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Just Whip It: 1929 Whippet Hot Rod

1929 Whippet 98A Hot Rod

Anyone can install a 350 V8 into a late ’20s roadster and call it a hot rod, but building a truly unique and impressive machine takes so much more than that. This Whippet 98A looks stock from the outside, well at least for the most part, but take a look under the hood and you’ll find something other than a plain Jane 350. You can find this sweet ’50s hot rod here on eBay in Old Mystic, Connecticut with bidding just over $15k. Special thanks to Peter R for this tip!

1929 Whippet Engine

So what’s all the fuss about, you ask? Well take a look at this flathead V8, it’s from a 1953 Mercury. Now that by itself would be neat, but not all that impressive. That’s where the Detroit 353 supercharger comes into play. Everything is just better with a supercharger strapped to it!

1929 Whippet Supercharger

The supercharger is pulling air through two 1953 Corvette carbs. The charge of air and fuel is detonated over a set of aluminum pistons. Letting the air in and exhaust out is handled by a Max 1 Cam and solid lifters. This is sounding like fun to me!

1929 Whippet 98A Interior

The body looks to be original, right down to the worn out and falling off paint. While it would look great with new paint, this is one I would leave alone. Although, I would recommend dealing with any rust before they grow into serious issues. A little Waxoyl should keep things from advancing further while keeping the original look.

1929 Whippet 98A

I really would love to have this hot rod. It isn’t a custom show car or a smooth riding cruiser, it’s going to be loud and rough. Everywhere you go in it, your going to deal with supercharger whine, exhaust noise and fumes, but aren’t those things what hot rods are all about?


  1. racer99

    Now that’s cool!

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  2. PaulG

    Really cool piece. There’s got to be some history on this somewhere.
    The seller also has a 1929 Stearns Knight listed.

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  3. Fred W.

    That’s some ride and I recognize the steering wheel- I grew up mowing the grass on a home built riding mower (my dad’s, constructed “one piece at a time” from junkyard parts), including a late 30’s Ford banjo steering wheel.

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  4. Paul R

    Really a nice ride!

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  5. John K

    A really nice find and not that far from me. Out of my price range now, so happy trails to the new owner.

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  6. Rock On Member

    Thanks guys. Now I have to go find my Devo album.

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  7. George

    Out of my price range, but my kids would love this!

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  8. Scotty G Staff

    That’s nice! I can picture a raccoon tail hanging from an antenna and either “Bud Anderson” (Father Knows Best) or Mickey Rooney driving this one.

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  9. DirtyHarry

    Love the dash. You can’t improve it.

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  10. Ken M

    The last line in the Ebay description may be the best: “Please remember this is not your ordinary 350/350 chevy powered Hot Rod. If you have never driven a vintage hot rod this may not be for you. It Makes lots of noise, rides rough and rattles a lot! It takes a true Hot Rod enthusiast to enjoy this type of car.”

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  11. BMW/Tundra Guy

    WOW!!!! What a piece of mechanical mastery!!!! This is a rolling work of art!!! I too, would leave it as is with just the “must haves” being done to keep it from rusting out from underneath you. I would drive drive drive this beauty with a smile on my face and enjoy the raw envy of true gear heads!!! Pebble Beach – never!!! Local auto enthusiasts get togethers – always!!! Can’t afford it but……………………….

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  12. Steven C

    This may be the coolest hot rod I have ever seen.

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  13. Joe

    This car is just as cool as the Cord posted below it.! Decisions, decisions lol

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  14. jaygryph

    $26,000 is a lot of money for a car with no title and no history. :/

    Astoundingly cool car, but the title issue would worry me. It may well be someone elses cool car once you get it restored and it becomes well known. People have lost restored cars over paperwork issues with previous owners.

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  15. Hank

    I saw this up close Friday morning as it was parked beside me on a trailer in southern NJ. Absolutely incredible. The cracked paint looks original but no corrosion anywhere that I could see. Looked like it would run and drive, no cracks in the tires. Hope it went to a new owner that would appreciate it, like me, and not some “flipper”. I wouldn’t change a thing on it, just enjoy it raw ;-)

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