Estate Find: 1971 Bradley GT Kit Car

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Kit cars have been around for a really long time, with a few of the earliest examples dating back to around the turn of the twentieth century.  But it seems like the interest sort of skyrocketed in the fifties and continued to grow into the sixties and seventies, with the VW chassis becoming one of the more popular choices for a body swap due to its relatively low price and ease of removing the old sheet metal.  One of the well-known manufacturers was Bradley, such as this example here on Craigslist built on a 1971 Super Beetle frame, so if you’ve been longing for a hand-built blast from the past this one’s probably worth considering.  It’s located in Claremont, California, with the asking price set at what feels like a realistic $4,200.  Thanks, Pat L., for the great tip here!

The only specific information provided about this one is that the seller purchased it from an estate, and the Bradley was just one of several cars in a collection that was said to have been stored since 2003.  There’s no information regarding any other vehicles in the fleet, or whether or not any more kit cars were a part of it.  However, the seller does state that this one is very original and also very complete, with the body showing a few scrapes here and there plus one significant crack in an area above the passenger side wheel well, but otherwise, the body is described as being in overall excellent shape.

The Bradley is powered by a 1600cc Volkswagen engine, which is stated to be running very well although there’s no word on whether or not it’s ever had an overhaul.  But it does have a new carburetor and the oil was just changed, so hopefully, the motor is ready to get the car rolling dependably for the next owner.  The manual transmission and clutch are also stated to be in good working order, but a new gas tank and some brake work will be needed to get the car fully roadworthy.

Although the interior looks great for a hipster or young person, I’m guessing the comfort of those seats doesn’t last very long for us older folks, but the whole point is for some fun cruising and not long-distance travel.  With the exception of the fuel monitor, all of the gauges are functioning, and things inside seem to be at an acceptable level for a driver.  Of course, this one has a limited audience, but at only a little over 4 grand this Bradley GT may be a good value if you’re just looking for a knockabout car or something attention-getting to drive around on the weekends.  What do you think?

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    If you’re a kit car fan this is a nice example to make whole again IMHO. The value for the money seems fair and using a Super Beetle is smart, considering the MacPherson suspension, longer wheelbase and wider stance.
    Puzzling is the mention of the newly installed but untested A/C-how difficult is it to use? If it’s easy then switch it on and see if it works! Just sayin’..

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  2. TomP

    It would be nice to buy it just to put into local car shows. It would be a pleasant thing to look at, to offset the rows and rows of intensely boring Camaros, Mustangs, and Corvettes.

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  3. Mark in WNC

    Not built on a Super Beetle chassis…the struts would be coming through the tops of the fenders.

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    • Ron

      Just as they did on the Super Beetle…

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  4. Harvey HarveyMember

    In my humble opinion almost nothing looks worse than a low hanging exhaust. I can hear it scraping when using most any driveway.

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  5. FrankDMember

    This is the only one I have ever seen in a near/completed stage.

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  6. BrianT BrianTMember

    This would be a fun car at a very fair price. I agree with Harvey about the exhaust but that’s easily remedied.

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  7. Ryan

    I got one complete just needs a little engine work and a windshield because my ex girlfriend decided to break it but I’ve driven it around the block a few times it’s kind of fun 3500 bucks

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  8. Richard

    Even as a kid in the 1970’s I thought these were embarrassing. Always an eye catcher though.

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