Rallye ‘Round: 1979 International Scout II Rallye

International was never known for their extravagant designs – they were, after all, originally an agricultural manufacturer. This 1979 International Scout II Rallye is in Grenada, Mississippi and it can be found listed on eBay. The current bid price… more»

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IH Engineer Owned: 1978 International Scout II

There is a Holy Grail version of almost every vehicle ever made, one that if we could go back in time and check our own options and features boxes it would magically appear. For a few million Scout fans,… more»

Cool Camper: 1977 International Scout II Terra

It’s hard to categorize this 1977 International Scout II Terra: is it a truck? Yes. Is it a camper? Yes. Is it a 4×4? Yes, is it cool? YES! This cool camper can be found on Craigslist in the… more»

Sportop Project: 1966 International Harvester Scout

On first glance, this 1966 International Harvester Scout 800 Sportop sure looks like it could easily drive right to our garage. I mean, right to your garage.. ┬áIt’s listed on eBay with several bids totaling over $2,500 as I… more»

Rusty Driver: 1979 International Scout II

This rugged project/driver is a 1979 International Harvester Scout II. It looks pretty good upon first glance but there will be some work to do here, lots of work, structural work on rust issues underneath. The rust that you… more»

Good Project: 1976 International Scout

There have been quite a few Scouts and Broncos on Barn Finds recently that looked like they were being held together by prayers and incantations rather than solid metal. When used regularly for what they were designed to do… more»