Dictator’s Choice: 1952 GAZ-12 Zim

If you think you’re looking at Buick, you’d be incorrect – but we’d understand why you’d feel that way. This is actually a 1952 GAZ-12 Zim, built for the Soviet government at the Gorky Automotive Plant. Buicks of the… more»

Russian Into summer: GAZ M-20 Pobeda Convertible

It’s been a while since I’ve written about a Pobeda and this one certainly deserves attention. Why would anyone in Russia want a convertible? Work started on the Pobeda during the war and was one the first Russian-designed cars. The… more»

Cold War Luxury: 1966 Volga GAZ 21

The Cold War Era was an interesting time in American and Russian history. We as Americans saw and knew very little of Russia and missed a lot of the Russian culture during this time. This 1966 Volga is an… more»

Polish Project: 1960 GAZ-51A

Вам понравится этот грузовик, товарищ! (You will enjoy this truck, Comrade!) This Polish project is a 1960 GAZ-51A and it can be found in Kobylnica, Poland, exactly halfway in-between those two wacky cities of Warsaw, Poland and Berlin, Germany. It’s listed… more»

Soviet Cycle-Car: 1983 SMZ S-3D

Hang onto your big, furry hats, this one will be a little different. This is a 1983 SMZ S-3D. This highly-unusual yet highly-desirable (for me, at least) car is listed on eBay in London, United Kingdom with a Buy It Now… more»

A Present From Stalin: 1947 ZIS 110 Limo

As you can imagine, this limo has a very interesting history and the owner shared it in his eBay posting. It’s history is tied to the leaders of Russia and then the Soviet Union. It was given as a… more»

Never Seen One: 1962 Moskvitch 403

I’ll bet you’re not familiar with these, unless you’ve spent time in the former Soviet Union. Moskvitch 403’s were produced from 1961 to 1965, and were actually an improved version of the 402. This one is claimed to be… more»

Big, Bad And Original: T-55 Soviet Tank

Have you been hunting high and low to find a gently used Soviet medium tank? If so, we have a tank port(?) find listed here on eBay, parked in Moscow, Russia is this T-55 model tank with a starting… more»

1954 GAZ M-20 Pobeda: From Russia With Love?

Stalin’s favorite car was said to be a Gaz M-20 like this one listed here on eBay in Russia, “Барнаул, Алтайский край,” wherever that is. Pobeda is a Slavic word for “Victory”, the car was designed during the war for post… more»

Winter Beater: 1992 Lada Niva 4X4

I had the weirdest thought this morning, as I was scraping the ice off of my windshield. I thought, I need a small, cheap, terribly unreliable 4×4 for the impending winter. It just so happened as I was digging… more»

Abandoned Zil Industrial Complex

There are abandoned car factories all over the world but the Zil Industrial area stands out because the Zil Automobile factory, closed in 1999 and is now maintained like a museum. The factory was reopened in 2007 to repair older limos… more»

Biggest Barn Find Ever: Russian Space Shuttles

Alright so this isn’t the biggest collection of barn finds ever found, as a matter of fact there aren’t even any cars here, but it’s definitely the biggest barn ever! To be honest, calling this massive hangar a barn… more»

Imported Oddball: 1968 Moskvitch 408

When I first saw the pictures of this car, I thought English Ford, then Italian Fiat. I was surprised to find a Moskvitch for sale in Florida with a clear title; all the import work has been completed already…. more»