Barn Stored 56 Years: 1927 Willys Whippet

Today, when most people think of the Willys brand, they think of a Jeep, but they were also in the passenger car business for many years. One of the products of Willys-Overland Corp. was the Whippet, a Depression-era car… more»

Parked in 1965: 1928 Willys Overland Whippet 2-Door Sedan

This 1928 Whippet is one of a group of cars that holds a special place in American automotive history. First introduced as a 1927 model, the car was a sales success, and in 1928 the sale of 315,000 cars… more»

Shovels, Jaguar And A Whippet Oh My! Classic Car Estate Sale

Would you like an armored Mercedes or perhaps an electric car? (batteries not included) How about a collection of cufflinks or perhaps a Grumman concession truck and some hot dog carts? There’s an interesting collection of vehicles and other… more»

Just Whip It: 1929 Whippet Hot Rod

Anyone can install a 350 V8 into a late ’20s roadster and call it a hot rod, but building a truly unique and impressive machine takes so much more than that. This Whippet 98A looks stock from the outside,… more»