Super Beetle

32k Original Miles: 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle

Twenty years after the end of World War II, my dad (who served in the Navy aboard the U. S. S. Texas battleship), bought his first Volkswagen, a Ruby Red 1965 Beetle. He loved that car and was impressed… more»

Crazy Colors! 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle

The VW Beetle (aka “Bug”) is the world’s most-produced automobile, with 21.5 million copies built between 1938-03. That eclipsed the second-most popular car of the 20th Century, the Ford Model T, by nearly 50%. The Super Beetle debuted in… more»

Time To Haggle: 1974 VW Super Beetle

While it might look a bit crusty and dusty, this 1974 VW Super Beetle may represent a really good restoration project. However, this will ultimately depend on the price that the owner is willing to accept for the car…. more»