Big, Bad And Original: T-55 Soviet Tank


Have you been hunting high and low to find a gently used Soviet medium tank? If so, we have a tank port(?) find listed here on eBay, parked in Moscow, Russia is this T-55 model tank with a starting price of $66,895 and zero bids at the time of writing.

T-55 left side

Weighing in at over 36 tonnes this tank has a max speed of 50 km/h, just in case you wondering. The seller states this in an original T-55 tank, which is great to know, but is that really an issue with a tank? Are people out there doing engine swaps or installing after market cannons to these? Or does that mean this tank’s guns are still operational???

T-55 rear

This tank is powered by a Model V-55 12-cylinder 38.88 liter water-cooled diesel 520 hp (390 kW) with an operational range of 400/500 km, and if you have the drop tanks you can travel 600 km. We don’t know if the drop tanks are included or if this is a running and operational war machine. Questions maybe in order before you look into transport of this beast, especially if it’s going to cross any boarders. Just think though, you’d definitely have the only one at the car show!



  1. Brian

    Does it have a latch system for a car seat?

    • Josh Staff

      No, that was an option that wasn’t made standard until a few years into production, but it can be installed at your local Tank dealer for a small fee.

  2. Walt

    Wow ! And more Wow ! Just the ticket for Black Fridays ! But sadly I don’t
    think I could get it here in time for this one. Hey, Maybe a “Rent a Tank”
    Business for 2016 ? ?

    • Josh Staff

      That could be a good business idea, of course you’d have to make everyone sign a release waiver. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone within a 20 mile radius. You wouldn’t want to get sued over a stray cannon round.

    • Jason Houston

      Black Friday indeed! GREAT idea, Walt.

  3. JamestownMike

    Are you guys really featuring a TANK in RUSSIA?? How is this a BARN FIND?????? FOCUS!

    • Josh Staff

      You bet we are! It might not be in a barn per say, but this lean-to or tank barn (as Dolphin puts it) is close enough in my book! Plus it’s absolutely hilarious!

    • Jason Houston

      It was found in Khrushchev’s barn, along with his Black ZlL 4-door and his red export ’59 Edsel convertible, don’t you remember?

  4. KO

    I Love it! Made me laugh. May not be in a barn, but appears to be a lean-to or shanty. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to drive a tank at least once? Too bad the listing is gone, likely some good comedy there.

    • Josh Staff

      My thoughts exactly KO! I’ve always wanted to drive a tank. I wouldn’t want to own one, just so expensive to maintain, but boy it would be fun to take this beast out for a spin!

      • Jason Houston

        Like the guy did several years ago on the streets, sidewalks and freeways of San Diego!

    • Dean

      Quite a few years ago the local United Way was selling tickets for a chance to drive a tank at the local military base, and I bought one. I won, and I gave my then 10 year old son the opportunity. The local military folks were great with him. He rode in the turret and gave driving directions via radio. The first thing they did was drive over a car, and then they went for a 5 mile or so loop out on the prairie training area. It was at least a week before he quite smiling…

  5. jeff

    “Questions maybe in order before you look into transport of this beast, especially if it’s going to cross any boarders.”

    I’m not sure if Russian tanks have ever had issues crossing borders.

  6. JW

    Well after Turkey downing that Russian fighter plane I would think they would want to keep every bit of arsenal they got as the Mideast looks to be the beginning of WWIII. Unless I got a case or 2 of shells as a extra option I’ll pass.

  7. Hoos Member

    Well, it does LOOK like it is in a barn…….

  8. Frankie Paige

    Think about it, you wouldn’t worry about it getting scratched at the grocery store, or even someone stealing it while your at the movies. I don’t think I’d walk out of seeing Spectre at the theatre, looking around perplexed as to where I parked my tank. Incredibly safe too, not much on the road here to do much if any damage in an accident, and if you were in an accident, even one of those 100 car pileups in the snow, you would be able to just drive around, go home and wash off any debris. I think it would be pretty much death proof out on the highways. Decorating it for the holidays would be good family time, a wreath and some Christmas lights would keep the spirit of Christmas.

    • Josh Staff

      Good points! On the topic of Christmas, just think how easy it would be to go cut down and bring home a Christmas tree with it. You wouldn’t even need to bring a chain saw! You could either rip the tree right out of the ground with it or you could get a bit more creative! Personally, I think one good cannon round would do the job nicely. Then just drag the tree home! There wouldn’t even be any concern about scratching the paint or getting pine-needles everywhere. And when you go to stand the tree up, just use the tank barrel to hoist it up. Oh the possibilities!

    • Jason Houston

      As for the grocery store, I’d be nervous that some old lady would run her shopping cart into it.

  9. 1969Deuce

    Owning armor is awfully expensive but you can get the itch scratched here for a fraction of the price:

    • Josh Staff

      Yes!!!! Sign me up for The Sherman Driver experience!

  10. Ian C.

    I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to drive a tank on a public road. But then again who’s going to stop you? lol

    • Josh Staff

      Can you imagine the local authorities trying to stop this thing! I have a feeling the spike strips wouldn’t be very effective!

      • David Frank David Member

        I’m sorry, I just have to say it… No tank you! no tank you very much!

  11. skloon

    When does the Bering straight freeze over ? In case I wanted to drive it home, and does the a/c need a recharge ?

    • Jason Houston

      The a/c’s fine but the stereo is missing.

  12. randy

    I believe this one is headed to Turkey to extract some “get even” juice.

  13. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I’d check KBB before bidding.

  14. Kelly

    I’m glad it’s all original. Too many of them running around with chrome rims and boy racer wings installed. Is that a Reagan for President sticker on the back?

    • Jason Houston

      Ah, love it!

    • Bobsmyuncle

      LOL good one!

  15. Bobsmyuncle

    All these comments and not a single one referencing a zombie apocalypse!?

  16. Birdman

    Although my comment was not meant to be offensive or negative in anyway, I can see how some people may take offense, so first I do apologize if this has happened….second, I give the moderators permission to delete the comment. I enjoy this site, and the last thing I wish to do is to offend anyone or make statements that may cause issues, arguments, or any kind of overall negativity to occur.

  17. DREW V.

    This listing (121820836208) has been removed, or this item is not available.

  18. rusty

    Robert stated “The seller states this in an original T-55 tank, which is great to know, but is that really an issue with a tank? Are people out there doing engine swaps or installing after market cannons to these?”

    now of all the funny comments here this is the funniest…how do you think tanks developed…many tanks have been a development of modifications most being done in the field and later translated to factory..

    infact Tanks much to someone on here’s disapointment are perhaps the ultimate hotrod and during war years the ultimate ratrod. [have any of you seen some of the infield conversions done during WW2…totally amazing”. During wartime Armour was added, guns changed, motors changed, you name it and the boys in the field probably attempted it with their welding torches. These guys later went on in the 50’s to be some of the hotrodders no doubt.

    The T55 went on to have many incarnations and although my interest is in WW2 AFVs and earlier I think the T55 was the most produced tank ever being built just as the war went on to be sold to many countries too each with their own modifications. So yes to “Are people out there doing engine swaps or installing after market cannons to these?” as tanks on sold to different countries were modified to suit themselves outside of the factory and with such a long service these tanks has seen many factory and non factory improvements.

    If it wasnt for this very need to stay “competitive in war” then we would still be driving around in armoured tractors if not chariots…hee hee

    So to boil it down look out for hotrods and ratrods…ha ha.

  19. Wayne Thomas

    Shipping to the US? Putin would love that in a different context but the the thought of ordering a Russian tank and having it sent to the US is so ironic especially for certain aged people.

  20. jim s

    next it will be ” my tank is bigger/faster then your tank “. then someone will want to put a jet engine in one and take it to the saltflats. i wonder if it is legal to own one or does a person have to start their own country first. great find.

  21. piper62j

    It would look so cool along side my back lanai and pool area..

  22. Darren

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 is it me or as that really cheap for a TANK?????? That’s hysterical !!!!!

  23. Barry T

    The shipping cost from Russia might be a little expensive.

  24. Rob

    I need that for the next encounter I experience with a grandma putting along at 15 miles an hour or texting teenager swerving all over the road. Boom! Problem solved.

  25. Howard A Member

    Ha, Robert, I should have known :) While I agree this stretches the limits of BF’s, it is an indicator of how many people watch this site ( possible intent?) Right up there with the fighter jet, and navy vessel.

    • Robert Member

      Where, when not is use in many cases, are tank stored? A Tank Barn. Thank you very much.

  26. 53MGTD

    Listing Removed

  27. Chris A.

    Lady next door moved to the country to help hubby clear scrub land and build a new house. Her hubby taught her how to operate a Cat D9 bulldozer. He had a tough time getting her away from it she enjoyed it so much. I can only imagine what she would do with a T55. Neat lady. Me, I’d rather have an Abrams, at least you could (maybe) get parts for it.

  28. Fran

    Don’t laugh, I wonder if we can buy them, for protection, from, you know who.

  29. Dougm

    ran right out and bought 4 20T jack stands then they pulled the listing:((

  30. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    About 20 years ago I had the chance to buy a large 8 wheel drive [4 axle] air cooled V-12 Tatra truck very cheap. It was in Poland. This truck was 1/3 the weight of the T-55, but about the same length & height [ the T-55 is wider]. The costs to flatbed the Tatra to the port at Bremerhaven, and then with the Ro-Ro shipping in the 20′ tall level of the ship, resulted in an estimated $18,000 shipping fee to the port of Baltimore. I didn’t buy the truck. That was 20 years ago. I suspect this would cost in excess of $30,000 to ship it from Russia to the USA.

  31. Dustin

    A TANK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Well, you won’t have to worry about traffic jams.

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