V-8 60 Equipped from the Factory: 1938 Ford 3/4 ton

While we tend to view trucks as transportation first and tools second, before World War II it was the other way around.  Trucks were spartan, utilitarian, and built primarily for hard work.  Thus, good survivors are hard to find. … more»

Rare Pickup Conversion: 1975 Cadillac Eldorado Project

While they’re certainly not a common sighting, more than one coachbuilder thought it would be a good idea to turn Cadillacs into pickup trucks for drivers desiring plenty of luxury up front with a decent hauling capacity in the… more»

Same Family Since New: 1954 Ford F-250 Truck

Two things jumped out pretty quickly that I considered positive about this 1954 Ford F-250 Pickup, one being the fact that it’s been in the same family since the day it was driven home for the first time.  But… more»

Two Owner Pickup: 1968 GMC 1500 Short Bed Truck

To be past the 50-year-old mark, I’d say this 1968 GMC 1500 truck has beaten the odds as far as the number of people who have called it theirs, as its current caretaker is only owner number two.  There… more»

Cool Patina and No Reserve: 1969 Ford F100

One thing I’ve noticed repeatedly at my local Cars And Coffee centers around the line of trucks that always seems to congregate near the center of the lot, and that’s how much attention the pickups with a patina like… more»

Only One Left: 1954 Campbell-Built Body Chevrolet 4400

One of the well-known names in the Woody business from the days of yore is Robert Campbell, who purchased the old Waterloo Wagon Company in New York back in 1932 and transformed it into the Mid-State Body Company.  Their… more»

Excellent Patina! 1950 Chevrolet 3100 Truck

Upon first seeing this 1950 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup, my first thought was I’m guessing there’s probably going to be some sort of a resto-mod in its future.  But the more I look, there’s just something really inspiring about a… more»

A Real Beast! 1984 Ford F-150 XLT 4X4

I’ve got to give a really big thumbs-up to the seller of this 1984 Ford F-150 XLT 4X4 for attention to detail, as he has included one of the most comprehensive lists I have ever encountered of parts that… more»

South American Rarity: 1972 Dodge Carryall Conversion

The seller of this 1972 Dodge Carryall Conversion throws out the possibility that it’s the only one of its kind in the United States, and while there’s no concrete evidence offered to back up that idea, he does for… more»

Daily Driver: 1967 Ford F-100 Custom Cab

By the time 1967 rolled around, the Ford F-Series pickup was beginning its fifth generation,  already having been in production for nearly two decades since the first one rolled off the assembly line for the 1948 model year.  Now… more»

2,911 Miles? 1970 Ford F100 Pickup

When it comes to the Ford F-Series of trucks, it seems like they’re often viewed as relentless workhorses, which makes it unusual to find a 52-year-old example on the market with a claimed less than 3,000 miles on its… more»

Great Green Patina! 1971 Ford F-100

Ford started building their F-Series pickup trucks in 1948, and by the time 1971 rolled around the truck was into its fifth generation and had undergone lots of modernization and numerous improvements since its inception.  They’re still in production… more»

100 Square Body Auction June 25th! Tom Wieck Realty & Auction

Truck enthusiasts, take note!  This Saturday, June 25, Tom Wieck Realty And Auction will be hosting a huge auction of more than 100 square-body vehicles in Central Nebraska!  Tom and his wife have been in the selling business for… more»

302/4-Speed Estate Sale Find! 1969 Ford F-100

Of course, the concept is sad to think about, but estate sales have proven to be great venues to find decades-old vehicles that the owners loved and had no intention of selling during their lifetime.  A case in point… more»

Street Legal ’23 Ford Model T Roadster Pickup Drag Racer!

I’m guessing Henry Ford realized pretty quickly that original buyers of his Model T cars and trucks were often converting his creations into some diverse applications to fit their own specific needs. Back in the early days, quite a… more»

Vintage Aviation Fuel Truck! 1959 Dodge D300

Barn Finds reader Larry D. sends us lots of great tips about interesting vehicles to feature on the site, and he recently spotted this 1959 Dodge D300 that spent its life in a most unusual way.  This was one… more»

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