Saab 96

Nicest One Around? 1972 Saab 96

In 1960, Saab Automobile AB began making the Saab 96 and – by the time the last one rolled off the assembly line 1980 – more than one-half million copies were cranked out. They weren’t commonplace in the U.S…. more»

Rare Edition! 1965 Saab Monte Carlo 850

Most car people are familiar with a Saab 96. At one-time, they seemed ever-present, owing to their twenty-one year run between 1960 and 1980. But did you know that there was a “Sport” version of the diminutive Saab, known… more»

Eternal Optimist? 1968 Saab 96 V4

A classic car will only ever be worth what someone is willing to pay for it. This has seen situations over the years where some nice vehicles have sold for mere pennies, while some pretty dilapidated examples will command… more»

Rare Swedish Classic: 1966 Saab Monte Carlo 850

When the curtain was finally drawn and Saab collapsed in a sea of debt and company mismanagement, it marked the end of the line for a manufacturer that had produced some of the most interesting and quirky vehicles that… more»

41k Genuine Miles: 1966 Saab 96

If you go searching around the internet, you will find a substantial amount of recent footage from various Scandinavian rally championships. What is astonishing in this footage is the number of Saabs the same as this Saab 96 that… more»

Bargain Basement Find: 1968 Saab 96 Deluxe

Saab built the Model 96 for 20 years beginning in 1960. It originally had a little 38 horsepower “corn popper” 2 stroke engine that was available until 1968. They were reliable but the little 2 stroke engines had their… more»