Cool Patina and No Reserve: 1969 Ford F100

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One thing I’ve noticed repeatedly at my local Cars And Coffee centers around the line of trucks that always seems to congregate near the center of the lot, and that’s how much attention the pickups with a patina like this 1969 Ford F100 here on eBay seem to attract week after week.  There’s something about this look that just attracts people, and while I equally appreciate the meticulously restored examples that show better than new, these crusty finish examples have a cool factor and visual appeal that just gets noticed a lot in a crowd.  If you’ve been looking for an F-Series project, this one’s a work in progress and may be worth checking out.  The truck’s home is in New Park, Pennsylvania, with the opening bid of $8,000 yet to be placed.

The seller says he’s owned the F100 for about 4 years, and interestingly doesn’t mention a single thing regarding the body, as he’s focused his attention elsewhere.  We’ll get to that in a minute.  So we don’t know if this is the same paint, or what’s left of it, that the truck left the factory with more than 5 decades ago or if it’s ever had a respray.  If it has, that was a long time ago, as it takes years to develop this kind of patina.  While it ain’t exactly beautiful, at least there’s not anything questionable being covered by a fresh coat of pigment, and overall the body integrity appears to be pretty good.  One thing the seller does point out is that the frame is structurally sound, although we don’t get to see any pictures of it.

Here’s where the seller spent his time and money.  The 302 has received plenty of attention, with the rebuild including a .30 over bore and numerous performance modifications, including a Crane camshaft, Roller rockers, stiffer valve springs, plus an Edelbrock manifold and 4-Barrel carb.  Ignition upgrades include NGK plugs with Accel wires, with a new radiator ready to keep things cool under the hood.  Shifting duties will be provided by a built C4 with a shift kit and a TCI shifter, and the transmission also has its own cooler, so this drivetrain seems pretty close to being ready to rock and roll.

Inside, there have been some aftermarket goodies added such as a trio of gauges, a tach on top of the dash, and of course that custom shifter.  One thing I did notice that’s a bit concerning is the steering wheel, which is showing some cracking near the column and in other areas, and I’d hate to be pushing that small block and have it break in my hands.  I’d consider changing it out fairly soon with either a better original part or an aftermarket item, probably an hour’s job at most.  If you’re intrigued there’s also an option to buy it now for $15,000, but with no bids so far, no reserve, not much time left, and the opening price at only a little over half the own it today amount, I might just bid near the last minute and take my chances.  What are your thoughts on this F100?

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  1. Harvey HarveyMember

    Seems like a lot of 💰 for a non 🏃.

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  2. angliagt angliagtMember

    Patina?,looks like rust to me.

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  3. mike

    Surfave rust foe sure.

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  4. Big C

    $15k and no bids for this $5000 truck? Hmm, that’s weird..

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  5. Frank

    Sold for 15k buy it now.

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    • Dave

      Cool. Take that haters.

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    • JimZMember

      Frank, it’s been relisted at a more reasonable (but still too high) $7k opening bid. For a non-runner, that’s a non-starter for me.

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  6. stembridge

    Hindsight is 20/20 – I maybe should have held on to my ’69 F-100 longbed/custom cab/240 six/auto and in the same color as the subject truck (plenty of patina, too). Dad bought it about a year old, and I learned to drive in it. Bought it from Dad when we moved to a small hobby farm, and it was my hay hauler for ten years – both my sons learned to drive in it. It was in our family 42 years.

    It was getting rough by that point, with some rust-through in the engine bay fender liners, plus the differential input shaft bearing was going fast. That was about ten years ago, and it only brought a little over scrap value. How times (and prices) have changed!

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    • Big C

      All you needed to do was hit that rust with a matte clear, and put her on line for $20k! Easy peasy. A “non-hater” would have stepped right up with the cash.

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  7. Joe Haska

    Always sell in the rain or have pictures in the rain or better yet wait until it gets dark. Nonetheless, e-bay says it sold for 15 K! So all you non believers still think trucks are not worth it. I phrased that wrong, they may not be worth it , but people are still buying them, even in the rain.

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  8. John M.

    Must have realized they made a mistake, it is now relisted.

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  9. Midway

    No dash top cover, no brake or clutch pedal covers. Had a steering knob on it at one point, new brakes will run 2 K, kingpins and drivetrain bearings and seals 1 K, body and paint 10 K, then it is worth 18 K

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