804 Mile Oddity: 1962 Sabra Sport Roadster

When you sit down and contemplate the countries that were home to some of the sports car manufacturing powerhouses of the 1960s, Israel is a country that wouldn’t be high on many lists. Yet this country was the home… more»

Only 171 Ever Made: 1967 Sabra Roadster

What do you get when your design recipe is a heaping helping of Triumph, a smidge of Jaguar, a pinch of Alfa Romeo, and a sprinkling of Aston Martin? Found here on eBay, you get the 1967 Sabra, created… more»

From Israel By Way Of Britain: 1963 Sabra

This currently sad-looking sports car led a winding development path, from the Brits to the Israelis to the US. This particular one is located in Pearl, Mississippi and is offered for sale here on eBay, where bidding starts at… more»

One Of A Kind: 1963 Sabra S

Sabra sports cars, manufactured for only a few years in Israel, have always been rare and unusual cars, manufactured in tiny numbers when new. Sabra was one of several nameplates manufactured by Autocars, Israel’s first home grown automobile company (Kaiser… more»

1962 Sabra Sussita: Israel’s First

We have featured a few of the fiberglass bodied Israeli built Sabras over the years, but this is the first time we’ve featured one that isn’t a sports car. But that’s probably because these tiny fiberglass micro wagon is… more»

1965 Sabra Sport Project

Don’t get this 1965 Sabra confused with some hacked-together kit car. This is a hacked-together production car that was built by Autocars of Israel. In project car form it may not look like much, but these can be lookers when… more»

Two Mile Spider: 1960 Sabra Sports Roadster

The seller of this 1960 Sabra Sports Roadster claims that it only has two miles on the odometer. That is right, two miles! We would want proof of that before bidding, but if you are interested you can find… more»

Israeli Oddball: 1963 Sabra Sport

Update 9/17/11 – After being relisted a few times, it finally sold for $13,000. Here is a sports car that you don’t see everyday. The Reliant Sabra Sport was born in 1960 when Autocars from Israel was shopping around… more»