Police Pony: 1991 Ford Mustang SSP LX Coupe

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Most drivers are familiar with police vehicles being large domestic sedans or SUVs, but from 1982 to 1993, Ford produced the Mustang SSP. The Mustang SSP is a lightweight police car package that utilizes various additional features unavailable to civilians, and this 1991 Ford Mustang SSP LX Coupe is available here on eBay in almost all-original condition.

This unique Foxbody is available in Utopia, Texas with a clean title. The seller provides some history of the vehicle, noting that it began its life with the Utah Highway Patrol and supposedly did not see much patrol use, even being garage kept during its whole life. They purchased the vehicle from the Utah Highway Patrol and planned to use it for constable work, but decided it was too clean to do so, and began restoring it for their grandson.

The exterior of the vehicle received a nearly complete restoration, with all the glass, interior, and trim removed from the vehicle before beginning the painting process. Even before its restoration, it had neither rust nor blemishes, and the shop in charge of the restoration can verify this.  After this Mustang received its restoration, the seller placed it in storage for nearly 20 years.

Inside the cabin, you will find various bits of police equipment, including a Siren and Controller, shotgun rack, a shotgun pouch in the rear seat cover, a Motorola Syntor radio, an in-car camera system, patrol lights, and other patrol-related gear.

There’s a 5.0-liter V8 engine under the hood, which pairs to a 5-speed manual transmission to drive the rear wheels. The combination has traveled 54,594 miles. Because of its designation as a patrol vehicle, the Mustang SSP features engine upgrades such as an oil cooler, silicone radiator hoses, a heavy-duty alternator, and more.

Bidding for this Mustang is currently at $16,300, though the reserve has not been met. However, the seller has a Buy it Now price of $27,500, adding that if the vehicle sells for over $24,000, they will include a complete set of 1/18 scale diecast Mustangs. Would you join the bidding for this police pony car?

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  1. Bear

    I remember regularly playing “cat & mouse” with the CHP version of these back in the mid-80’s on US-101 between SanLuisObispo & SanJose.
    More than once they gave ma a “paper souvenir” that required my court appearance 30 days later. :-/

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  2. Bear

    So, Seller buys the car 20+ years ago, spends northwards of $10K+ to restore it, then stuffs it into a mini-storage locker for 20 years?!?
    WHY?!? :-O

    & WHY are there no pictures of the engine & of the underside?? :-(

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  3. socaljoe

    I had the pleasure of being stopped by the black and white California version heading to Vegas. Only time I’ve ever gotten away without a ticket.

    This is a very nice version. I doubt it will bring the money the seller is looking for though.

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  4. Steve Gravelle

    Fix the cigarette lighter.

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  5. Joe Machado

    National speed limit was 55. BORING!
    One late nite, on State freeway 14, Saugus to Lancaster, I was cruising exactly 100, and one these Mustangs chased me about 40 miles. Caught me, then turned on the big red one. I get out and he asked if I saw him. Just then as the Mustang was idling, his radiator exploded. He said, dang, another one.
    Funny, no tickie for me.
    So, headin to Grand Junction in the mornin. See ya

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    • ccrvtt

      Joe Machado – Post of the Day! Made me smile. Thanks.

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    • Chunk

      But what were YOU cruising?

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      • Joe Machado

        Delayed response because I just went thru the Rockies on I-70. Trying for Hayes, Kansas tonite. Be in Charlotte, N C Sunday nite.
        As for that speeding stop in the 80’s by the Mustang patrol, I was cruising 100 even

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      • Dave

        No, what were you driving? I was driving a 71 Fury Interceptor in the spring of 75 and was racing a 73 Impala 454 on I70 east and went through Columbus radar at 125. Old cop cars are fun!

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    • Grandpa Lou

      I never understood the idea of a speed limit when no one else is around, like in the middle of the night driving across the great vast American West. It is not like you are going to hurt anyone but yourself. Purely revenue collection, and nothing more.

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      • BR

        That’s exactly the point. They try to save you from your foolish self. Some people just don’t get why there are speed limits. Want to go fast? Go to Bonneville.

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      • Dave

        Nothing like plowing a large animal at high speed.

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  6. Mark M.

    Why did he restore it, if it did not need to be Restored?

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  7. Troy s

    What, it doesn’t include the short barreled 870 12 gauge? Oh darnnit! Cracks me up about the die cast Mustangs if a buyer spends over 24 thousand dollars!Haha.
    Some CHP Mustangs were all white, all over I-15, heading to Rainbow out of San Diego the speeds on that freeway were anywheres from 85 to 100 plus, still are but it’s posted at 70 now which means “my top end is unlimited.”
    Like the 5.0’s a lot, had three, but I’ll never pay big dollars for another one. It was a budget speedy car when new, hate to see these go crazy on the price.

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    • Tirefriar

      Troy, I agree with you in that having seen these for $5k its hard to pony up (see what I did there?) $24k, let alone $27k. This is Fox body Cobra in mint condition money, which I’d take over this all day long.

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  8. Dave

    Yes a nice toy, however look closely at all of the body panel seams. Nothing is aligned. For that money I question all of the authentication work. I have two vintage who taurus’s with cleaner lines. Food for thought, I don’t recall cameras in our patrol cars in the 90’s hmnn looking at the siren controller its whelen and newer, OK so worth ??????

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  9. BoatmanMember

    Okay, I give up. Where does the LX come to play? There is nothing LX about this car.

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    • Mac88

      The Special Service Package was built on the LX 5.0 coupe model. Someone just put a stupid “Police Interceptor” badge where the LX emblem would reside on the deck lid.

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  10. Mark

    I had an up close and personal look at one of these creatures in Oklahoma, while traveling back to Louisiana in 1986.

    Car comes across he median , pulls in behind me and the light show starts. I was in a 1985 Plymouth Reliant

    Had lots of time to get my registration and insurance.

    First question: Do you work for Chrysler Credit??

    No sir it’s a lease car. Chrysler Credit, Shreveport, LA. C/o my name and town on the registration.

    Yes officer I was speeding. We talk about radar. He showed me his radar and under the hood. He could tell I was a car guy so I got a written warning.

    Thank you officer.

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  11. Keith Keith

    Asking price is way too high!

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  12. peter k

    South Carolina State Police stopped using these because ” They wouldn’t jump a ditch like a Crown Victoria” the troopers kept wrecking them….

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  13. Achman

    The bain of my existence in Florida when I was there for grad school. They were black down in Florida…..

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  14. Mike

    Hahahah….I remember getting pulled over I Utah by one of these I 86 we were driving a brand new iroc-Z with the 350 option he clicked us a t 127 mph.. was taken straight to the court where I had to wait for the judge and we basically had to post bail. This was before bank machines were super prevalent and us being Canadian we did not have a lot us us money on us. So the bail was set to what we could come up with in US dollars..it was about 140 bucks…lol we left and never went back. I think about it every time we drive through that area on the way to Vegas or if I hear a speeding ticket story. I do remember the car and way it idled…was SO not a stock engine

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  15. Peter Kaczmarski

    I love the car and its story and especially its condition……except his desired price of $27500??? What then are the top tier priced Mopar C-bodies valued at. I love my ’70 Plymouth Fury ex-Washington State Patrol car. Yes, its been restored and has period correct equipment. I would post a picture but Barn Finds has taken that away from its readers as an option.

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    • Lifesave

      Question the time appropriate equipment. The camera and whelen siren is not as the antennas is it my eyes or all seams misaligned??
      I would offer 10K

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    • Robert King

      If you live in Washington i would love to see your Fury. I have restored 6 WSP Mustang’s over the years. Currently own ’88 Mustang from Pierce County Sheriff.

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      • Peter Kaczmarski

        Sorry I live in Wisconsin with my ’70 Plymouth Fury ex-squad.

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  16. Comet

    That must be an incredible set of 1/18 die cast Mustangs!

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  17. John

    Why is the odometer so misaligned?

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