Stalled Street Rod: 1935 Buick Series 40 Touring Sedan

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Hiding in the back of this overgrown shed is a bit of a secret. It is a project that stalled more than 27-years-ago, and the owner has now decided to move it on to someone who can complete the work that has been started. It is a 1935 Buick Series 40 Touring Sedan, and it appears that the vision for this car was for it to be anything but ordinary. It is located in Charleston, South Carolina, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has now reached $1,525, but the reserve hasn’t been met. The owner has also supplied a BIN option, and this has been set at $3,500.

Taking a good look at the 1935 Buick Series 40 Touring, it appears that the path to building it into a street rod had been commenced. The body really doesn’t look to be too bad, although it is hard to be completely certain about this, thanks to the significant layer of dust covering the entire vehicle. The owner describes the body as being good, but not perfect. Unfortunately, he doesn’t elaborate on this, so we can only work with the limited photos that he provides. There are a few minor dings on the body, the front bumper is missing, as is the trunk lid. The rest of the car looks pretty good, but I would love to give it a wash to see what lies under the dust.

As you can see from this shot, there is no engine or transmission with the Buick. What would have been there was a 233ci straight-eight engine, and a 3-speed manual transmission. These have been ditched in preparation for a transplant, but it isn’t clear what the drive-train of choice was going to be. That is now a decision that the next owner can make. The front suspension has also been upgraded with something more modern, but we don’t get any information on what that is.

As with the rest of this project, nothing is finished. It is also a matter of guessing exactly what the owner had intended to do with the car. Apart from a pair of heavily-bolstered, modern (and quite moldy) bucket seats that are sitting inside the car, there is no interior trim, and nothing fitted to the very bare dash. The steering column is more modern than the original one and looks like it features a tilt wheel. This truly is a blank canvas that the next owner can put their own mark on.

I guess that there are a few options open to the next owner of this 1935 Buick Touring Sedan. The project hasn’t actually proceeded to the point of no return, and they could choose to restore the car to its original condition and specifications. However, with the work that has already been completed, it is clear that the owner had visions of building a nicely equipped street rod. Like so many projects, this one stalled long before this vision could become a reality. I would love to see someone grab this car and finish it because it has the potential to be a pretty great piece of equipment once completed.

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  1. LARRY

    Another fred flintstone…actually looks good for what it is…needs a small block , a five speed and some metal work. Could make a beautiful rod

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    • Terry J

      A NAILHEAD PLEASE! No SBC. :-) Terry J

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  2. Jwinters

    I Would do a 5.0 coyote swap on that car that would be cool

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  3. Matt steele

    Looks like restoration stalled about 5 minutes after it started

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  4. spoonleg

    Anybody know what those seats are out of?

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  5. ACZ

    Perfect candidate for a dual quad nailhead and a switch-pitch 400 turbo.

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  6. Pete Phillips

    Parts car only.

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  7. pwtiger

    I have always thought it would be fun to build a high compression straight 8, the early 50’s Roadmaster had 320 cubes, I bet with some head work and more of a cam you could squeak out 200 HP. Then find a five speed or maybe a 700R4 to put behind it…

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  8. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    What you have here is a great all steel body and chassis to build on. I’m a Buick man, so I’m in agreement, go nailhead, or at least Buick drivetrain. 455 would be okay. 425 even better in my opinion, your choice of trans, standard 4 or 5 speed or automatic just remain Buick. To bad the trunk lid is missing that might be hard to find. I think to much is missing to go back to original configuration. There are some nice stock ones out there that you’d have a lot less money in. Street rod makes more sense to me.
    God bless America

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  9. Wayne

    I agree Johnmloghry, If V8 then 425 with an overdrive automatic or 5 speed manual. But I would also be tempted to go a hotted up later model straight 6. (GM292, Ford 300, or Jeep 4.0) Any of these engines can get you 250-300 horse power and still get decent fuel economy with an overdrive transmission and fuel injection. But also disguise it as much as possible to look like a hotted up original 6 cylinder. Not trying to fool anybody, just trying to keep to the original theme.
    The body design is very cool and in my opinion very desireable. I also dig the factory continent a kit.

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    • Little_Cars

      No such thing as a “factory continental kit” on a 1935 Buick. Just the standard location for the spare tire. I’m sure someone will correct me but so named continental kits were based on consumer’s attraction to the rear treatment on the Lincoln Continental which appeared 5 years later. By the 1950s the design in kit form was a perfect compliment to the glitzy 1950s custom/lead sled accessory craze.

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  10. paul oberman

    just make it electric.

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  11. J_PaulMember

    To keep it Buick and be a little weird, how about a turbo 3.8 v6 from a Grand National?

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    • ACZ

      Already been done a few times.

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    • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

      That would also be nice. With a/c and all the emenities.
      God bless America

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  12. Jon G

    How about 2 aluminum 215 V8’s? Should be long enough. Loose at least the front fenders. And those running boards. Be the only one in town. Any town.

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  13. stillrunners

    Parts car ? I disagree and side with the nailhead votes ! Sure looks like it’s got some good bones to build on – was the production on these – haven’t seen many.

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  14. stillrunners

    And $3500 leaves some room……

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  15. Wayne

    Little_Cars, it was a tongue in cheek joke. Evidently a bad one because you did not get it. Sorry. Next time I will (lol)

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  16. Little_Cars

    I got it. :)

    Just wanted to dispel any false information for the youngsters on this site that may think that is the common term for exposed spare tires or sidemounts on cars from the 1930s.

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