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License To Fly: 1985 Pulse Autocycle

1985 Pulse Autocycle

If you are looking for something different to restore, this 1985 Pulse Autocycle may be the perfect thing. There were only about 360 built between 1984 and 1990 so it’s doubtful you’ll see another one around. These were novel in that they provided the sensation of flying without ever leaving the ground! This one is located in Allen, Texas and is listed here on eBay for $5,500 or best offer. Thanks goes to Jim S for the tip!

Pulse Cockpit

Much like a modern Messerschmitt, the interior feels like the cramped cockpit of a fighter jet. Things look a little rough in here and I can see that dreaded wired-in push button switch hanging down. So, plan on some electrical sorting. My biggest concern though is the fact that the canopy glass is missing. With only a couple hundred of these built, I doubt you can get it replaced at your local glass shop.

Pulse Engine

That’s a 1,200 cc Honda engine so I bet this thing really can fly! It’s basically a motorcycle with wheels at the end of each wing. Only one of those wheels touches the ground at any one time though, so it probably gives the sensation of taking off. I wonder what happened when you run one of the main two wheel into a pothole though…

Checkout The Signs

Hopefully those cracks on the front of the wing aren’t a result of just such an occurrence. This could be a fun oddity to cruise around the neighborhood, but I’m having a hard time with the asking price. Many of the hard to find parts are missing and presumably made their way onto the restored Autocycle sitting in the seller’s garage. Perhaps they have some connections though and can help the next owner find the parts they need to get this one back into the sky… er, back onto the road.


  1. Howard A Member

    I know Scotty G personally, and this has his name all over it. This reminds me of the new one, called a “Monotracer”, I think, where the out rigger training wheels, retract as you start moving and drop down when you stop. ( no thank-you) Actually, this is pretty cool, as anybody who rides a bike knows rain takes all the fun out of it, but with this, you lose that open air thing. Pretty weird, Jesse. Thanks, Jim, never heard of it.

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    • Phil

      It is called a pulse autocycle. It was made in Owosso Michigan by the Owosso motor car company. The canopy and windshield glass can still be purchased. Go to for more information.

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  2. Silas

    Actually Howard, if you don’t replace the canopy you could still have the open air thing. Two problems solved at once!

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  3. Neil G.

    Biplanes were designed with open cockpits.

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  4. DREW V.

    Think I would rather have the ’81 NASCAR Pacecar Trans-Am sitting next to it…

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  5. Badnikl

    A yellow one used to sit on the Vegas Strip. about where Paris is now. A small strip mall beginners casino called “Little Caesar’s” where new dealers would get practice.
    For about 6 or 7 years during the 90’s it was usually there. Free beer, served in dixie cups, and free hotdogs! The good ol days! The dealers were slow and they messed up a lot, so I actually won money there.

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  6. van

    I Want to cross this with an Ariel Atom.
    Don’t forget the front and rear wings.

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  7. Alan (Michigan)

    This would be as expensive to restore as a car.
    The concept is still valid, I think, and may see others give it a shot when gas gets expensive again in the US. I wonder if the Elio will ever actually be built?
    Commuting in smaller, lighter vehicles just makes sense, instead of a two-ton vehicle for every individual on the road.

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  8. Rick

    Huge following for these things. Canopy glass is still available through a specialty outlet, as well as step-by-steps through the Pulse community for restoration. Biggest issue is the spar that holds the “wings” through the body – those are known rust issue areas, and once they rust you have to take the entire bike apart to fix it correctly. Lots of info here

    For the weirdness factor I’d love to have one… one that needs no work!

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  9. dj

    I’d rather have the Pace Car next to it. But that’s just me.

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