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Bring a Forklift: 1969 Dodge Super Bee

The Super Bee was to Dodge as the Road Runner was to Plymouth. It was introduced in 1968 and would be discontinued after 1971 while the RR would soldier on for a few more years. As was the case with the Plymouth, the Super Bee had its best year in 1969 as a budget-minded mid-size muscle car. There’s not much left of this one from ’69, little more than a shell with a partial engine. Located in the woods in Parkersburg, West Virginia, this Dodge is available here on eBay where the first bid of $2,000 has yet to be cast.

Dodge brought out the Super Bee in mid-1968 after seeing how successful the corresponding Plymouth was. The Super Bee was not as gimmicky as the Road Runner (i.e., no “Meep Meep” horn), but the name was derived from the B-body platform it shared with the Coronet and had a cartoon logo. A 383 cubic inch V8 was standard fare, with the 440 6-Pack and the 426 Hemi being optional in 1969. 27,800 Super Bees were produced in 1969 of which 25,727 had 383. We’re told the seller’s car has that engine, but much of it and the 4-speed manual plus the rear end are all long gone.

The photos of the car tell the story as the only thing else the seller adds is that there are no seats in the interior. When it was new, it did have the N96 (cold air induction) and A40 (Scat Pack) options. From the looks of things, the car stopped running one day, was parked outside, and then parts and pieces started to disappear. By sitting directly on the ground, the undercarriage must look like the rest of the car. Does this automobile have any hope?


  1. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    Great title Russ! Maybe worth it for parts?

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  2. Avatar photo Big Bear 🇺🇸

    The problem is .. if you go lift the Super Bee it may fold in half! I seen other cars found in woods or property and it’s up on eBay! Trying to make a fast buck. No title no keys probably don’t own it etc etc.. It’s sad when I see something like this Mopar,Ford etc.. I doubt this can be rebuilt! Just thinking of the rust underneath! People stood walk away on this one. 🐻🇺🇸

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    • Avatar photo Aaron

      Man totally agree, the spending account better be unlocked cause that thing is crush ready

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    • Avatar photo Solosolo UK Member

      Good idea, walk away, I’m sleeping, forever!

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  3. Avatar photo Greenhorn

    My favorite muscle car, just gone…

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  4. Avatar photo Bob Griffith

    You would have more money in that car than you can buy one! I’d walk away.

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  5. Avatar photo geezerglide 85

    That rust free Roadrunner from a couple days ago is upto 28,000. I don’t think you could even make this car close to that for 28k.
    Roadrunner rust free
    Super-Bee free rust

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  6. Avatar photo Frank TA

    Vehicle Details:
    No title, no rear end, no seats…..

    This seller expects a $2,000.00 bid? Unbelievable!!

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  7. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    The title should read –
    “Put a Fork(lift) in it,it’s Done”

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  8. Avatar photo Lulu Manus

    Not even good for scrap.

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    • Avatar photo Edwin Haggerty

      I don’t know, that looks like a pretty nice hood prop!

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  9. Avatar photo Midway

    I have an 8 hp Kohler engine that would bolt right in,

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  10. Avatar photo Paolo

    The ebay ad shows some of the missing engine parts and it does not say that the transmission is missing. If the underside isn’t completely rotten there may be some positive upside to this project.

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    • Avatar photo Paolo

      Also the ad shows a straight grill. The ad is short on details.

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  11. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    All this tells me, is how dire the classic car situation is with examples like all these rusty hulks, trying a last ditch effort before the scrap yard. Banking on the name, and current popularity of these cars in better than new condition, how could anyone think someone today would want this. It takes hype to a new level, and I suppose can’t really blame them. Clearly one of the kids that is cleaning out dads “treasures”, and wants nothing to do with it. Very common today. As the world deteriorates , this will go away too, and good riddance.
    To change gears on an otherwise crabby post, what I find amazing is the author writes up an interesting history on the cars, regardless of the condition, which behind the scenes, I’m sure the writers know full well what foolishness all this is, but still manage to write an informative history of these once, epitome of muscle cars and that’s worth mentioning.

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  12. Avatar photo Kanak Attak

    Perfect for a Pro Street Pro Mod Project! Don’t need anything else except the body! lol 🤙👍🥃🍻🍺💚

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  13. Avatar photo Steve

    “The Super Bee was not as gimmicky as the Road Runner (i.e., no “Meep Meep” horn)”

    What? No “meep meep” horn? Well then, forget it!

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  14. Avatar photo Roland

    It would be worth tracking these types of sales and making a spreadsheet. Perhaps others would come to discover that the garden gnome poking through the rusty floor is worth more than what they have found in the woods at the edge of their property. It’s a shame, but I seriously don’t know what parts would be worth salvaging that this car is worth more than its weight for scrap. Fender tops, anyone? Maybe side glass and some stainless trim?

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  15. Avatar photo GloriaAnne

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  16. Avatar photo CCFisher

    That the “Bee” in Super Bee is taken from the B-body designation used for intermediates is a piece of mis-information that has unfortunately been accepted as fact. The “Bee” comes from the Chrysler B-series 383 CID engine under the hood, which was modified with 440 parts specifically for the Plymouth and Dodge budget muscle cars. Hence, “Super Bee.”

    Naming it after the body designation doesn’t make sense. There was already a “super-er” B-body in the form of the Coronet R/T, with it’s RB-Series 440 as standard.

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  17. Avatar photo Clipper

    Yes, credit is due to the author(s) for taking the time to describe not just the pile of rust in front of us — but also the history of the make and model in an entertaining way. Not just for this listing but all of them in similar states.
    My superbee 2 cents: Even spending 2k on this would be an exercise in recovering that expense w part costs. Then there’s your time to consider…

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  18. Avatar photo Not Again

    Hey, more props to the seller! I am not sure why everyone on here is negative towards this sale! We live in a capitalist society where everyone has the opportunity to make a buck how they choose! This seller is taking advantage of a market that has been financially hot for the past few years regarding sells. Why not take advantage of it, everyone on this site would do the same. So give it a break, pretty soon they will be all gone, no more bashing and you can continue crying about the 6 figures these cars are bringing! Take care.

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  19. Avatar photo George Mattar

    My best from college, we’ve been friends since 1979, told me many years ago to stop complaining about a car’s condition. Look at it in a way what it could be. He was right. About 8 years ago on here, a totally rotted, smashed 69 Judge, 4 speed with original engine, but little else sold for $9,000. It was literally flattened to the ground. Ironically, also in West Virginia. He bought a 69 GTO convertible body and frame, no engine, trans, a few interior items for $800 in Colorado. No rust, but smashed. That was in 1989. Today, it is a beauty in Matador Red and Parchment interior. He built a 455 for it, factory air blows cold on R12. This Bee has lost its sting.

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  20. Avatar photo Rex Evans

    The windows are original maybe, the tail lights are their , hood scoops don’t rust, originals are hard to come by, trunk lid maybe, fresh air scoop, try and find one the pan my be in the trunk. I spent many years to put my 69 together, my friends call it a super super bee.

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  21. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    Aug 23, 2023 13:45:59 PDT
    Winning bid:
    US $2,000.00

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  22. Avatar photo Solosolo UK Member

    Lots of good stuff to be had there for only two grand!

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