Daily Driver: 1972 GMC Sierra Grande Short Bed

Motoring enthusiasts, especially those passionate about classics, often find slipping behind the wheel of a nondescript daily driver is unpalatable. They crave something more interesting that reflects their desire for individuality. This 1972 GMC Sierra Grande could be the… more»

Assortment of 1970s, 1980s and 1990s Vehicles

This collection is newer than most you find. Rather than focusing on the 1950s or the 1960s, this bunch is no older than 44 years. And as new as 24 years. There seems to be no rhyme or reason… more»

74k Original Miles: 1990 GMC Sierra Pickup

There is a belief among some people that older Pickups will look battered and bruised due to the lives many of these classics live. Undoubtedly, there is a percentage that works hard to justify their existence, with dings, dents,… more»

Nice Driver: 1957 Dodge Sierra Station Wagon

Practicality can be a crucial consideration for an enthusiast trying to balance the demands of a growing family with the desire to own a classic car. Some vehicles don’t meet their requirements, but this 1957 Dodge Sierra Station Wagon… more»

No Reserve 1987 Ski Supreme Sierra 20′ Ski Boat

A person can occupy the winter months in many ways, biding their time until the warm weather returns. Kicking back in front of the fire is one, while others find hitting the ski fields irresistible. However, many would forego… more»

1986 GMC Sierra 1500 Short Bed C10

This no reserve auction here on eBay is for a 1986 GMC Sierra 1500 pickup. The 1/2 ton truck is located in Fayetteville, North Carolina and looks like a solid example of a 2WD Square Body. The truck is… more»

Rare Red Long Roof: 1959 Dodge Sierra Station Wagon

Twenty-five years before the minivan arrived, this was how you hauled kids, Little League teams, Aunt Edna, groceries, lumber, and whatnot: the classic All American 6-passenger and 9-passenger station wagon. And while Fords (269,378) and Chevys (195,585) were the… more»

Original 454: 1984 GMC K3500 Sierra

The ongoing popularity and desirability of classic Pickups means it is unsurprising that we see our shares come across our desks at Barn Finds. Their condition can range from stunning to extremely tired, but this 1984 GMC K3500 Sierra… more»

All Original: 1976 GMC Sierra Short Bed Pickup

Pickups. Most live a hard life and can look pretty battered and bruised when they have a few decades of hard work under their belts. Some are an exception to that rule, which is the case with this 1976… more»

1 of 4: 1960 SEAT 1400 Sierra Cabriolet

If you are a resident of Spain, the name SEAT would be quite familiar to you. Since 1950, they have been producing automobiles for both domestic and export consumption. In 2020 alone, they built more than 468,000 cars, so… more»

No Reserve Short Bed: 1986 GMC K1500 Sierra

This is the one!  A short bed, “Square Body” Chevrolet or GMC pickup, such as this 1986 GMC K1500 Sierra, has become very collectible! And this example punches all of the right tickets. Considered a survivor, this GM gem… more»

Rust-Free 1987 GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 Short Bed

With three days remaining, this short bed 1987 GMC Sierra Classic 1500 pick up has already reached a bid of $11,358. For reference, restored examples typically sell for $15,000 to $25,000. This truck is located in Fruita, Colorado and… more»

California 454 Truck: 1980 GMC Sierra Classic C25

General Motors’ Squarebody pickup trucks are iconic, but they’ve undergone a rather drastic pricing spike in recent times. Unfortunately, this is because most examples of these trucks have rust issues, but luckily that’s not the case with this 1980… more»

Low-Mile Special Edition: 1979 GMC Royal Sierra

Of all the square-body GM trucks out there (and there are many), few hold the moniker “Royal”. GM made multiple special-edition trucks in those days, and this example is up for bids right now, here on eBay, out of… more»

No Reserve Driver: 1978 GMC High Sierra 2500

These days, it’s hard to find clean and relatively affordable examples of vehicles that are popular enough to have a following. In the full-size truck world, General Motors’ “squarebody” trucks are very desirable, which makes this driver-quality 1978 GMC… more»

Garage Kept: 1984 GMC Sierra Short Bed

One of the bright spots in the collectible vehicle market is the ever increasing love for Squarebody (or Square Body) GM pickups. Built from 1973 through 1987, these rigidly styled trucks have steadily risen in value for the past… more»

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