Nicest One Left? 1974 Puma GTE

Every few months, it seems another one of these unusual Volkswagen-based Puma GTEs shows up for sale. Most of the time, they are project-grade cars that somehow made its way to the United States, usually the work of a… more»

Brazilian Beauty: 1978 Puma GTE

  In the world of sports cars, it’s not unusual to see efforts that marry the mechanical know-how of one culture with another nation’s talent for design. A number of examples of American/European partnerships spring to mind: the DeTomaso… more»

Obscure Air Cooled Project: 1981 Puma

As someone who has gone down the rabbit hole of owning really obscure vehicles, I can tell you that there’s some reward in the notoriety factor but it can wear of when you’re scouring eBay in a foreign country… more»

Garden Find: 1980 Volkswagen Puma GTE

UPDATE – The seller of this Puma messaged us with more photos and info on their car! You can find both below. Pumas are a rare sight in the U.S.A., but we’ve featured them numerous times over the years…. more»

Like-New 1981 Puma GTC

How cool is this? This rare 1981 Puma GTC is essentially a new car, having been purchased as a kit and never assembled until just recently. Everything on it is as-new, including the VW pan it’s based on. The… more»

Brazilian Survivor: 1982 Puma GTC Spyder

While it might not be perfect, this 1982 Puma GTC Spyder is a clean and tidy survivor that can be driven and enjoyed immediately. With warmer weather just around the corner, this could be the perfect car in which… more»

1979 Puma 1600 GTS Spider with 1,250 genuine miles

Even though it only shows around 2,000 kilometers on its odometer, this 1979 Puma GTS Spider is a widely-traveled vehicle. That’s because it has managed to find its way from its original home in Brazil, all the way to… more»

Brazilian Beauty: 1984 Puma GTC

The owner of this 1984 Puma GTC refers to the fact that it was made in Brazil. This is a fact that can make some people scratch their heads, as many people are not aware that Brazil was once… more»

Head Turner: 1982 Puma Coupe

The seller of this 1980 Puma Coupe is speaking very directly to me in his listing, as he references an impending expansion to his family as a reason for moving this rare VW-based creation on. That’t not entirely my… more»

No Reserve! Low Mileage 1983 Puma GTC

After having a delightful conversation with the seller of this rare 1983 Puma GTC I’m even more excited that it’s on Barn Finds. The no-reserve auction listing can be found here on eBay, where bidding seems incredibly low to me… more»

Brazilian Import Needs A Home: 1980 or 82 Puma 1600 GTI

So you want the simplicity of a Volkswagen Beetle but an exotic looking body? There were plenty of kit cars that promised that in the 60’s and 70’s, but most had lots of rough edges and construction difficulties, and… more»

1982 Puma GTI: 1 Of 55?

Approximately 22,000 Pumas that were built world-wide and they were produced in Brazil and South Africa. Some were imported with bits missing to sidestep the rules, but they were not “kits” as such. They were produced with DKW parts… more»

Never Seen One: 1981 Puma GTB S2

Barn Finds reader Jim S spotted this unusual 1981 Puma GTB S2 here on eBay, and it may be the only one in the country. Puma vehicles were never officially exported to the U.S. from their home market of Brazil, but… more»

Rare Puma GTE for $1,500

Back in the sixties, Brazil decided to put a hefty tax on imported goods. It may have brought in some money and encouraged local manufacturing, but it also limited automobile choices to those brands which were already established in… more»

Brazilian Street Stalker: 1977 Puma GTE

Today we are going to look at a Puma, not the big cat that stalks the jungles of Brazil, but the sports car that tore up the streets of Brazil in the ’60s and ’70s. There weren’t many of… more»