French Flames: 1961 Vespa 400

The Vespa motor scooter is an icon of cheap, stylish, Italian motoring. The Vespa 400 minicar, alas, wasn’t destined to become quite so iconic—and it’s not even Italian! Built instead in France by a partner of… more»

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Iconic Italian Two Wheeler: 1957 Vendo Vespa

Some finds here at Barn Finds are bigger than others, and this small but fun Vespa is unrestored, and fairly solid. Classic two wheel finds of all sizes and shape have become popular, and classic Vespas… more»

A Friendly Face: 1960 VESPA 400

This Vespa not only comes with a smiley face, it sticks it’s tongue out when necessary. Vespa is Italian but this little car is actually French, developed by Piaggio, the parent company, and built in France…. more»

Small Package: Pair Of 1957 Vespas 400s

Weighting in at 794 lbs, when complete, the Vespa 400 was powered by a two-stroke 400 cc engine. It is reported that 12K ’57 units were produced and a total of 28K Vespa 400s in the 4… more»

Vespas! One’s Just Not Enough

As readers of Barn Finds many of you know and understand that one may not be enough. Peter Maas has turned his passion into a business as seen on YouTube. Today we are sharing three examples of… more»