Small Package: Pair Of 1957 Vespas 400s

Vespa 400

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Weighting in at 794 lbs, when complete, the Vespa 400 was powered by a two-stroke 400 cc engine. It is reported that 12K ’57 units were produced and a total of 28K Vespa 400s in the 4 year run. This two car package is listed here on ebay and is parked in Hermosa Beach, California with the reserve not yet met. A special thanks goes to Matt K for sending this in!

'57 Vespa 400 engine

The orange car was said to run by the previous owner, but the present owner hasn’t tried to start the car.  We know that story.  The top speed, when all is in order, is reported to be 51 mph.  It is said to take about a minute to max out your speed in a stock Vespa 400.

'57 Vespa 400 rear

The orange car was just recently in a music video with a “well known Grammy winner”, for what ever that’s worth.

'57 Vespa 400 int

It looks as it the floor pans are all there in the orange car.

'57 Vespa 400 seats

The rear seat is not present in this image so that may have to be put on the “to do” list.

'57 2nd Vespa left side

There is no title for what the owner refers to as the “white car”.  Car on a pallet makes moving simple if you have a forklift.

'57 2nd Vespa 400 rear

The engine is out, but is included in the sale. The owner can arrange to take this package to a shipping company for an overseas buyer. Do you think good things really come in small packages?


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Ethan

    Never knew Vespa made cars

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  2. Rick

    Totally rudimentary transportation. I like the gray primer one on the pallet best, it would be the easiest to store

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  3. Doug

    “car” might be stretching it a bit!

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  4. JW

    I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this, all I could imagine was 10 clowns piling out of it. I think the 4K bid is too high already, just my honest opinion for what it’s worth.

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  5. Fred

    Gives new meaning to the term “suicide doors”.

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  6. JW454

    A local junkyard has had one of these sitting on top of an old school bus in their yard for as long as I can remember. It looks like the orange feature car here including the orange color. The owner says he’s been offered 6K for it but he refuses to sell.

    I think he should have took the 6K and ran like the wind.

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  7. DolphinMember

    Vespa put lots of people…well, 2 at a time anyway…on wheels for cheap, and that’s good, but I have the same reaction as JW. No matter how you look at it you can’t help thinking ‘clown’s car’.

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  8. 64 bonneville

    1100cc Kawasaki w/6 speed, in the palletized one and drive the tires off it, scaring the snot out of the orange juice can tailpipe car punks. bwah-haa-haa

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  9. scottymac

    I guess if Corvair taillights are good enough for a Ford GT40, they’re good enough for a Vespa!

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  10. Paul B

    Like the Fiat 500, the idea with this was to get a roof over your head in the rain and carry more than one other person. Or ten clowns. Pretty useless on today’s roads but a fun look back. $4K? Not really, IMHO.

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  11. rusty

    Hee hee

    but think again, all micro cars are worth something now a days to the right people..

    If these were in my country [Australia] they’d be snaped up quickly but admittedly America got oodles of cars other countries never got [lucky yanks]. It comes down to you getting an over supply of everything due to every other country’s need to export to America after the war making rare cars like these and others seem very unloved.

    If I lived in America I would be too spoilt for many interesting cars from every corner of the globe not to mention your own great cars many Aussies lust for. Hoarders paradise. Love to visit to see this amazing car paradise.

    In my life of Micro car collecting I have ever only seen one Vespa which is owned by a mate of mine..I’d say lucky to be only a handful here. Always wanted one never expected to find one though. Never the less I’d say micro car guys in your neck of the woods will still find an interest here.

    Though the one good thing is over here micro cars do not have that clown car stigma as clowns were never part of our culture…

    except dear old Ronald in recent years and I still wonder which of his special sauces gives me the runs..hee hee.

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