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Garage Find: 1970 Ford Torino SportsRoof

The Torino began in 1968 as the upscale version of Ford’s mid-size car, the Fairlane. It took over representing the series in 1970 and continued as such through the 1976 model year. The autos received a redesign in 1970 and 1971 which featured more aerodynamic lines than before, perhaps in part to be more competitive in NASCAR. This 1970 edition is a bit of a mystery as the seller provides no information about it other than to suggest it’s a “classic muscle car” – which it may or may not be depending on what’s under the hood. Just pulled from a dirty garage in Oak Park, Illinois, this Ford is available here on craigslist for $15,000.

Torino production for 1970-71 borrowed the SportsRoof (aka fastback) name and look that the Mustang began to use in 1969. While these were cool-looking cars, I’d hate to have to back one of these up given the lack of rearward visibility in the days long before reverse cameras. The SportsRoof could be had on the standard Torino 2-door, but there was also the GT and the Cobra-Jet. The former could be had with a 302 cubic inch V8, which was hardly a performance engine. While the latter two used anything between a 351 and a 429 fire-breather.

This car looks to have been in storage for many years, given the condition of its surroundings and the amount of dirt and grime on the vehicle. No visible graphics are present to tell us if this is a GT or Cobra, so it may simply be a Torino that would be driven by your neighbor, the family man. Does the hood scoop help identify its lineage? The seller does not provide any photos of the engine compartment and the interior seems to have bucket seats, but opening the doors for some pics would help.

Does the Torino run? We doubt it. When was it last on the road? We don’t know. This has the look of a car that was discovered during the clean-out of some dearly departed relative’s home and the seller doesn’t have any history to share. The body may be okay for having been inside, but the condition of the undercarriage, interior, and the rest of the vehicle is a question mark. Muscle car? Maybe.


  1. Martin

    Definitely a 1971 GT; can tell by the rocker panel moldings. Also the sport mirrors are mounted a bit further toward the rear on a ‘71. Also note there is no cowl vent at the rear of the hood.

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  2. Zen

    Is it me, or is it sitting high up in front, meaning there’s no engine? For $15,000, they could’ve taken better pictures, especially since it’s in such rough shape. The seats look like they aren’t bolted down, so maybe it was a project that someone began but never finished.

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  3. Rolo

    $15,000 for a pig in a poke??? I found a 1970 Cobra jet torino for that price! And it was a survivor that looked fairly nice!

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    • Joee

      If you are not going to buy the cobra jet, how about letting me know where it is?

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  4. Dave G

    The driver side pic looking inside if you zoom in looks like, complete dash missing, column shift, tan bucket seats and a red passenger door panel. Regardless of the situation, a few more pics and some better description would certainly help all sellers and potential buyers rather than guessing what it may or may not be.

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    That car is in the Hood of Oak Park. Be careful

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  6. Robt

    A lot of money for a lot of unknowns.

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  7. Daniel Alloway

    Maybe a 6000 dollar car not 15000 I have four of these and never paid near 15000 so you need to rethink your price.

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  8. Bj

    First get all of the rats nests out of it

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  9. Ten50boy

    It’s a GT. It’s a gutted GT too, apparently. Looks like the dash is gutted, along with the engine. Huge 70-71 Torino fan but this isn’t for the faint of heart. Check it out closely, looks like it could be a long and costly project.

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  10. Rickirick

    Idk Russ. Even sellable? Maybe. But a far cry from $15k. Does Oak Park not have running water? Or someone with a camera on their phone? Clean, clean, clean. Pics, pics, pics. SELLERS!!!

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  11. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I know where one of these is sitting, in an open-front shed behind a registered historic home in Delaware. It’s a GT with the Cobra-Jet 429. The elderly lady who owns the property said it was her husband’s car and is [her quote] “110 Percent not for sale, and no you can’t go look at it!”. I asked her if she would let me take some photos, possibly for Barn Finds, but she nastily said NO!

    A neighbor said she has cameras in the shed because so many guys want the car, and she has a shotgun!

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