California 454 Truck: 1980 GMC Sierra Classic C25

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General Motors’ Squarebody pickup trucks are iconic, but they’ve undergone a rather drastic pricing spike in recent times. Unfortunately, this is because most examples of these trucks have rust issues, but luckily that’s not the case with this 1980 GMC Sierra Classic C25 that’s available here on eBay – this truck left the assembly line in California and spent its entire life in the sunny state.

This Sierra is available in Oakland, California, which is approximately half an hour from the former General Motors manufacturing plant in Freemont, California that this truck emerged from. The family who owned the truck lived in Livermore, California, and up until now, the truck remained in that family for the past 40 years.

As you can expect from a vehicle in a dry and sunny environment, there isn’t any rust, but faded paint is the unfortunate tradeoff here. The bed shows barely any signs of use and a tonneau cover shields it. Additionally, the seller notes that the 1980 C/K Series truck was very unique, as it represented a changeover year that combined design elements from the earlier 1973-1979 trucks and the later 1981-1987 ones. Last but not least, this truck features the Camper Special package, which adds camper hookups, an additional battery, extended mirrors, overload leaf springs, and package-exclusive badging.

Inside the cabin, there are some tears in the seat upholstery, but oddly, there is no damage to the dashboard material. Creature comforts such as the lights, fans, and radio all work without issue, but the seller believes that the air conditioning system will need attention to work.

Under the hood, you’ll find a 454 cu.-in. V8 engine, which was General Motors’ largest offering at the time. The engine pairs to an automatic transmission to drive the rear wheels, and the 5-digit odometer shows 49,229 miles. Other than a Cherry Bomb dual exhaust, there are no modifications to the engine, and it operates without any issues – even though it appears there is duct tape on the air cleaner.

At the time of publication, bidding is at $4,700. Would you purchase this truck that spent its entire life on the west coast?

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  1. Gaspumpchas

    If this beauty stays at a reasonable price, you have one great tow vehicle. Paint the hood, fix the a/c and go. Good luck to the new owner and stay safe!

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  2. Miguel

    There must have been a mistake at the DMV as this truck is wearing passenger car license plates, or those plates don’t go on this truck.

    I know those plates were issued in 1990 so where is the original plate for this if it has never left the original area?

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  3. Miguel

    “A 1980 is a unique 1 year only body style for squarebody trucks”

    This is not true. The body style is the same as before. The only difference is the 1 year only grille.

    It bugs the F out of me when people remove the A/C equipment. I don’t see a reason for it. I mean was the 454 not powerful enough to pull the compressor?

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      You’re right on the money as far as the (1) year only grill goes. And I echo your opinion about people removing the A-C. If I was to end up with this truck, the A-C would go right back to operating condition and maybe then I’d go after that peeling paint option that so many GM trucks of this era came with. Water-borne laquer left something to be desired. We repainted a lot of trucks at our dealership back in the day. Give it the “De-CARB” treatment and convert it to “Modified Federal” emissions standards and you’d have a truck that was fit to drive anywhere–except where the smog nazis hang out…

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    • stillrunners

      The headlights/turn signals and trim.

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  4. Darryl nagy

    1980 first year of square hi /lo beam headlights and grill.had 2 wheel drive jI’m my back in mid 80s

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  5. petemcgee

    $5900 now, there are better 2wd C20s available at that money here out west.

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    • PJH

      Where are all the 4WD’s?

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  6. Maestro1

    Well done Miguel. The license plates say the truck was registered as a passenger vehicle ( no commercial designation) maybe in the early 90s.
    Does not fit with the description. Put your hands on this one, drive it and look at its bones. Be careful.

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    • Miguel

      Maybe it had a shell on it when it was brought into California for the VIN inspection and the inspector checked the wrong box.

      If it had been an original California truck, the dealer would have collected the registration fee and the weight fee for the commercial plates.

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      • stillrunners

        Built in California – south of Sacramento – and wasn’t this grandpa’s truck or was that another one ?

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  7. David G

    Beautiful truck. Similar to my ’78 C-35 Sierra Classic. Plates are passenger car variety as has been mentioned. Used to be if you had a shell or tonneau cover, you could get by with not having commercial plates. Not any more. When the buyer goes to transfer this into their name, Ca. DMV will add a charge for new commercial plates. Some folks get lucky by sending their registration renewal by mail, hoping computer won’t catch it. The clerks in the offices catch it right away when a transfer is needed, though.

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  8. Michael Stover

    I wish I had a good picture of my 86 C20 3/4 ton, I use to start it up (454) in the winter and just stand behind listening to the dual exhaust. Installed an electric fuel pump and bypass use to vapor lock all the time. Spent money on Ziebart treatments but I think the last time I saw it, NW Ohio winters finally got it.

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    • Mike Brown

      Northwest Ohio winters? I know all about them. I’ve done the body on my 78 K-35 Sierra Grande 3 times since I bought it in 1984. You wouldn’t happen to be related to Al Stover would you? He was the only mechanic in Sandusky county that I trusted to work on my stuff when I couldn’t do it myself!

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  9. stillrunners

    It’s listed on the Dallas area craigslist as “grandpa’s truck “

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