Nice Patina? 1968 International Scout 800

With only two days remaining, this 1968 International Scout 800 has no bids. It also has no engine! Listed here on eBay, the Scout has a starting bid price of $3,000 but no takers. The Scout is located in… more»

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Rare Comanche Edition: 1971 International Scout 800B

This 1971 International Scout is listed here on Craigslist for $26,500 and is claimed to be 1 of 1,500 built as a limited edition Comanche package. The vehicle is located in the San Francisco Bay area. The 800B Scout… more»

All Original: 1967 International Scout

Located in sunny San Clemente, California, this 1967 International Scout 800 is for sale here on eBay with 2 days remaining in the auction. This Scout is being sold at no reserve and has been bid to $13,902 by… more»

345 Powered: 1973 International Harvester Scout II

Getting out and communing with Mother Nature has its attractions. It becomes a whole lot more attractive when you can get there in a tidy classic like this 1973 International Harvester Scout II. Not only does this vehicle present… more»

Rescued From The Crusher! 1965 International Harvester Scout

International Scouts are a sometimes overlooked segment of early SUV’s. Made from 1960 to 1965, the Scout 80 was built to rival the Jeep CJ and Toyota Land Cruiser and was a precursor to the Bronco. In fact, some… more»

BF Classified: 1980 International Scout II Diesel

So yes, I do still have the junkyard-find Isuzu Trooper project lingering in the background. Blame a few big life events for not getting that one back up on the site sooner than later. But when I see a… more»

BF AUCTION: 1979 International Scout Terra

UPDATE – The seller has sent us additional photos. It looks like the body was in nice shape prior to being painted, but the seller made sure it was perfectly straight before having it sprayed. After listing and successfully… more»

Survivor Scout: 1978 International Harvester Scout II

A “scout” is traditionally a military term for a soldier that does reconnaissance or stealthy exploration. Whether you are talking about a Cooper Scout rifle, an Indian Scout, or an International Scout, they all mean the same thing…small, nimble,… more»

All Original: 1961 International Scout 80

Along with the first-generation Ford Bronco, the International Scout has to be one of the current “it” vehicles. The prices have relatively gone nutso (in my best Fonz voice) over the last few years and original examples like this… more»

Former Museum Exhibit: 1937 Indian Scout/Chief

Sometimes it seems that Indian Motorcycles have had more lives than Lazarus. There are various incarnations but the focus here is on an original, a 1937 Scout 750 that was was part of the “Wheels Through Time” museum exhibit… more»

Fire Fighter: 1963 International Scout

Okay, hands up all of you who wanted to be a fire-fighter when you were a child. You can tell me. No-one is looking. Many a small child was attracted to the idea of riding around in a shiny… more»

Barn Find Survivor: 1974 International Scout

This 1974 International Harvester Scout is said to have less than 42K original miles! The real-deal barn find is being sold by Desirable Autos and Classics in Springtown, Texas. You can find it here on eBay with a current… more»

Rare Off-Roader: 1980 IH Scout Midas Edition

With the popularity of vintage 4×4’s, it seems like everything in the truck market is turning to gold right now. This 1980 International Harvester Scout 4×4 Midas Edition looks like gold, the name says it all. But, with a… more»

Scouting Party: 3 International Scouts

This is a first come, first serve basis, to purchase these wonderful International Scouts. If you would like to buy all three trucks, you can do so for $11,000. If not, each truck is priced separately. The collection includes… more»

Bear Damage: 1976 International Scout II

There aren’t many vehicle owners who can say that their truck has had bear damage. Maybe dog damage from locking fido inside and then chewing ensues. Most of us are afraid of rodent damage on our vehicles but this… more»

56 Years Young: 1962 International Harvester Scout

As I get ready to add another year onto my age in a week, I’m reminded how much I like vehicles from 1962 since that’s when I was also put together by union workers in a factory somewhere. I… more»