»

Buford T. Justice Tribute: 1977 Pontiac LeMans

“That vehicle happens to be evidence, valuable evidence, that’s going to convict a maniac that I’ve been tryin’ to apprehend and that I have been in high-speed pursuit of for 700 miles.” Most of us recognize that Sheriff Buford… more»

Police Pony: 1991 Ford Mustang SSP LX Coupe

Most drivers are familiar with police vehicles being large domestic sedans or SUVs, but from 1982 to 1993, Ford produced the Mustang SSP. The Mustang SSP is a lightweight police car package that utilizes various additional features unavailable to… more»

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