All Original: 1976 GMC Sierra Short Bed Pickup

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Pickups. Most live a hard life and can look pretty battered and bruised when they have a few decades of hard work under their belts. Some are an exception to that rule, which is the case with this 1976 GMC Sierra Short Bed. It isn’t perfect, but its condition and originality place it a rung above the average example. It has spent its life in a dry climate, avoiding the rust problems that often plague these beauties. The time has come for it to find a new home, with its owner listing it here on Craigslist in Brentwood, California. You could drive home in this tidy survivor by handing the seller $12,500.

This Sierra makes a positive first impression, with its Light Green paint shining nicely. It is unclear whether it has undergone any restoration work, but if it hasn’t, that suggests it is a workhorse that led a sheltered life. There are a couple of slight panel imperfections, but the overall presentation is unlikely to cause its new owner to feel shame when they hit the road. It has spent its life in California, so nobody should be surprised by its rust-free status. This old girl is rock-solid, with prone areas like the lower cab corners looking excellent. The trim is above average for a survivor of this type, while there are no glass issues. I am pleased nobody has bolted on aftermarket wheels because the factory items look classy and help lift the overall appearance. Their condition helps the cause, with no evident stains or damage.

The seller supplies no engine photos, but this Pickup’s mechanical configuration should make life behind the wheel carefree for the new owner. A 350ci V8 occupies the engine bay, while the package includes a TH-350 automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. Company literature confirms the small-block delivers 165hp and 260 ft/lbs of torque. Both figures are lower than those produced a few years earlier but should still allow this classic to carry a full payload effortlessly. It is unclear whether this Pickup features a hitch receiver, but it could be a wise investment to exploit this Sierra’s towing ability. The seller says the vehicle has a genuine 90,000 miles on the clock, although they don’t mention supporting evidence. They state there are no fluid leaks or mechanical vices, with this beauty driving like new. That news serves to increase its desirability for those seeking a turnkey Pickup.

Potential buyers seeking a Pickup with a perfect interior will probably feel this one falls short, but its condition is acceptable for a driver-grade vehicle. The biggest question centers on what hides below the seat’s aftermarket slipcover. It might be there to protect the original upholstery, but it could hide rips and tears. Even if it’s shredded, it is no great drama. Replacement seatcovers in the correct color and material retail for under $300, although $350 would bring the added comfort of vinyl and cloth. Some plastic components are discolored, but they haven’t broken or crumbled. The dash and pad look excellent, as does the faux woodgrain. It is unclear whether there is a radio or other device providing entertainment. If not, the buyer could tune up their vocal cords and indulge in some “carpool karaoke” on long journeys.

I am pretty taken by this 1976 GMC Sierra, and if I found it in my garage, I wouldn’t complain. It has much to offer a new owner, and its uses are countless. The small-block under the hood means it could carry heavy loads or function as an effective tow vehicle. Its presentation is good enough to function as an eye-catching shop truck. The biggest question facing potential buyers involves preservation or restoration. Recapturing its lost youth would be straightforward, but it isn’t essential. My biggest question would be what is hiding under the seat’s slipcover. If the upholstery is damaged, I would probably replace it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t change a thing. Do you agree?

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  1. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    This ’76 GMC looks like a very nice pickup for the money. It sports a very attractive color and it’s a desirable short bed. Like Adam, I’d reupholster the bench seat, probably in cloth and vinyl, and address any other flaws down the road as time and funds allow, but for the most part, I’d certainly enjoy it as-is. The asking price seems reasonable so I wouldn’t be surprised it is sells fairly soon.

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  2. Maggy

    Price is very fair.This will sell quick.Love the color and the white walls look good with it.It’s gotta be a rare color for a p-up.I would do the seat if need be , go thru it real quick mechanically and put on a dual exhaust. That’s all I’d do.

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  3. HoA Howard AMember

    Oh, for cryin’ out loud, am I being too vain here? Being the most vocal on most subjects, you knew you’d hear from me on this one. Happily,,,no, what’s happier than happily,,,joyously no longer deal with this foolishness. I sold mine last year for $2500 to my neighbor,, NO DICKERING, he had it all winter, never drove it, and just sold it recently for $3500. It had a sign on it for 2 days, so the call is obviously there. Naturally, mine , while more heavily optioned, was not near as nice as this. If that translates into an additional TEN GRAND, ( $10gs highlighted for emphasis)by all means, have at it, but realistically, they aren’t that nice. Fact is, downright Byzantine in nature compared to a new truck, and will take some poor sap 5 figures to find that out.
    THAT’S the reality of this stuff whether you like to hear it or not,,,and here come the tomatoes,,

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    • maggy

      I had an 80 blazer 4×4 used about 25 years ago and loved it. My mom’s 2nd husband had a 82 chevy pickup he bought from Gateway Chevrolet and it was a great truck a lot better to me at least imo than a newer truck. Simple and rugged. Did they rust away in our climate yup but didn’t pay a lot for them even the new one and both rolled the odometer over once with good basic maintenance and low maintenance costs.I’m utilitarian. I don’t need gadgets and screens on my dashboard. I also don’t need or want to pay mid to high 5 figures for a newer truck even a used one . Guess I’m a sap.

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    • Chris Cornetto

      Byzantine is good, not everyone wants some fantastic plastic, electronic, 9 foot tall, 25 foot long monstrosity that has a grill as large as a 76 Kenworth that you need two years at MIT to service. Sure newer trucks pull more and maybe that false sense of I can drive it like I stole it and I will be fine because it is safe….who cares! I can put a lot of fuel in my 12 mile to a gallon Byzantine Silverado, still pull the 64 Airstream, haul mulch, rocks and whatever, and the bonus is I can do whatever it needs which is rarely much but and oil change for pennies. Sorry to me whether new or old, a pickup truck is just that. A pickup truck. Driving a new one or old one every day unless it is a work related thing is black! These trucks depending on the series drive like trucks…my 3/4 ton Silverado or like a car my 76 10 series… BUT they are to me still pickups not for daily use. Keep all these new heeps, especially at the ridiculous prices they are. I can have a Byzantine truck, flashy convertible, cushy family sedan, Japanese missile and still ride cheaper. There’s my tomatoes lol

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  4. Stan Part

    Thank goodness he covered the license plate. Otherwise someone might be able to track him down and… I don’t know… buy his truck?

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  5. Homer

    My brother had a very similiar one in Amarillo, no rust. He gassed it up at a Q Trip, left the keys in it, went inside, it was later recovered in Wichita Falls where the thief ran out of gas.

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  6. Terrry

    A mid 70s GM short bed. Now we’re talking! If this doesn’t have rust in the usual paces-around the wheel openings and rocker panels, then go through it with a fine tooth comb looking for rust elsewhere and don’t find any, then snap this up!

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  7. 70SuperSport

    Good basic short bed. Front left fender has been off and you can see the paint drip line just above the horizontal trim.

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  8. Zen

    These are valuable partly because most of them rotted away. This one will bring in some good money for the seller.

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  9. BoatmanMember

    The Pony Blanket seat covers are durable, comfortable, and attractive, IMO. I would leave the cover right on there.

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    • Terrry

      They’re also cool in the summer.

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  10. Buster

    I wouldn’t haul anything bigger than a garden trailer or maybe a pop-up camper. 45 years old. 90 thousand miles. Give the ol’ dog a break.

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  11. angliagt angliagtMember

    At least they covered up the license plate!
    I still can’t figure out what that’s supposed to
    I always think about going to these kind of
    people’s house,take a picture of the vehicle WITH
    the license plate showing,& post it on craigslist.

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    • BoatmanMember

      I do it too. Can’t be too safe these days.

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    • maggy

      Why would you do that? Why do you care if they cover their plate # up?

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