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1-Of-1 Award Winner? 1971 Dodge Super Bee

The Super Bee was Dodge’s corporate response to the successful Plymouth Road Runner. Introduced into the already-started 1968 model year, it was intended to be a more budget-minded muscle car in the vein of the “Bird”, but it never caught on as well in terms of sales. So, it quietly disappeared after the 1971 year was done. Based on research done by the seller, out of just over 5,000 Super Bees built in ’71, this may be the only one equipped the way you see it, starting with the potent 440 cubic-inch “Six-Pack” V8. Located in Pompano Beach, Florida, this dynamic Dodge is available through a dealer here on eBay. $37,800 is the current bid with an unmet reserve left to contend with.

Research conducted by the seller seems to be pretty thorough, including citing the Super Bee directory. But we don’t know exactly where all the stats come from (Marti Report?). Start with the 390 hp 440 engine with triple 2-barrel carburetors, which was in its last year of being offered. Its matching numbers as is the automatic transmission. This pairing alone takes you from 5,054 cars down to 69 (plus 30 more with a 4-speed). The mileage is 81,000 with nary a mention of a rebuild. The one-of-one claim comes when you factor in the Winchester Gunmetal Gray and Black paint scheme.

As the story goes, this Dodge was produced in October 1970 for a Chrysler VIP. But after that, its ownership is not divulged. The exterior and interior look marvelous with the only flaw seemingly being the floor mat in the trunk. Everything is said to work right, including the peek-a-boo headlights, not available on first-generation Super Bees (1968-70). The brakes, fuel lines, and gas tank are all new (perhaps from being idle?).

All sorts of paperwork will go with this beauty, like the build sheets and the 1971-dated owner’s manual. The car’s colors are original but apparently, the paint has been redone. We’re told this machine has taken its share of trophies and has lived in a garage when not out on weekends. It looks to be poised to collect a few more awards for its next owner. Wonder how high the reserve has been set at?


  1. Avatar photo Louie

    I’m pretty sure Marti Reports are only available for Ford vehicles

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    • Avatar photo Stan

      Absolutely 💯 stunner. And it even avoids the curse of that ungainly, stubby T handle shifter, by having the column shift. What a beauty. 🏁

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      • Avatar photo James Hamann

        That ‘ungainly’ shifter adds about five grand to the value of the car.

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      • Avatar photo JD DJ

        Wow Really! Colon shift over console NEVER

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      • Avatar photo Ron

        I guess I’d prefer the column shifter to JD DJ’s colon shifter any day…

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      • Avatar photo Ken

        At least with a colon shift you can keep both hands on the wheel

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    • Avatar photo skidmarc

      You’re right Louie. Not sure how you get to write for an automotive publication of any kind without knowing this.

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    • Avatar photo James Hamann

      Probably a Galen Govier report.

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    • Avatar photo PHILIP JAMIESON

      And Lincoln Mercury.

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    • Avatar photo Dan N

      A report verifying a Mopar’s authenticity would be a Galen Govier report; Galen is the numbers guru for all things Mopar.

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      • Avatar photo PRA4SNW Member

        Sorry Dan, I didn’t see your response before posting mine.

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW Member

      Russ must be thinking of Galen Govier, not Marti.

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  2. Avatar photo Mike76

    I use to not care for this body style but as I’ve gotten a bit older, it has grown on me. The color combo on this Bee is really sharp. I don’t think I have ever seen one in this color before. Looks to be in very good shape from what I can tell. Nice Mopar.

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    • Avatar photo Randy Tatara

      When I was in high school I knew a guy a year older than me that had this color with a four speed and I’m absolutely positive he had a pistol grip shifter I rode in the car a few times

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  3. Avatar photo MJN

    Winchester Grey is one of those great, all-time Mopar colors, right up there with B5 Blue. The only thing lacking is the very small numbers of cars built with that color. In this modern age where we are bombarded with 50 shades of gray, this one really stands out.

    I believe Galen Govier is the Mopar equivilent to Ford’s Kevin Marti…….

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  4. Avatar photo Venuti Raines

    Won’t be long until the climate police make you pay with carbon credits just to start your car. Enjoy life while you still can

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    • Avatar photo Doug

      Hopefully, a lot of the climate control nonsense will fade away in a year. The Earth has had its cycles from the dawn of time and will continue to do so. That’s just my opinion. Nice vehicle though. I had a 74 charger SE, buckets with console, all options. White top, blue paint, white interior. Had the 400 / 727. Not a race car but, very nice looker. This body style grew on me since then.

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      • Avatar photo John

        Earth’s cycles have actually been proven. It goes through heating and cooling cycles over and over, and we’re about at the top of the most recent heating cycle.. and you’re right the narrative is crumbling already.

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  5. Avatar photo Nelson C

    Awesome presence. I’ve loved these since their debut (impressionable kid that I was). Comfortable inside. Go fast under hood. Admiring glances. It’s got it all.

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  6. Avatar photo Patrick

    That is a well done example of 1971 Mopar.
    Our generation was used to seeing muscle cars everywhere. Now if you see one it’s a treat.

    This car is beautiful in gunmetal gray.

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  7. Avatar photo Scott

    I would rather have a 4 speed but this car is really really nice.I had a ’74 ‘Cuda 360 with an automatic on the column

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  8. Avatar photo 59poncho

    Russ Russ Russ, marti report???

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  9. Avatar photo Dave

    The photo that I am looking at is a Charger, not a Super Bee

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  10. Avatar photo John

    Haven’t we seen this car before? Perhaps it was in Hemmings Muscle Machines. Anyway, what a stunner!

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    • Avatar photo Rob

      Yes, it was for sale on EBay not that long ago & went for almost 6 figures. It was also written up here on barnfinds. I can’t believe the short memories, especially for a car of this stature…

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW Member

      I had the same feeling – been there, done that. It’s easy to remember the good ones.

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  11. Avatar photo ALKY

    Absolutely stunning ! …..MOPAR or no CAR !

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  12. Avatar photo Andrew Carrier

    This was my car. I sold it to the current owner (great guy) earlier this year. A guy named Paul restored the interior a few years ago and did a phenomenal job. The body was untouched and wore its original paint when I bought it. The current owner painted it, put a new vinyl top on it, and rechromed the bumpers. The only mistake I see is that they didn’t put the pentastar emblem back on the passenger side lower fender – a mistake that many make when repainting a Mopar. That I could tell, the motor and trans has never been out of it. This is a great car! Super solid!

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  13. Avatar photo GIJOOOE

    There’s just something about the term 440 6-pack that makes me smile and want it even more. Kinda like 427 tri-power, 429 Super Cobra Jet, A/C Shelby Cobra 427 etc. they just seem to roll off the tongue. And if you’re speaking those terms in public, you’ll know exactly who the real car guys are because they’re sure to perk up and start a conversation with you. Love this Super Bee, love the color, everything.

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  14. Avatar photo Leslie Martin Member

    Anyone who thinks a column shift automatic is a better choice than a console should actually go drive a big block B Body with a 727 and a Slap Stick. You might be surprised what a driveable setup this is for a big Mopar.

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  15. Avatar photo hatofpork

    I’m imagining this beautiful machine in 2/3rds size and no vinyl roof. It would rival a similar vintage Maserati (Ghibli?).

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  16. Avatar photo stillrunners Member

    Been seeing it listed for awhile now…..nice car.

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  17. Avatar photo PRA4SNW Member

    Ended at $55,700 and, no surprise, Reserve Not Met.

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