From Israel By Way Of Britain: 1963 Sabra


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This currently sad-looking sports car led a winding development path, from the Brits to the Israelis to the US. This particular one is located in Pearl, Mississippi and is offered for sale here on eBay, where bidding starts at $2,500 but there’s a reserve. Thanks to Jim S. for this great find!


Now this picture was a surprise when I was looking through the auction! On the one hand, you certainly can’t fault the seller for full disclosure! On the other hand, it has me a little concerned about how long it’s going to take to get this car back on the road. One other thing; I’m pretty sure the Sabra didn’t come with a Fiat engine and transmission, so someone has done some replacement here. According to one source I found, the car would have originally had a Ford Consul engine and transmission, so the Fiat is assuredly an upgrade, if not original.


After looking this over for a while, the lines created by Reliant don’t look too bad, especially from this angle. That’s right, this sports car was created by the same folks that made the three-wheelers tipped over by that famous but obnoxious British presenter! Autocars, an Israeli company, wanted to produce a sports car, so they hired Reliant to design one.


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They look happy, don’t they! Unfortunately for Autocars and Sabra, there weren’t many folks like this, and less than 200 were sold in the US, some of which were manufactured by Reliant while Autocars was getting up to speed. We don’t know which one this is, and we can’t be sure of what specification to refurbish it to. I can tell you that I’d have a tough time putting those bumpers back on the front; I think it’s a much better looking car without them.


What direction would you take this unusual find? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. RON

    I have only seen pix of these and know nothing about them but it would be a good looking ride on the road. Any reliable drive tran would be ok but I tend to like original on unsual cars. I would seek out what was original if available and not cost prohibitive to put together. great lines and I like the bumpers

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  2. Dean

    I agree with you, the bumpers don’t look good.
    English 4 cylinder engines of this era were not known for their performance so a fiat would be better. Or go resto mod with something like a mazda 2.5. Theres a company in the UK putting these in mgbs (along with other mods)that turn them in to great cars.

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  3. Jerry

    Spotted in a repair shop in Southfield Mi. 2005

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  4. Jerry

    Another shot in same shop.

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  5. Jerry

    Same yellow car

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  6. rob

    Originally had a Ford engine low powered. Fiat engine that’s in the car would do better
    if it can be got up and running. It already seems overpriced as you can find a driver for less than $9000

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  7. bcavileer

    Much prefer the Spitfire, before the awful rubber bumpers. Looks quite cobbled together. Not my cup of tea. Rear treatment is reminiscent of fiat 1500, quite good but the face is ah, not good. Sorry.

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  8. D. King

    Looks like something my old ’69 Saab Sonett II would have sired, had he bred. Oh wait–this car is older. Maybe my Sonett was HIS offspring!

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  9. walter

    ne stò sistemando una uguale con motore ford 1703cc. ho bisogno di ricambi, e del cambio

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