Right Hand Drive Barn Find: 1953 Riley RME

OK, it’s old British car time and today’s subject is a 1953 Riley RME. We have covered the Riley marque before but they’re hardly an everyday occurrence and my familiarity is very fleeting. A New England barn find, this… more»

Proper English Sport Sedan: 1936 Riley Kestrel Sprite

The ideal sport sedan is generally considered a BMW M5 in the modern era. Fast, nimble, powerful, and exclusive. Way before BMW decided to put a big engine in a midsize family sedan, Riley made the English equivalent. Svelte,… more»

Restoration Completed: 1932 Riley Nine Tourer

While the seller does not identify this 1932 Riley by model, it appears to be a Model Nine four-door touring car.  It has undergone a full restoration and is a pretty sharp-looking car. Let’s take a closer look at… more»

Excitement On Three Wheels: 1983 Tri-Magnum

“What on earth is that weird thing?” is what most people say when they see these for the first time. This interesting thing is for sale here on eBay out of Dayton, Ohio, and it’s essentially a real road-legal… more»

Hard Work Done: 1951 Riley RMB 4-Door

Based on the Riley RMA, the RMB was an enlarged version which was not only some 7″ longer than the RMA but was also fitted with a 2.5-liter engine in place of the RMA’s 1.5-litre. Performance figures for the… more»

Taste Of Blighty: 1951 Riley Saloon

The British motor industry has produced some of the most iconic brands in world automotive history. Some of these have become household names such as Rolls Royce and Jaguar. Some have shone brightly before disappearing into the ether. Riley… more»

Mini Alternative: 1967 Riley Elf

Cars like the Riley Elf are reminders that it isn’t just GM that badge engineers the heck out of its own lineup. This particular car is effectively a Mini-based runabout with different design details like the front fascia and… more»

The Life of Riley: 1951 Riley RMD

This classy looking four-seat convertible 1951 Riley RMD awaits a new owner in Saline, Michigan, with a listing here on eBay. I’d never heard of Riley and my first thought recalled a pre-war Mercedes like this Typ 320. Indeed… more»

Well Lettered: 1950 MG Riley RMD DHC

Riley introduced the RM series car after the war and built the RMD series from 1949 until 1951. In 1949 production moved to MG, so some might call this car an MG. This rare DHC model is listed on eBay. Restoration began… more»

1947 Riley: Collector’s Dream?

The seller of this 1947 Riley describes it as a collector’s dream. Admittedly, it caught my eye when Peter R sent it in. I’m no Riley expert, but I do know that they built some interesting cars. The seller… more»

1966 Riley Elf With A Surprise Under The Hood!

This Riley Elf hides a surprise under the hood. Instead of the more common BMC A-series four cylinder, there’s a Honda VTEC! I realize that will offend some purists out there, but this conversion was done professionally with a… more»

Museum Find: 1966 Riley Kestrel

Almost instantly after BMC experienced huge success with the Mini it began looking for ways to tap a larger market with its affordable economy car. The resulting product was the Austin 1100, which used the same engine A-series engine… more»

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