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1965 Sabra Sport Project


Don’t get this 1965 Sabra confused with some hacked-together kit car. This is a hacked-together production car that was built by Autocars of Israel. In project car form it may not look like much, but these can be lookers when restored. The owner was going to fit a Datsun engine, but after 20 years of ownership, they have “made the Grand decision not to build it”. So, if you would like to have the Grand opportunity of finishing it, take a look at the San Diego craigslist ad where they are asking $1,500. Thanks goes to reader Mike B. for the submission.



  1. Bob Manaton

    Made under licence from the Reliant company in the UK the same company that brought you the Robin and the Scimitar

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  2. Mark E

    Great car and great price but where would you find the parts for this?? I’m guessing the easiest, if not cheapest route, would be to make good friends with someone who owned a complete one that would let you take parts off for reproduction at a local foundry or machine shop. I know that’s what was done with earlier Packards when I belonged to the Packard club. I mean, try to find an interior trim piece for a 1926 Packard Coupe. There’s a quest that will last a couple of decades…

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  3. Alex S

    As it is based on a Reliant which if I remember correctly used off the self parts of the British motor industry it is more a question of working out which parts belonged to the other British cars of the time. I seem to remember that they used a lot of Triumph components.

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  4. Bob Lichty

    I have owned two of these, planned to restore them. A fiberglass British car, built in Israel. Didn’t have a ghost of a chance new.

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  5. rancho bella

    This is ten miles from me if anyone at a distance needs a extra pair of peepers. They are very nice looking in person. Yes….the parts. I think I would be tempted to use parts from others if Sabra parts are not available. Could be done to look very good.
    Oddly, one in San Diego County in the back country was for sale forever. Two in one county….?

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    • Bob Lichty

      Stock engine in the ones I had was a British Ford 4 cyl and didn’t seem hard to get parts for.

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    • paul

      I bet their is a bunch of Lotus parts just 10 miles from this car.

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  6. Graham Line

    Are there such things as Sabra parts? The Reliant Sabre/Sabra was a product of the Great British Parts Bin.

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  7. scot

    ~ trying to imagine this car with a Ford small block and why someone put the Sabra together in that fashion. how could you go wrong for $1500? i hope the buyer doesn’t face the same ‘grand decision’ a few years down the road.

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  8. Alan

    Gorgeous and distinctive looking car! I’d love to have it.

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  9. rancho bella

    you are soooo right. And, the Lotus parts department is getting bigger by the month. Come to think of it. Wouldn’t this be a little hoot with Lotus twin cam….hmmmm.
    There is a fellow here in town that has the ultra rare Sabra Coupe.

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    • paul

      Quick Elan story for an Elan fan. When I was a kid I had a paper route & 1 of my drops was a guy who owned the very first Elan imported into this country, he waited over 2 months to get it it was sitting on a ship & the ships were being blockaded from US waters because of the Cuban missal crises back in 62. The car was BRG & had a single hoop roll bar & I just drooled over it anytime I saw it.

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  10. 2vt

    ………….and an old Corolla and an old (Chevy?) and a K5 !!!

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  11. Dave Poole

    I’d love to see any photographs of the Sabra. Trying to collect as many as possible :D
    Dave Poole of

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  12. rancho bella

    Dave Poole……….the link you provided is a hot woman…….sooo if you are collecting those……..dang…….I don’t know whether to praise you or wish you luck.

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  13. jozef Neefs

    could this be the car of Nancy & Brian?

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  14. Brian

    I imagine this Sabra has already sold, but does anyone know for sure? I emailed the sellers through CL and have not had a response…

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  15. jacques Vandevelde

    As a Sabra owner myself I would like to remind all readers here that there is a Sabra website,, that gives you a goldmine of information. All credits for this go to Jef Neefs , who recently replied here. He is founding father of the site and goes on keeping it alive with enthousiasm for years now. If any of you would know who are the new owners of this car ,when it is sold, would be happy to know. All qestions about parts will be answered of course. Let’s say that you should not fear to start a project like this. See the pictures with the results that are already of this “barnfind” site. It will cost you money and time, that ‘s all, but it will give you a lot of satisfaction too.

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    • walter

      Salve Ho bisogno del cambio completo di frizione e campana più altre parti

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  16. Ron Gunar

    I have one in my garage that I was going to restore, but lost interest back in the late seventies.

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