Touring Sedan

Spotless Driver: 1936 Plymouth P2 Touring Two-Door Touring Sedan

Life in the 1930s moved at a different pace than today, and while modern cars offer more comfort and luxury appointment to those produced more than eighty years ago, the older models have style and charisma that makes them… more»

Parked In ’59! 1938 LaSalle Touring Sedan

I doubt that we’ll ever see an era like it again. When the 1930s dawned, the General Motors “Companion Make Program” was in full swing, allowing the company to produce distinct brands to fill every perceive niche in the… more»

Stalled Street Rod: 1935 Buick Series 40 Touring Sedan

Hiding in the back of this overgrown shed is a bit of a secret. It is a project that stalled more than 27-years-ago, and the owner has now decided to move it on to someone who can complete the… more»