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Stored For Years! 1962 Ford Thunderbird Drop-Top

Every three years during the 1950s and 1960s, the Ford Thunderbird got a redesign. And with it, sales for each tri-cycle would increase from the one before it. The decision to transform the two-seat personal luxury car to one that could carry four passengers was a good one, at least as far as the bean counters were concerned. This 1962 T-Bird convertible is from the car’s third generation and has just come out of long-term storage. It looks marvelous and may or may not need anything (to be confirmed in person). Located in Carroll, Iowa, this red “bullet” beauty is available here on eBay. The current bid is $5,600, the reserve is unmet, but you can cut to the chase and fork over $24,000.

Was the decision to evolve the car a good one? You decide for yourself. Ford sold 53,166 of the 2-seat Birds in 1955-57, followed by 198,191 when a back seat was added for 1958-60. The 1961-63 redesign (my favorite) saw another jump to 214,375 which included 8,457 convertibles like the seller’s 1962 edition. Then there was the “square bird” era of 1964-66 when 236,613 were peddled. I stopped there as the Thunderbird would soon gain a 4-door sedan which changed the nature of the product (IMO).

We’re told this Ford is being sold by a private seller, though the listing comes across as having a dealer imprint. We’re told the car has 46,000 miles “on the odometer” which could also be 146,000 if the T-Bird was restored before it went into long-term storage. There is zero rust to be seen and the red paint looks nice and shiny. The black convertible top is a newer addition,

The original leather interior looks quite inviting and this era of T-Bird could be had with the swing-away steering wheel. We’re told it’s a solid driver and we assume the 390 cubic inch V8 under the hood is completely up to snuff. It would be nice to know the car’s history, especially how long it’s been in storage and why. Perhaps the seller can be coaxed out of these details. Even at the Buy It Now price, this looks like a heckuva automobile!


  1. MLM

    I use to not care for these ‘Birds but this is one nice ‘Bird and I would not kick it out of my driveway. This type of car we won’t probably never see again compared to what’s being made today style wise.

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  2. Fox Owner

    Not to split hairs but the Square Bird was the second generation. The fourth gen I have heard called the Style bird, personally my favorite. Like Pokemon though, I gotta have them all.

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    • Bob C.

      I read it was “flair bird.” The following generation was “glamor bird,” yuk.

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  3. Driveinstile Driveinstile Member

    This is my absolute favorite generation of TBird. Really nice. I always liked how the front was similar to the Lincolns of that time period, also a beautiful car.

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    • chrlsful

      yes, both have art-deco notes, the lincolns (esp limos) I call “the Kennedym0bile”.

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      • Robert Atkinson, Jr.

        But only the first year (1961) Lincolns used a similar grille, in 1962 the Lincoln Continental got the grille that most people recognize from JFK’s limo, which isn’t totally surprising, since JFK’s limo was a 1961 car fitted with the front clip from a 1962 Lincoln.

        The so-called “Bullet Birds” (1961-63) are one of my favorite four-seat Birds, but prices have climbed into the stratosphere, especially for cars fitted with dual-quad carburetors from the factory.

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  4. Eric_13cars Eric_13cars Member

    Isn’t this one where the top folds into the entire trunk? Never understood why they did that (like the Lincoln). I guess that the Ford designers and bean counters thought no one would ever take a trip anywhere in one of these…even to the grocery store. Just cruise.

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    • Billyray

      My thought too. Even now, for car shows no room! I take two folding chairs, umbrellas, some tools and my wife’s rollator, plus the box that holds the top boot. I’m filling up a Mercury Marquis convertible’s trunk, plus the spare takes up a lot of floor space on the right side of the trunk. All this just to go to a show a couple miles away! I just couldn’t do it with a Lincoln or Thunderbird convertible.

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    • joe bru

      the top doesn’t fill up most of trunk area on these t-birds, the 57-59 ford hardtop convertible did fill up most of the trunk area.

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    • MoparMike

      I have a 62 convertible, bought it with the top up and it wouldn’t motor down so we spent two hours putting the top down. It’s an engineering nightmare under there with switches, solenoids, motors and gearboxes. I’ve determined while I’m the owner it’s going to be a permanent fair weather only top down cruiseer.

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  5. Cobraboy

    I love this and the next generation of TBirds.

    Add a roadster kit, and you be stylin’!

    Very nice car for the price!

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  6. Ed

    58-60 were the square birds daddy- o. 64-66 is often referred to as the flair birds.

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  7. Paul R.

    One of my aunts had a white ‘62 T bird.
    I would have been 14 at the time and still have memories of driving the gravel back roads of Peterborough,Ontario at considerable speed , fishtailing around corners etc.
    Aunty was a bit of a drinker, bless her heart .
    Mom would hold on to the dash pleading “ oh Sissy , please slow down “.
    One lasting impression was that dashboard and the way it curved around seamlessly into the door panel..
    Very cool car , and my favourite aunt, although there were four aunts, all characters in their own way.
    None of the others had a ‘62 T bird.

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  8. C Force

    This is a really clean T-Bird in excellent condition,very clean under the hood as well.The seller doesn’t show it in the photos,but i would assume they have the rear cover for the back seats?

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    • Anthony J Popola

      Only sports roadsters had the tonneau cover and KH wire wheels, not to mention engine options too

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  9. Heartbreaker AL

    I’m a Birder and have had many of every year, my 62 Roadster had a tragic history. Of them all the bullet birds are my fav. This one is an unmolested perfect example of what they should look like. Good luck to the new owner be it your first Bird or your 50th.

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  10. Nelson C

    Maybe my favorite Thunderbird. So much to like about all of them sort of like a Riviera. However some just seem to stand out. Like this one. Love it.

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    • Orca17

      Somebody in the neighborhood near my elementary school had one of these, a white one. The styling struck me, and this was before I was very impressed by cars in general. This is my favorite year of T-Bird, and I would love to own this one.

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  11. John kemmerter

    I won’t it I had one in the 70s but not new like this

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  12. Justin

    Great car but get an inspection before purchase. Undercarriage,trans operation and a host of other things may need attention after long term storage.

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  13. Joe DuFloth

    My older brother’s 1962 Polar White Thunderbird was positively space-age to my impressionable 7-year-old persona in 1965.

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  14. Jeff58

    My second grade teacher had one just like this one , beautiful car and teacher, my first crush. Ahhh memories

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  15. Heartbreaker AL

    The ball joints on these year birds are way too small for the size and weight of these land yachts. I strongly suggest to the new owner replace them before taking it on the road, it’s life or death, the death may just be someone else. I know from experience that I have had to live with since the seventies.

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  16. Dan

    Russ, I agree with you that the ’61-’63 T-Birds were the most attractive and I’m still figuring out why these aren’t north of $40K (except the Roadster). This will take a few $$$ to get it running; then this will be a $30-34K car. And I think the ’58-’60 T-Birds were the “Squarebirds”; I don’t think the ’67-’71 had a pet name.

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  17. John F

    Just a FYI 61-63 were basiclly the same 63 had a body line down the side. Badging was different all 3 years. I have a 63 ragtop. Nothing better on a hot summer nite than to drop the top and crank up the tunes!!!👍👍👍

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  18. tony_c

    My neighbor had one, he backed it out of the garage once a month, drove it around the neighborhood, washed it, then back in the garage. I told him that if he ever wanted to sell it, to let me know. He had not backed it out of the garage in a while, so I asked him about it. He sold it to the mailman for 5k dollars. This really torqued me off, a showroom quality car for 5K dollars? I told him, I wanted it. The mailman got an excellent deal.

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  19. T. Mann Member

    The add smells.
    Seller is a DEALER…
    Feedback says “highly recommended seller, just ask for Kris.”

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    • Larry D*

      I agree that this ebay listing is a from dealer of some type. The seller has 3 other classic cars listed for sale, and 2 of them are in different states. This bird plus a 58 Pontiac are in Iowa. There’s a 1960 Cadillac that’s in Ohio, and a 1955 Chevy that’s in California. All are in restored condition and are asking strong money for a BIN. Maybe on consignment?

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  20. roger stephens

    Had one in 1966 think it had 30,000 miles on it . Mine was the hard top,Black on Black (the only black car I ever owned) don’t like that color but it was a looker for sure. Enjoyed the swing away steering wheel. Didn’t like the 390. Seems like it knew when payday came around and wanted to go to the shop!

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  21. Frog

    I believe these birds had the swing away steering wheel and cruise o matic transmission that would jump out of park into reverse. I also recall you having to hold it up in park with your right hand and turn the key with your left. Interesting times.

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    • T-Birdman

      I own a ‘65 Landau. It truly does have that nasty habit of jumping out of gear…..and, yes, it’s a two-handed Ford (my ‘59 Edsel Corsair was, too).

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    Buy it now for anyone willing to wait a couple short years for it to double in value. If I was the seller I’d take it off the market and watch the $ grow.

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