Space Age Special: 1986 Pulse Autocycle

If Luke Skywalker were to find his way to Planet Earth, what do you think the chances are that he would choose a vehicle like this 1986 Pulse Autocycle as his personal transport? This is a quirky vehicle that… more»

Fantasy F-14 Tomcat For Sale: 1987 Pulse AutoCycle

This Owosso Pulse AutoCycle, otherwise known as the BD-200, comes from the drawing board of Jim Bede, an airplane designer, and from the manifestation of an entrepreneurial vision of David Vaughn, who brought the fledgling company from Scranton, Iowa… more»

Pulse Project: 1985 Pulse Autocycle

If a person is looking for something that’s highly unusual or you just want to go full-tilt oddball with your vehicle collection, it would be hard to top this 1985 Pulse Autocycle. They are actually street legal and there’s… more»

SuperCycle! 1985 Pulse Litestar Autocycle

“Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Motorcycle! It’s a 1985 Pulse Litestar Autocycle!” This supercycle can be found here on eBay in Portage, Michigan, just south of Kalamazoo. The seller has a… more»

Rare Pulse Predecessor: 1982 Litestar

This rare beast is hard to classify. Is it a motorcycle? Is it a car? Is it an airplane? Is it.. well, ok, we know that it isn’t an airplane, but how would you classify this 1982 Litestar? It’s… more»

One of 347 Made: Pulse Litestar Autocycle

Just the other day, I was behind one of the goofiest contraptions I’ve ever seen. Effectively a tiny enclosure about a motorcycle with training wheels, I wasn’t sure if it was en ingenious way to enjoy motorcycle riding in… more»

MotoPlane Oddball: 1987 Pulse Autocycle

This 1987 Pulse Autocycle mimics an aircraft on wheels, or a fighter jet that never leaves the ground. In fact, it is not actually an aeroplane in any form, but a motorcycle with an aircraft-inspired body built around it… more»

Rare Bird: 1 of 360 Modified 1985 Pulse

When a regular motorcycle just wouldn’t do in the mid-1980s, Owasso Motor Car Company had the answer. The seller of this 1985 Pulse bought it in this condition as a modified three-wheeler rather than the two-wheeler with two downrigger… more»

Flying Low? Pulse Autocycle

These appear here on Barn Finds occasionally, but it’s been over a year since Jesse wrote about one. The Pulse Autocycle was designed by Jim Bede. He is remembered as the creator of the BD5 aircraft and several other innovative aircraft… more»

License To Fly: 1985 Pulse Autocycle

If you are looking for something different to restore, this 1985 Pulse Autocycle may be the perfect thing. There were only about 360 built between 1984 and 1990 so it’s doubtful you’ll see another one around. These were novel… more»